Gary started as an immigrant kid selling flowers and baseball cards on the streets of New Jersey. Now he seriously dreams about buying New York Jets, he has grown his father’s business from 3 to 60 million dollars, he founded two  companies hiring together more than 500 people , he has 1,7 million followers on Twitter. Films with his speeches on YouTube have millions of views. Why are people following and watching him?

What is his message to the world? Why is he special? I will try to explain you the best I can, why Gary is genius in his simplicity and why you should listen to him.


Gary repeats in many of his speeches that the number one thing in his life journey is work (next to family) and his success is based on mastering process of the one thing, focusing on it and loving that fact and that process. As he says, you can master any process, untill you focus on it 100% – and it will give you money, and succes. You love smurfs? Master that shit and you will be able to monetize it as Gary says.
I think Gary is as much popular because he mastered to perfection something that all newbies in business world need to have. He directs many of his advices to the young people, millenials and ones who are about to start their business. He gives us the most important lessons for start.
This is why I recommend to all the people who want to start business, who want to achieve success in life who are just starting – to listen what Gary has to say. Gary gives great lessons that are necessary to know when you start your business.
Gary is that person, whom most of people should listen on the start of their process of achieving their success.



But words will not explain who Gary is, better just check him out

This are the things that are essential to know to achieve success according to Gary:

1. Money will not give you happiness itself.
There is many people who earn just normal decent moeny like 70 000 USD a year and they are the most happy people in the world. They spend time with theit families, go twice a year on a family vacation and they love their life. But there are also people who earn millions of dollars every year and they are the most sad and broken people ever.
As Gary says you need to be thankful for what you have, don’t look at other people and what they think about you. Just focus on what you love and do it all the time. If you are broken person money will not change your life to a better one.
2. Work ethos.
You need to work and love your work itself. You must understand that everything starts with work. If you think too much how to start business but wait with starting to work with that, you will be lost if you won’t start working soon. Everyone has a lot of genius ideas. But Ideas are worth nothing without execution. Ideas without work are just pitiful fantasy. So don’t wait with work. Start today. Start with small steps. Just focus at first step, do it and start executing second step. And so on and so on. This is how it works.
The work ethic is the most controlable variable of success
Gary Vaynerchuk

3. Work VERY HARD if you want to achieve big success.
Gary works 15 hours a day everyday. He was working every Saturday all his 20-s. If you want to achieve something really big, you can’t go every week with friends to bar, you cant go on vacation, you can’t waste your time with “normal”  things that everybody likes to do. You must become a real human terimantor of work. Work all the time and not stop.
There is one secret: WORK
Gary Vaynerchuk

4. Don’t care what people say.
When you will start your process of success at the beginning you will be perceived as a piece of shit in your society. Starting from the beginning is always not easy. People comment on your work. They think that you are pitiful because you sit in your shop selling your handmade furniture, while your friends are enjoying party, go to Las Vegas, buy new car or relax on the beach in California. At the beginning many people will despise what you do. People will despise your work at the beginning because they do not know that at that moment you will be just at the first stage of your process of achieving succes. 
Don’t care and continue doing your shit. You can’t stop!!! Beginning will be full of pain. full of sad opinions of other people, you will be tired because money doesn’t come in one night, BUT YOU MUST CONTINUE because you decided that you start your process of achieving success.
You’re not lost in the life, you’re just early in the process!!!!
Gary Vaynerchuk

Success needs huge patience. As Gary says the biggest problem for most of people is lack of patience. And it’s true because it’s not easy to work hard for your goal 6 months 1 year or 5 years. And usually starting real succesful  comapny takes more than 5 years so it’s really long time.
But here is the question: Do you prefer to work hard as shit for 5 years to achieve something big, to become businessman, to become the master of your life? Or do you prefer To go to bars. go on vacations, hang out with friends and watch Netflix series and just live yout today’s life the same like now forever? This is your decision.
Your lack of patience is killing you! I have a lot of patience.
Gary Vaynerchuk

6. Love mastering the process.
Probably all the success will be impossible to achieve if you will not love process itself. What I mean, you just have to like working. You have to love learning from setbacks and mistakes, you have to love being tired, and you must love all the small things you learn everyday in your work. If you hate work and process, and the only one thing you like in being businessman is that you will be successfull millionaire one day – that will not work. You have to like everything in the process. Good sides and bad sides. Of course you can’t enjoy everything, but you should keep having very positive attitude to all what happens in your process. Small steps small things that you learn everyday you must collect them and be thankful for the possibility that you can be doing it.

What is the best in mastering the process, is that with time you will gather really a lot of experience about that one thing which you focus on. This can be really satisfying to become one day self-made expert in your own thing. With time people will start appreciating how far you went with your process and how big master you become in that.

I want the pain, I want the process, I have the patience, I don’t care what I have setbacks.

I love the journey itself

Gary Vaynerchuk

If you got interested and you want to motivate yourself to work hard for your succes check another Gary’s words and GET INSPIRED TO WORK:
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