Christmas is the most beautiful and cozy time in the year. How can you make it also enterprising?

Here are our tips with Christmas ideas  that will help you save time, earn and save money, and help you to make this time even better than ever:

save money and time in christmas

First of all remember – Christmas 2022 is on Sunday, December 25, 2022

1. Remember to buy christmas tree and all the necessary christmas things long time before christmas time. When you buy things in the last moment you will pay much more, there will be human traffic everywhere and everything will be more complicated and problematic.

2.  Search for the restaurants open on christmas day 2022

If you don’t want to organize everything by yourself you can spend this special time in any good restaurant. If you want to, be sure to check if your favorite restaurant is open during christmas day and make reservation to be sure that there will be place for your whole family.

3. Buy christmas gifts . If you have time or some special skills you can prepare some gifts by yourselg (eg. paint the painting)
4. Christmas recipes Find best christmas food recipes. You can find them on YouTube or google them. You can also share your best christmas recipes with others (eg. make vlog and gain new followers).
5. Prepare your favorite music, to achieve magical atmosphere 
IDeas to earn 
1. Check walmart christmas hours –  offer to do shopping for other people for extra $ Be sure that you will be able to buy all the necessary things in the last moment. Opening hours in Christmas are usually different than in normal days.
2. Clean other’s houses before Christmas – many people has no time, or no energy to clean their houses.  Christmas days are much more beautiful and amazing when everything around you is cleaned up, and tidy. Offer extra cleaning to other people in this special days. Remember to:  wipe off the dust, vacuum the house.
3. Make Christmas vlog. Inspire other with your ideas and tips. Many people need inspiration in this time.
4. Create your own beautiful christmas cards and sell them in your neighbourhood or on facebook marketplace It’s always pleasure to get christmas card from your loved ones. You can print that cards even in your printer.
5. Sell Christmas lights Buy a lot of christmas light on Alibaba (or anywhere else) and sell them with big markup in last days before Christmas 
6. Start christmas decorating business It takes a lot of time to decorate house with christmas decorations and lights.  If you start your own company and get real experience in decorating houses, you can earn huge money during christmas time.



Remember to order them in advance.

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And finally

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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