1. Create Alibaba account. Visit the alibaba.com sign in page and log in using the email and password associated with your account. If you do not yet have an account, visit the Alibaba sign-up page and follow the onscreen instructions to create one.


2. When looking for your products do really good research on Alibaba. View different offers and read details of many products. Calculate which one product is the best offer to buy.


3. Look at the minimum object quantity (MOB). Usually you can’t buy less than MOB but always can try to ask if is that possible.


4. Check Supplier’s Profile. Alibaba supports a verification service which ensures sellers are legally registered companies. This is accomplished by Alibaba and/or by independent verification companies. Be sure to visit suppliers profile information to check verification status.


5. Contact supplier with the best product-price relation. Be nice, ask how much will it cost you.


6. Use Alibaba build-in chat. There is build in chat, best to start talking with suppliers. Don’t be afraid to write there to suppliers.


7. Try to develop friendly relationship with your supplier. Chinese suppliers like to have regular customers. Alibaba sellers often propose their clients to add them on instant messaging apps like Whatsapp or Skype. If your supplier is talkative it’s good idea to add her/him so you will be able to discuss all the details of your order and be able to meet your her/him better.


8. When supplier says it will cost 100$ tell her/him you can offer only 50% of that cost. You always have to bargain with Chinese in Alibaba!!



9. Request Product Certificates. Beacause suppliers produce products especially for you, you can ask them to meet the certification standards in the production process. Remember that not all suppliers have the knowledge of how to do it, but there are also many who know it very well.


10. Request Product Samples. If you have doubts about product, you can  contact the seller and ask if they can send you a product sample.  Probably you will pay a few dollars nut if supplier is nice there is a chance you can get free samples.


11. Seller Support. When placing an order with Alibaba, you have a choice whether to buy  online or to directly contact the supplier yourself. Placing your order online can help you track your orders and refund your payment if a dispute arises. It’s safer to shop with sellers which support Trade Assurance, a “free service” by Alibaba dedicated to instill trust between buyers and suppliers. Buyers will have recourse in the event of quality-related issues or shipping delay.


12. Be safe with scammers. better pay for your order through Alibaba. Outside Alibaba they can cheat on you.

Useful informations:

  • There is no ‘cart’ on the site. The order conditions are negotiated and confirmed by email or built-in chat
  • On Alibaba there are no fixed prices and each order is priced individually on the basis of the specification (color, size, materials, required certificates, etc.), delivery terms and quantity you want to purchase. After presenting the requirements, the supplier tells you his offer.
  • Alibaba offers ‘made to order’ products. Exemplary products are listed, and the buyer specifies the final form of the ordered product
  • Alibaba.com does not charge fees or commissions. The main profit is the Gold Supplier membership fee paid by the product suppliers. Alibaba verifies each of these vendors if they really exist, but this does not guarantee high quality of theitproducts.
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