In this article you will know one of the most important information in your life. Actually women are not that complicated, and if you really want, you can be in relationship or find wife. This all comes to the one question: what are you busy with in your life? What is your business in life (business as a thing that makes you busy everyday and business as a source of money). 

It seems that many great guys who are intelligent and have good will, think that all you need for love and happy relationship  is sincere feeling of love and actually nothing more. They think that love is just a true and honest feeling and “money is not important“. 

The problem is, that we live in complately new and different times of TV, Internet and globalisation. Girls and boys see the most awesome things there from their youngest age, so our needs and our expectations are bigger and bigger every year. It comes both to men and women. For this reason, guys must be stronger and richer than they used to be. In this article, we explain what is going on and what exactly women want.



  • Be interesting man who do cool things in life. Women do not like boring guys.
  • Impress woman. Be able to offer her something that she not has.
  • Be financially independent.
  • Have enough money to make dreams of your girl come true.
  • Don’t blame women for materialism. Even the most good and pure women need man with money.
  • Be strong
  • Invest in yourself, develop your skils and your strenght
  • Take care of your look and dress nice
  • Find something awesome to do in your life



Imagine your honeymoon from your dream. Where would you go if you could choose the best place and plans and money would not be problem? Probably it would be awesome place and the trip would be amazing. And now think about it one more time, but now seriously, thinking in realistic way. Where would you go with your woman if you had to prepare plan for that amazing trip after let’s say 2 months from now? Probably it is not as beautiful vision like in the dream, because many of nice things that we all would like to do, are not affordable to us because they cost too much. 

To enjoy life and be able to do many amazing things we all need money. Women know it because they are very intelligent, but the guys seem to not understand that. A woman wants to have a partner with whom she can do many really great things. If a woman sees a guy who does not do anything interesting in life and, in addition, does not even have money, surely this woman will not be interested in a relationship with such a boyfriend. She not wants to waste her time and life with him. It’s simple.
Women know that if a man does not have an idea for himself, then he will not have idea for a relationship and future with his woman. If you can not manage your life you will be also unable to manage your relationship. So if you want to be attractive man you need to rule, and to do great things. You can do so many great things with a litte of money and financial stability!



Some guys accuse women of loving money, not a guy. No no no. It’s not like that. This is actually a bit weird but this is matter of human nature – we always compare ourselves to others – so when we see that other people have more or much, or that they do amazing things, it is natural that we want to be like that as well. 

We are bombarded with consumption by pop stars, and through TV and the internet. 
We only see the best snippets from the lives of other people, but we do not see a whole lot of human tragedies and moments when it is not good – because nobody wants to brag about it on the internet, and TV does not show it because it does not attract viewers. All this has a very bad effect on our self-esteem and satisfaction with life. But. But what can we do to change that? We can’t change world (at least not that easily), but we can change ourselves. 
Simply, if you want to have a loving, happy girl, you must have money and be able to spend it in the right way for cool things. There are women who are in a happy relationships with poor guys, but that’s because they have a good heart. But probably most of them, if it was possible, would prefer their poor guy to be rich and he could take them on a cruise in the Caribbean or a trip to the Himalayas.



There was always observed tendency of women marrying men who are earning more then they do. We can think it was pretty normal, because usually women earned not that much as men in the past. But times changed. Women now earn more. But their tendency of choosing men who earn more money then they do – did not change. Newest research shows that even highly educated women prefer to marry higher earning men. This is nature. We can’t change that. We just have to adapt. 
Hopefully there is many ways to earn money. You can also be rich if you only really want that.

Everyone can be rich, or at least earn a lot of money to have good life and financial freedom. You just need to work very hard, not be afraid to take some risk, and complete your plan step by step ferociously. The best way to be rich is starting your own business. If you want to be strong man who is powerful and make your woman happy with you read this articles: 



Ok. So actually how to be rich? We all dream to be rich, wealth is a goal for us. We watch rich people on TV and the internet and we want to be like them…

what is the secret of being rich?

The secret of being rich is very simple. It is composed of only 3 factors that you must complete in order to get rich and succeed. So what to do to earn big money? How to be millionaire? What is the best way to become rich? Just take a look below and you will know..

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