In this article, we’ve collected 60 best business ideas for aging population. 30 of these ideas are ideas related to services for older people. The other 30 business ideas are the best examples of work that older people can do to earn extra money when they are retired.

In addition to business ideas related to the elderly, we’ve also gathered the most important ideas for the professions and businesses that older people can do. After all, they also often want to work and being an active senior is becoming more and more popular.



1. Elderly care hotel 
Which can take the elderly for a day or two. Often families who take care of their loved one elderly on a daily basis must, for exceptional reasons, give their elderly in good hands for several days.

2. Catering for elderly people
Older people often have no strength to cook on their own. Therefore, it may be a good idea to provide them with food prepared especially for them every day.

3. Classes on physical activation
As research shows, physical movement is one of the most important elements that must be met for good health. Movement is necessary for the elderly who sit at home, but it is also important for people after injuries and accidents. If you are able to provide high-level professional motor activation classes, then you will certainly have many customers, because such services are very much needed.

4. Rehabilitation center
Rehabilitation is needed for both the elderly and young people who are sick and have accidents. People are able to pay a lot for a week in a professional rehabilitation center. The cost of establishing such a center is usually high, because for effective rehabilitation you need modern machines to help you perform difficult exercises correctly. Rehabilitation can also be done at home, then it is a little less effective, but it is cheaper.

5. Sport or gym for the elderly
One of the good ways to provide older people with movement is to provide them with sport or access to a gym adapted to them. This is one of the most sensible business ideas for aging population. However, some older people are still embarrassed to leave the home or start living actively, which is why such a business must be able to attract and encourage them to do so.

6. Companionship service for lonely or widowed elderly people 
Loneliness is one of the most common problems of older people. Dating site, or website where seniors can meet other seniors to find friends or companions to talk to is a great idea. The number of seniors who can freely use the Internet has risen, which is why it is a very future-oriented business idea.

7. Nursing home for the elderly
Nursing homes are usually a very profitable business that generates a lot of money. They are a particularly good idea in large cities in rich neighborhoods. In this business it is necessary to pay well for the nursing home staff and their high competencies and experience so that residents feel well and have good living conditions.

8. Delivery services
Older people should not carry heavy things. For this reason, whenever they need to move something heavy in their home or garden, or do heavy shopping, they need help. Such services can be a good business idea for aging population.

9. A private doctor
Unfortunately, health problems are very common in older people. One of the most needed business ideas in aging populations is a service of of doctor who will reach the elderly person’s home if needed and do all the necessary for health things.

10. Vehicles to facilitate mobility
Older people often have a mobility problem, so many of them need devices to help them move. The most needed are scooters or electronic wheelchairs. A business dealing with such things can consist of either producing such vehicles or their accessories, or selling them.

11. Transportation services or taxi for seniors 
Elderly people often do not want to drive a car because of their age and health. For this reason, they sometimes need transport services to be able to navigate to selected destinations.

12. Eshops for seniors
The number of seniors who use the internet is increasing. More and more seniors will be buying online. Therefore, in the near future stores with items for seniors will enjoy increasing interest. Seniors’ relatives will also buy things in such stores, because shopping online is simpler.

13. Organization of events for older people
There are many associations for older people, as well as various groups of older people who stick together and like to spend time together in a pleasant way. Such groups of people sometimes want to organize an event and need a company to organize it for them.

14. Diapers production and selling
Very old and disabled older people need a lot of diapers and hygiene and care products. This is an important niche in business, for which there will certainly be a growing demand all over the world, because the life expectancy and the number of very old and sick people increases significantly.

15. Apps for seniors
More and more seniors have smartphones. This creates a great opportunity to create applications for them and devices integrated with a smartphone that will facilitate the lives of older people, as well as help to care for their health and safety. This is definitely one of the best business ideas for aging population, and one of the most promising niches.

16. Adapting flats and houses to the needs of the elderly 
For the safety and convenience of seniors, it is worth adding some components and amenities to their homes. It’s one of the most needed business ideas for aging population, and demand fot service like this is rising.

17. House sitting in senior’s house – Elderly people are sometimes forced to leave their home to go to a different place for a long time, for example on vacation or to a hospital. During this time, they will need someone to look after their home.

18. Home help for an elderly person – elderly people living in their own homes need someone to help them take care of the house. They need help in cleaning and cleaning the house, help with shopping, as well as help with technical matters and when paying bills and when dealing with paperwork with documents.

19. Carer for disabled elderly people
It is estimated that up to 24 million people in the US have severe disability and require daily caregiver. A significant part of this group are elderly people. It is extremely important that the carer of the elderly is professional and caring towards the people he looks after.

20. New technologies assistance 
New technologies and devices such as computers and smartphones are often difficult for the elderly to use. However, they want to be able to use them, so they need help to teach them and explain them how to do that. Help with new technologies can be given to the elderly, both by clarifying them on the phone and coming to them and explaining everything directly to them. Many older people really need this help and will be happy to pay for it.

21. Nurse for rent to take care for sick elderly
Older people sometimes need to go to the hospital for a while, or they are sick and need care and help at home until they recover. In such situations, it is irreplaceable to hire a nurse who, for example, will sit all day in the hospital next to the elderly, give him food and drink and take care of him. 

22. Massage, SPA and beauty services for seniors
Many seniors want to relax or take care of themselves. SPA massage or beauty salon is an attractive place especially for rich elderly people.

23. Nutrition and fitness consulting
Diet and health care are very important for many older people. They need to consult it with the best specialists so that they can look after themselves properly and professionally.

24. Financial management and money related services and help – 
Elderly people often have trouble paying the bill or getting done their things in the bank. This often causes them a lot of stress, because sometimes they make mistakes, as a result of which sometimes they lose significant amounts of money.

25. Fix-it services
There are often a lot of broken things in seniors’ homes that need to be repaired. They have a problem to repair things themselves, that’s why the handyman, who will help restore order in the homes of seniors, will certainly be well paid.

26. Garden and lawn care
For many people, working in the garden is a pleasure that allows them to relax. Unfortunately, some older people do not have the strength to take care of their entire garden and need help in activities such as mowing the lawn or watering.

27. Shop with useful things for elderly – There are many specific goods that seniors need. They could be collected in one place so that they could find what they need most in one place. Such things are: walkers, scooters, canes, electric wheelchairs, diapers, games to improve memory, hearing aids like this one, or shoes and clothes for seniors.

28. Selling or producing health and care monitoring devices for seniors – Sensor detecting fall on the floor built into the watch, heart rate monitor in the bracelet, sleep monitoring cameras or a wristband with a built-in location monitoring chip for people with Alzheimer and many other devices that can save the lives of seniors is an increasingly developing market for which there will be more and more demand.

29. Yoga / tai chi for seniors 
Seniors who are looking for a way to be more active and meet new people are often interested in activities like yoga or tai chi. Such occupation allows them not only to activate their bodies, but also to relax their minds.

30. Senior tourism – senior focused tourist agency is a very profitable and forward looking business idea. Travel is getting cheaper and easier in recent years, and the number of young seniors who want to travel generally increases.


Aging population is not just a matter of work that must be done with older people. 
It’s also a challenge to find good activity, often including jobs for older people.
Older people often look for a job after retirement to earn some extra money, to earn money for gifts for their grandchildren or for other expenses.

1. Babysitting or nursery services
Many seniors have experience in looking after children because they have raised their children and sometimes grandchildren themselves. Thanks to such activities, older people can not only earn extra money but also feel less lonely.

 2. Selling at flea market
Older people often have many unnecessary items that are ideal for selling at a flea market. They can also sell their craft items there.

3. Kids tutoring 
There is a whole bunch of children who need tutoring in various subjects. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge to be able to give private lessons. If you only like contact with children and you will be happy to solve tasks with them, it can be a good job for you.

4. Guide tour business 
Older people who like to speak and have contact with people can be a perfect guide in their city. Each guide can count on meeting many interesting people from around the world, and that his work will not be boring.

5. Gardening and landscaping
Work in the garden can be light and pleasant. Older people who still have strength should consider it if they like contact with nature.

6. Accountant
The accountant’s work is very calm and does not require much rush. It’s a good way to earn extra money in your free time. One of best business ideas for aging population and it’s seniors. 

7. Selling homemade goods 
There are many things that every pensioner can produce at home and then sell both on the Internet and at trade fairs. They can be both baked goods and other more complex things such as furniture or sculptures or anything else.

8. Soap making 
Creating soap is not difficult and gives a lot of pleasure. There are different types of soaps you can create, made of different fat and containing different fragrance oils.

9. Candle making
Candles are also quite easy to manufacture and there are a lot of different ways to create them. Since candles usually do not expire over time, you will have a lot of time to sell manufactured candles.

10. Home cleaning service
Work such as vacuuming, sweeping window cleaning or washing and cleaning in the kitchen does not have to be hard. It can be an interesting opportunity to contact other people and get away from monotonous life.

11. Furniture making
Creating furniture is an art that not only allows you to earn significant money, but also can give great satisfaction from the works created by you. Created furniture can easily be sold online.

12. Pet sitting or dog walking
Many people who have animals are busy with work or sometimes want to go away without pets. They need a person to take care of them for this short time. Pet owners are often willing to pay a lot of money to look after their pet, only if the carer knows how to do it and has the right conditions for the animal.

13. Animal breeding for sale
Breeding some animals can be very profitable. Profitable animals for breeding are parrots, purebred dogs and cats, quails, horses and many more.

14. House sitting
Many people who leave somewhere and leave their home empty want someone to be in their home when they are gone. It’s a good idea to earn extra money for older people. This will not only allow them to earn extra money, but also diversify their lives.

15. Handyperson 
Some older people, especially men, are familiar with technical issues and can easily fix most things or solve domestic technical problems. Many people like to pay good money for such services, so you should consider earning some extra money in this way.

16. Bed and breakfast business 
Older people who have a large apartment can rent one room or several rooms for bed and breakfast. Such a business is not difficult because you just need to keep the room in order and prepare breakfast for them. The positive of such a business is the opportunity to meet new people and have contact with them. This is important and fun because older people often feel lonely and need such contact.

17. Writing / Blogging 
Writing and publishing your work is easier today than ever before. It’s a perfect quiet job for seniors who like to write and have literary talent. In addition to books and blogs, it’s also a good idea to create ebooks that you can easily sell electronically. If you like writing you can also search for work as a ghostwriter.

18. Consulting services
Older people usually have a lot of experience after years of working in their profession. This knowledge can be useful, you can set up a consulting company that will advise and help people working in a field you know well.

19. Starting YouTube channel 
Many seniors have accumulated vast experience and a lot of interesting knowledge during their lives. Sharing this knowledge, as well as life passions or insights can be a great idea that will certainly attract many people. All you need is a medium quality camera and computer to shoot a vlog and put it on YouTube. This is also possible using only the smartphone itself.

20. Online translating 
If you know foreign languages well, you only need to find clients who will need your translation and be able to earn money. You can easily find them on the internet. There are also translation companies, but they usually pay a little worse.

21. Graphic design – 
Older people who have drawing skills should learn graphic design. There are many job offers and jobs for graphic designers on the internet and they are often well paid.

22. Life coaching 
Older people have a lot of life experience and are experts in matters about which young people do not yet have much knowledge. Lfe coaching can be easily done via internet. Share your experience and earn!

23. Produce an audiobook
If you are creative and like to read or use your voice to create your own audiobook, this might be a great idea.

24. Podcasting 
Any older person who likes to talk a lot and has a need to talk to others should consider creating their own podcast. If you have a hobby or like to talk about a topic, or have a sense of humor you will be able to earn a lot of money in this way.

25. Amazon, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace reselling
Online sales are simple and every elderly person should be able to manage it. The point is to buy cheap things and then sell them more expensive. You can find cheap things that you can sell for more, first of all on Aliexpress.

26. Produce and sell your own beer
Making your own beer is not difficult and is interesting. As an elderly person who has free time, you can develop good recipes for exceptional beer. Then you can sell such beer to local bars, shops or restaurants.

27. Produce and sell your own wine 
Good wine requires some patience and experience, but if you try, you can create a recipe for your own good wine in a few years.

28. Building niche website using WordPress
Websites can earn and even very big money. If you like writing articles and delving into specific topics and issues then this might be a good idea for you.

29. Antique refurbishing or furniture aging
Working with wood has something special in it. If you have an esthetic sense and like to work with wood and furniture, it’s worth thinking about this idea.

30. Handmade crafts business – There are many types of crafts that can be made in an easy and pleasant way and then can be sold for good income. Examples of craft business can be pottery, painting, creating jewlery, and many more which you can find here.


 Other business ideas for aging population for seniors worth considering are:

  • photography and selling stock photos online (e.g. here)
  • selling art or handmade things on Etsy
  • renting your gadgets
  • small farming business
  • teaching english as a second language
  • If you have property you can also rent out space for billboard


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