In this article, we’ve collected the best garden shed business ideas that are perfect to turn a small garden shed into a source of high income. Garden shed may seem like a small, ugly and poor place, but there are plenty of opportunities to turn it into something profitable. 

 We divided 50 ideas presented in this article into ones that will be the best for highly populated areas, rural areas, and touristic areas. One of the most important factors for a successful business is its location, which is why we pay attention to it. Some businesses will be profitable in places where there are few people, and others will be great for places where many people come everyday.



1. Mini kiosk with drinks, food and the most needed goods

2. Mini store with pizza pieces and bakery products

3. Candy shop

4. Vape shop – due to the small size, the shed can be ideally suited to a vape shop. In places where there are many people a vape shop will be needed for sure

5. Florist

6. Mini kebab

7. Massage room

8. Electronics dealer – Electronic gadgets and phone accessories such as chargers and headphones

9. Laundry service

10. Barber mini-shop

11. Tobacco Store

12. Furniture store / carpentry business – garden shed is suitable for creating furniture in it, you can also make a mini furniture store in it


13. Greenhouse

14. Painting pictures

15. Bee keeping

16. Rabbit rearing

17. Breeding hens for eggs

18. Parrots breeding – for zoo  store or customers

19. Mouses, rats or other small pets breeding – And then selling them to a pet store or directly to customers

20. Mini snail farm 

21. Fertilizer production

22. Botanical pesticide production

23. Flour milling

24. Potato chips production

25. Cheese production


26. Board game or video game mini cafe

27. Mini tourist cottage – like a mini hostel, ideal for 1 or two people

28. Fries booth

29. Burger booth

30. Toasts booth

31. Coffee and beverages + cakes selling

32. Ice cream shop

33. Gift shop

34. Toy store

35. Souvenir shop

36. Mini pet hotel

37. Photo booth business

38. Booth with freshly squeezed juice


39. Microbrewery

40. Winery

41. Whiskey / vodka production

42. Candle making

43. Soap making

44. Sweets production

45. Compost production

46. Handmade paper making

47. Air freshener production

48. Perfume production

49. Jewelry production

50. Roasted coffee seeds production – you can buy a coffee roaster for example here

To find more shed business ideas check out Over 160 Business Ideas List 


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