Having the ability to control your motivation and energy is fundamental if you want to achieve success. In this article, we’ll present the best methods to boost motivation and energy levels, enabling you to get organized and tackle what needs to be done. There are times when work demands your attention, but you struggle to focus and motivate yourself. Discover what steps to take in such situations:

In this situation, three variables stand out as crucial:

1. Motivation: It’s the initial drive; the strongest force that propels action. When truly motivated, one can achieve remarkable feats despite physical limitations, as seen in the example of Nick Vujicic.

2. Concentration: While energy and motivation are vital, lack of concentration can lead to unproductive actions. Focusing on the primary goal prevents distractions and mistakes.

3. Energy: It’s a double-edged sword—a source of strength and potential distraction. Excessive energy, when misdirected or without focus, can be detrimental. However, harnessing good energy leads to significant accomplishments.

Achieving success requires a balance among these three variables. Patience is key, allowing you to master these elements and accomplish anything.”

How to Get Energy and Motivation?


In the symphony of life’s demands, finding the rhythm to stay motivated and energized in our work is akin to mastering the perfect harmony. It’s not just about grabbing a cup of coffee or relying on sheer willpower; it’s about cultivating a mindset and lifestyle that fuels a relentless drive towards productivity.

Consider this: motivation isn’t a fleeting burst of enthusiasm but a sustained flame that requires regular kindling. Begin by defining your purpose, your North Star. Understand why you do what you do and how it contributes to your personal growth or the greater good. This clarity serves as a compass, steering you through moments of fatigue or self-doubt.

Moreover, recognize the power of routine. Establishing habits that align with your goals can be a game-changer. Whether it’s a morning jog, meditation, or a healthy breakfast, these rituals anchor your day, infusing it with structure and discipline.

Yet, let’s not underestimate the influence of environment. Surround yourself with inspiration. Be it through books, mentors, or like-minded individuals, seek sources that ignite your passion and drive. A positive and supportive network can be the wind beneath your wings, propelling you towards your aspirations.

Ah, but energy—a currency often in short supply. Remember, your body is your temple. Nourish it with the right fuel—nutritious meals, hydration, and ample sleep. Physical health intertwines with mental fortitude. Don’t overlook the profound impact of movement; regular exercise not only invigorates the body but also sharpens the mind.

Yet, amid the pursuit of productivity, embrace the occasional pause. Rest is not a sign of weakness but a strategic retreat to recharge. Set boundaries to prevent burnout; a well-rested mind is infinitely more productive than one pushed to its limits.

Ultimately, motivation and energy are not mystical entities bestowed upon a fortunate few; they’re cultivated through intentional choices and habits. It’s a journey, an ongoing exploration of what drives you and how you can sustain that drive. So, equip yourself with purpose, fortify your routines, and nourish your body and mind—become the conductor of your own symphony of motivation and energy.



1. Think for a moment about your dreams and goals.

Think about ones who you love. WORK for your loved ones. Work for your goals.
Understanding that is the best way to get motivated.

2. Watch motivational speech.

You don’t even know how much you can be motivated in just 5 minutes of good motivational speech.
What you can loose if you are already loosing your time not working? JUST TRY
for example Gary Vaynerchuk : link to his speech on Youtube

3. Look and think about people of success

When you think about ones who inspire you, ones who achieved something big it should boost your motivation. You can achieve more than them if you will work



1. Running

It clears your mind and boosts your ability t concentrate on one thing

2. Meditation or praying to God in peace
(if you believe) (at least 5 minutes in silence)

3. Do sports

Every sport oxygenates your brain and help you to be more concentrated.
If youdon’t have time for sport, try at least that:
do 20 squats or 20 pushups. It will boost you in a minute.

4. Get out of the house for a moment.

Fresh air and open area will help to clear your mind

5. Green tea or yerba mate

green tea supports concentration. Some buddhists drink green tea to help themselves focus on meditation.

Yerba mate also helps to concentrate (but in too much quantinty can give you even too much of energy)



1. Proper time, and quality of sleep
(around 8 hours sleep is perfect, don’t sleep longer)

2. When you are really tired have a nap
(but no longer than 30 minutes)

3. Drink coffee, yerba mate, tea.

Scientific research shows that drinking up to 3 coffes a day is healthy!
Caffeine can really give you a lot of energy to work (but too much energy can make it difficult to focus!)

4. Eat healthy!

You are what you eat they say. If you want to have energy have balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits carbohydrates, nuts and omega acids. Do not overeat. Avoid fastfoods and highly processed food!!!


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