Ok. So actually how to be rich? We all dream to be rich, wealth is a goal for us. We watch rich people on TV and the internet and we want to be like them.

So, why do not they teach us how to be rich in schools? Is there any secret or conspiracy?
Partially, people are not told that they can be rich, because then some of them would quit their poorly paid jobs and start earning their money. The truth is that you need a cheap workforce that will work for a small amount of money, so you do not teach most people that they can live differently.

We want you to believe that you can be rich too. Most people have the potential to be successful and be rich. Unfortunately, the surroundings, common patterns, mental limitations of many people, the influence of our friends, families and their conviction that they know better what is good for us very often restricts us and stops us. So how to be rich? 

At the beginning, it has to be said clearly: success is 98% of hard work, 1% of luck and 1% of talent.
What does it mean? It means that diligence and hard work is the only thing you can influence if you want to be successful and be rich.


1. Get obsessed with your purpose!
Focus on your purpose. Don’t waste your attention and time with things that not help you to reach your goal. Travelling, partying and buying new car can wait.

2. Go step by step ferociously
The point is to gradually move towards the chosen goal step by step. Focus only on 1 step. After you will achieve it, move to the second step and concentrate on it 100% of your attention. Then immediately move to the third step, the fourth and so on. Step by step ferociously is the motto of Jeff Bezos who is founder of Amazon.

3. Mastering process itself and loving it
This is what Gary Vaynerchuk keeps saying all the time. It simply means that you must love and enjoy that what you do. You must love process of hard work. You must love how hard it is. Because this is what will bring you success and wealth. Remember to love what you do even without thinking about what it will give to you. Just love the fact that you work hard and that you do something good. If you will start enjoying it itself, then everything will go easier.

4. It’s important to be willing to make mistakes. The worst thing that can happen is you become memorable.
You must be open for making mistakes because we usually learn more from defeats than from victories. Treat failures and mistakes as the best lessons that give you experience.
There is nothing worse than being afraid of action, because it may not work. Just the opposite! If it does not work the first time it’s very good! Because the second time you will know what you did wrong and how to proceed to succeed.

5. I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.
this is a quote from Mark Zuckerberg. Just start with something easy. It’s difficult to start complicated project at the beginning of your career or when you have lack of experience. There is always many easy possibilities to choose. When you have one, take it and work with that.
If you work a little with something simple, you will quickly discover many ways to improve it and after some time you will do it like a pro.

6. Learn from business masters
Successful people have their secrets, knowledge and, above all, a huge amount of experience that results from their many years of work and trials, mistakes and successes. Their experience may be useful to you and you may find that you face similar problems and challenges like they.

 7. Earn more than what you spend
You need capital to be able to undertake more and more investments. To save capital for investments, you must earn more than you spend. Such a reasonable strategy will give you great results.

8. Think BIG
A feature of most people of success is that they are not afraid of making great visions and setting great goals. If you can imagine something, it means that with hard work you will be able to achieve it.

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There is so many easy businesses that you can start without special preparation and a lot of capital. This things you can start within a few days from today if you want.
Of course, usually you will not have profits from the first day, because first you will need some time to learn how to  efficiently manage your business. In addition, you also need to advertise your business and it also takes some time.


Start producing anything, then sell it  – See some of the best easy production ideas

Start Flipping – buy for less and sell for more

Rent out property – Read how to make money out of renting properties

Open restaurant or food truck with good food in a great location

Start YouTube channel – you just need decent camera and a bit of imagination



This ways to become rich usually need more capital and some more of work and time to make them start functioning. But they are ones that are definitely worth trying if you only can afford investing in them.

Invest in any new innovations


Renewable energy

Healthy and organic food

Vertical farming

3d printing (also house 3d printing)


Creating items and looking for new applications for newly discovered materials and high-quality substances (for example like graphene)

Start internet shop

Mobile app development


If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for business, here you can find over 160 BusinessNES ideas for a good business.

Doesn’t matter which one idea you will choose (or you have already chosen) the most important is your attitude and determination. Your focus on your business is the most important.
And your hard work and diligence is the most controlable asset.

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