One of the most important features of business of the future will be that it is going to be really very convenient to clients and users. Business of the future will offer to customers what has never been offered so far. It’s all about much better technologies, more innovative, more effective, taking less time and simplified as much as it only makes sense.
Everything, if only possible is going to be automated in the future.
Digital world will be transferred to the real world, and the real world will be transferred to the digital world. Most of things that can be mobile one day will become mobile.
Delivery of ordered products will be faster and easier to receive
Power will be always needed and one of the main sources of it will be probably renowable energy like solar energy. 
Business of the future is also business of connection. Connection of new processes, connecting of humans, connecting of new features ideas and concepts.
Below we show you list of best ideas for business of the future, and list of niches which will be in demand in the future. 




(robots production and selling)

Already, robots are needed in factories. Robots are also preparing pizza in first pizzerias. The most important tasks for which robots will be needed are: cleaning houses, work in agriculture, cooking, personal teaching (robot-teachers), healthcare robots, assistant robots, nanny robots, robots making coffee (who can work in cafeterias), robot-athletes to help you move heavy items, robots doing shopping for you.

(private medical caregivers, private hospitals and clinics, company with physiotherapists)

People live longer and longer every year. However, inherent element of longevity are health problems and aging. The number of people who need specialist medical care and medical counseling is rapidly growing (and will grow more in the future according to scientific data!). Private hospitals, private clinics, private medical caregivers and physiotherapists are what will be very needed in the future.

is the practice of producing food and medicine in vertically stacked layers, vertically inclined surfaces and/or integrated in other structures (such as in a skyscraper, used warehouse, or shipping container).  Imagine that from one square mile of normal land can be earned per year, let’s say $ 10,000, if this is on ordinary traditional land. If it comes to vertical farming, you will multiply your earnings from one suare mile farm as many times, as many levels your vertical farm has (of course, you have to deduct the costs of building and maintaining the vertical farm from profits, but these costs are not that big). So now imagine, that you start vertical farming on the same 1 square mile , in which the plants grow on 10 levels, not on one like in traditional farming. Because in this case your crop surface increases 10 times (up) your profits also increase 10 times! So if you normally earned 10,000 $ you will now earn 100,000 $ on the same 1-mile land.
Normally, if you want to increase crops, you need to buy more land, and you have to pay taxes for this. With verticall farming you have a small land area so the land tax is small.

(Production and selling quantum computers, internet cafe with quantum computers, starting company that do decrypting and encrypting with quantum computers) 

Quantum computers will be able to easily solve a problem that is unsolvable using any equivalent classical computer. Quantum computers have the potential to blow right through obstacles that limit the power of classical computers, solving problems in seconds that would take a classical computer billions of years.  Quantum computers are the real REVOLUTION. New software and new programs will be needed for them, which will allow them to better use their great capabilities. Future quantum technologies will be worth billions of $.
One of the most important uses of quantum computing will be creating private keys, encrypting and decrypting digital information, simulating molecules, which will revolutionize chemistry and medicine. Quantum computers will revolutionize transmition of data end efficiency of future computers and robots. 

(production of renewable clean energy, selling renewable energy, energy stations for electric cars, selling and producing solar powers, bio-powers)
The production of renewable energy is cheaper and the construction costs of a renewable power plant are cheaper from year to another. On the other hand, there is an increasing demand for electricity because its consumption increases rapidly.

(like a Veturilo station with Jet packs to rent and fly)
Imagine that today is a beautiful sunny day and you are in a cafe in the city center. You are scheduled for a meeting  in 20 minutes from now. It’s in a distance of about 2 kilometers from you. How will you move there? Uber? Veturilo? Or maybe you will fly with a jet pack, and you will reach your destination in 5 minutes. Just download the application on your phone, register an account, which will take you 3 minutes and you can fly!
Stations with jet packets, like the veturilo stations with bikes, are a brilliant idea that will instantly win the hearts of everyone who loves to live and be active.

(store with jet packs and all the necessary accesories for jet pack users)
will the jet pack be such a popular means of transport in the future as the bicycle today? It’s more than very possible! Flying is exciting and amazing. That is why there will certainly be a crowd of jet packs lovers everywhere soon. In such a jet pack store you will be able to buy a jet pack, talk to the seller who will give you the advice and information you need. You can also buy any jet pack accessories here.

In the 21st century, we like to rent everything. We already see the popularity of rented bikes and cars today. This will also apply to all other modes of transport such as boats and motorboats (if you have a river, lake or canal nearby), motorbikes, luxury cars and much more

(like excavators)
Automatic self-driving cars and other machines are becoming popular, but in 2019 it’s just beginning. There are so many possibilities to invest in automatic vehicles. For example, you can create the next Uber, but with only self-driving cars. Or you can create a company in which we buy a subscription for drones, and its drones provide us with all the purchases that we will order for a month and they serve us for all orders.

(selling databases, source codes research information about technologies)
Some people say that once all the simple works are taken over by the robots, the new oil and gas will become DATA. Data will be one of the most valuable products that you can trade on stock markets. Also creating data will be new gold digging.

Privacy is valuable to many people. People’s privacy is a very important matter. However, when it comes to the largest amount of money, they are related to the privacy of large companies and organizations.

The tempo in which society is aging is ENORMOUS  Just type in Google ‘age society prognosis” and you will see how big this is going to be. The elderly will need care. Such care can be given to them by means of robots or people. The sensors that constantly monitor whether the elderly person breathes, whether he moves, what pressure he has and what temperature he needs to be in the care of the very old or seriously ill persons should be indispensable. Such data will be able to be viewed on the phone on the application, so loved one of such a person will be able to react and help if necessary.

Internet for little kids is a HUGE niche. It is a fact that children use the Internet and play games from an early age. Even on the phones and computers of their parents. The best proof of the fact that the niche of online games for children is a gold mine, YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview. In 2018 this channel with review of toys for kids was the best earning channel in the world!!! It earned even more than PewDiePie! That’s why apps for children are a good idea and well-made, nice applications will be appreciated and will earn a lot.

(space tourism, underwater tourism to deep places in the oceans, Moon and Mars tourism)
Inventions and increasingly better means of transport and communication allow us to travel even into space. This is undoubtedly very forward-looking.

Thanks to the latest technologies, we can move almost completely to virtual reality. VR gaming is one of the main VR disciplines, however VR will also cover such areas as shopping, social networking, traveling, learning and teaching, real estate marketing. attending events remotely

(company that does programming on demand, applications related to colonization of cosmos Mars and Moon and anything what is innovative)
Because in the future most things will be automated, you will need programmers to master everything to be automated.
Programming is a synonym of how to find yourself in the future. If you’re a programmer or have a company with programmers, you certainly will not be able to keep up with the orders from your customers. There are so many great apps to create, and so many people need programmers!

(Transactions, Medical Records, Data decentralization)
There are many uses for blockchain. It’s role in the financial sector is best known, due to the use in money transactions. It can be used to record any type of information, blockchains can be used to store files, lease contracts, shares, bonds, contracts and titles.Storing information in a unique, decentralized way will certainly be used in the future.

Everyone likes to look nice and young. Life above 100 years will soon be the norm, maybe in some time people will be able to live thanks to medicine for even 200 years. Old age causes skin sagging, wrinkles and uglier skin. For this reason, future skin rejuvenation clinics will be very much needed, as many old people will want to rejuvenate the skin. In addition, effective preparations and devices for skin rejuvenation will also be needed.

Until today, an effective way to regrow hair has not been invented. There is already a hair transplant, but it is not method that will work for everyone. There are also various hair growth remedies, the effects of which do not satisfy the majority of users, and they also have various undesirable side effects and are uncomfortable in use. People live longer and more people want to have lush healthy  hair, even in old age so for this reason, the hair growth remedy will earn  fortune, because people will pay a lot to look nicer and have healthy and strong hair.

It’s been a while since the 3d printing has been invented, but 3d printers are still not yet enough popularized and their possibilities are still unknown for most of society. 3d printing shop will offer 3d printing of whatever you want and 3d scanning of any items and many other things related to 3d printing.

21. Web designing. Internet is still full of many challanges and demands. World Wide Web is relatively very young. There is a lot of websites, and web technologies that haven’t been created yet.





3D printing 

Mars colonization 

Data trading

Organic food

Renewable energy

Ecological and healthy lifestyle

Prolonging life in medical and chemical way.

Taking care of old people 

Anti-aging treatment of skin 

Hair regrowth and antibalding

Taking care of disabled people

New-era education. Digital remote schools and universities. 


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