One of the easiest ways to find business contacts is to do this using internet. Look below to see where and how to find friendly foreign partners:
Wechat – that’s not typical business application. Most of people who can be met there has nothing to do with business. But among them, there is also a lot of small and medium producents who usually just look for friends there.  To successfully find business contacts write in your profile that you are an entrepreneur, say who and what are you looking for. Don’t make your profile look like a spam account, use your real pictures and be honest to look like an authentic friendly and trust-worthy person. Ne open and don’t be afraid to write to other people.
There is a lot of Asians in Wechat. Many of them have their small businesses and  work hard producing unique goods (which are impossible to get them in US or Europe). If you only want you can easily establish good relationships with them if you are kind and friendly.
To meet wechat business friends install Wechat app.

Wechat features:

-mostly small entrepreneurs
-if you want to decide what contacts you want to establish evaluating firstly who your business partner is and what person is she/he like

Alibaba – you can meet there any type of businessmen. It’s easy to filter who you want to find there by that’s person’s products or company name. You can meet there many entrepreneurs with direct contacts with chinese factories and manufactures. Some suppliers are nice and talkative, and some are busy and open only to trade, so that ones might not be interested in  meeting you better.
To meet business partners you need to go to the site.

Alibaba features:

-many big entrepreneurs, also a lot of medium and small ones
-you can get direct access to huge manufactures in China there if you are nice and serious
-Chinese suppliers often like to invite American and European entrepreneurs to visit their manufactures and discuss cooperation personally
-if you want to decide what contacts you want to establish evaluating firstly offered products

Facebook groups – there is many different theme groups on facebook. Quite a lot of them is connected with many types of business. Explore that groups, you can decide what groups you are interested in. To find business contacts on Facebook go to facebook and search in search bar for business groups try e.g. “european entrepreneurs” or “business in Brasilia”.

Facebook groups features:

-every group is different
-the widest choices
-entrepreneurs and producents from all the countries around the world

Twitter – #hashtags – explore hashtags you find interesting to find interesting profiles, companies and people. There is a lot of businessmen in twitter, most of them focus on marketing and branding.

Twitter’s features: 

-hashtags let you very easily find all the informations you need
-a lot of users
-very easy to use
-easy to communicate with oter users
-easy to find other users and informations

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