In the following article, we have collected 30 best selling used items that are both best selling online and are also very popular for in-store and direct sales. These are the products that you will most likely be able to sell with great success on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, or at your local flee market.



1. Used electronics
Primarily popular used smartphones, tablets and laptops and game consoles. On sites like Ebay and Amazon, the best-selling products are Apple, Samsung and other most popular brands. Electronics of this type, are some of the most profitable used products to sell.

2. Clothes
Some of the best selling online used items are designer clothes, jeans, sweatshirts t-shirts and dresses.

3. Collectibles
For example Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, figurines depicting characters from movies and games and other items that people like to collect.

4. Shoes
Used brand name shoes in good condition are the best sellers. For example jordans, or horseshoes.

5. Video games
Especially old PlayStation, Xbox, Gameboy games.

6. Watches
Efficient and branded watches are always in high demand and interest, especially if they have a high value and are in good condition.

7. Bags, bagpacks and purses
Some of the best selling items to sell online are backpacks, handbags, purses. If they are in good condition then they can easily attract the interest of new owners. Especially if they are products of famous brands.

8. Designer Sunglasses
Branded used eyeglasses for men and women are another of the products of this type that sell well online.

9. Old banknotes and stamps
The older and rarer the banknotes, coins or stamps, the more in demand they usually are.

10. Used car parts
Especially wheels, tires, engines, lights, but also seats, body parts and other major parts.

11. Textbooks
Used textbooks are purchased by many students. For example, law textbooks.

12. Books
There are a whole bunch of categories of used books that sell well. These include the most iconic books (the LOTR, Harry Potter, etc.) as well as rare or old books.

13. Vinyl records
Mostly recordings of the most popular bands.

14. Furniture
For example, used kitchen cabinets, office furniture and hospital beds, hotel furniture are often in demand.

15. Used appliances
Especially washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, espresso machines electric stoves and other most popular appliances.

16. Used Legos and popular toys
Old Legos are not only in high demand, but can also have a really high value. It also happens to be the case with many other iconic types of toys.

17. Jewelry
Used jewelry, especially the precious ones, made of precious metals and stones is a commodity that can be sold on the Internet with great success.

18. Cameras 
Old cameras, pre-owned go pros and camcorders have many fans. Old camera lenses also sell well too.

19. TVs and screens
These are products that often have value or can be useful to someone.

20. Antiques
Antiques are some of the best selling used items for sale both on Amazon, Ebay and in stores or at fairs.

21. Computer and electronis parts 
Even broken computers smartphones and electrical appliances can have a lot of value. CPUs, among other things, can have considerable value. Many devices contain valuable metals (e.g. it is estimated that laptops usually contain between $15 and $30 worth of gold).

22. Bikes
A bike in good shape is still worth a lot and usually sells well primarily when it can be picked up easily.

23. Home decor
This is a very broad category of used products that often sell well.

24. CDs, DVDs and tapes
Especially popular movies like Disney movies and other most known movies.

25. Instruments
Esepcially used guitars, drums, pianos and instrument accessories.

26. Used sport equipment
Especially golf club sets (clubs, bags, balls etc)., used skis, used kayaks.

27. Gym equipment 
Especially weights, ellipticals, treadmills and other gym machines and accessories.

28. Garden tools & equipment
Especially movers, grills.

29. Wheelchairs, rollators and crutches
These are essential products for many sick and disabled people. These people often do not have enough money to buy new, expensive products so they choose to buy cheaper, used products of this type.

30. Ceramics & glassware
Nice used pottery and dishes will always find many fans and many uses

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  • used cars
  • motorcycles
  • quads and UTVs
  • RVs
  • excavators
  • dirt bikes
  • forklifts
  • golf carts
  • fur coats
  • jet ski
  • 3D printers
  • boats
  • knives
  • osilloscopes
  • pallets
  • scaffoldings
  • shipping containers
  • dump trailers
  • luggages
  • lockers
  • movers
  • medical equipment (e.g. oxygen concencrators)



Do you know of any other used items which are perfect to sell online?
Share your experience with us in the comments!


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