2019 is the year when creating mobile apps became easier than ever. Even if you have never tried to do anything with informatics and even if you know exactly nothing about programming, read why you should think about becoming a mobile app developer. 

Nowadays with all the free web programming courses, youtube tutorials, and thousands of helpful sites with clear information you can be able to create your first mobile app even after a couple of weeks from the moment when you’ll start.

Read below how to start, why can it be highly profitable, and what you must know at the beginning.

Why you should try?  And why it’s really worth trying?
Imagine that you are a mobile app developer and you can sit in your bed with laptop and create apps worth thousands of $ or even milions. That perspective sounds fantastic, but actually many of app developers achieved succes like that.


Creator of “Flappy Bird”, Nguyen Ha Dong made the game over the period of several days. Without any promotion game got viral in 2013 and Ha Dong started earning 50 000 $ per day – only from the ads placed in the game. This example shows, that with a little of imagination you can easily create app that will change your life and be popular around the world.


Another example of successful game is “2048”.
“2048” was created over one weekend (!!) by 19-year-old Gabriele Cirulli. The game received over 4 million visitors in less than 1 week. It earned millions of dollars.


Huge positive is that when you are a mobile app developer you are your own boss and you manage your work yourself.
You can work remotely. There is no problem to work as a mobile app developer from every place in the Earth (you only need laptop, basic internet and electricity).


When you create apps for Android and IOS you can sell your apps easily using big stores (like Google Play and App Store). That stores give you access to millions of potential users and clients of your app.


Beginning – how to start

You can start learning all the theory from the beginning. But there is also possibility to work from the very beginning with the specific projects (and later update your knowledge on fields that are necessary in your project stage).

Firstly you should specify where do you want to sell your apps. There are 3 main fields:

1. Android apps – are written mostly in Java 

2. IOS apps – are written mostly in Objective-C  or Xcode. Swift is the newest language made for programming for IOS (lately Swift has become very popular).

3. Website build-in apps – are written mostly in Javascript and PHP (inside html)

Very useful language to do programming for all environments is Python. Python is one of the easiest to learn programming languages, so maybe you will like it. 

In the bottom of this article you will find YouTube videos with basic information about mobile app programming languages.

How to earn with mobile app?

1. Give your app for free, but install ads inside it. If your app goes viral, you will earn around 5$ per month for 1000 of downloads. For this of your users who don’t want to see ads, offer pain verision of that app, but without ads. Money from ads + money from purchases should give decent money.

2. Sell the application for a specified price – everyone who will buy your app will pay you firstly. Web stores like App Store usually take some % of your earnings. Remember that it’s much more difficult for paid app to become viral.

3. Give your app for free but offer users to buy extra extensions of the app for $. You can offer premium functions, special look of your app, skins and premium points if it’s game, and many more.


To sell apps in stores you need first to pay developer fee. For Android apps, developer fees can range from free up to matching the Apple App Store fee of $99 per year. Google Play has a one-time fee of $25.

When your app is ready and possible to download in biggest web stores it’s a good idea to think about promoting your app.
To let more people see your app necessarily use social media and YouTube. Probably the most important part of promotion is creating around 5-8 minute video of your app being used. So people can see how your app works before they download it. You can also write to popular youtubers and offer them to test your app. Youtubers are best trendsetters.


Apps like Udemy offer good-price courses of programming. You really don’t need to study informatics to be able to learn how to be programmer. Check it out here udemy.com
You should also try Solo Learn app that offers lots of good courses of programming. checki it out here https://www.sololearn.com/

Remember that you can find in internet literally all  the needed information necessary to make your own app. Search in Google, YouTube and you will be able to create everything you need. 

Below YouTube videos that might be very useful to start programming.

Java tutorial with some additional information about programming and informatics:
Objective-C tutorial:
Xcode tutorial:
Python tutorial:
The most important information about 15 most popular programming languages:
Some useful advices how to be Mobile App Developer:
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