Below we have compiled a list of the 25 most popular and profitable catering business ideas that are worth starting in 2023. When analyzing the profitability of a catering business, remember to find out beforehand if there are any competitors offering the same services in the place where you want to run such a business. Also, be sure to check how high the demand for catering is by contacting potential clients or talking to owners of similar businesses in other cities.

Most Profitable Catering Business Ideas for 2023


1. Wedding Catering
Wedding catering is one of the best and most profitable catering business ideas. People organizing weddings usually want to order the most unique food at the best possible price. Extra additions such as waiters, bars and decorations are common elements of wedding catering.

2. Hotel catering
One of the best catering business ideas is to supply hotels, hostels, motels and other gues houses and bed and breakfasts. Many companies and individuals provide hotel services or rent rooms, but they do not have their own food and therefore want to use such catering services.

3. Diet catering
Diet catering is a service that is becoming very fashionable around the world in recent years. Many people don’t have time or don’t want to cook healthy diet food for themselves, so they prefer to order a diet catering service.

4. Homemade food catering
Many people are tired of unhealthy food, fast food and processed food from supermarkets. A catering service that offers homemade food just like mom’s is the perfect answer to this problem. It is a great offer for both young people, who do not have time to cook, and the elderly, who need someone to cook for them.

5. Baby shower catering
A baby shower is a special event that requires tailored food served the right way. Many people choose to order a special catering service that will provide food, drink and decorations perfectly suited to the occasion (blue or pink colors, childish style decorations).

6. Vegan catering
Another important niche among catering business ideas is vegan and vegetarian catering. This type of food is becoming increasingly popular. It is also often part of diets.

7. Fit & sport catering
People who play sports, work out at the gym and work on their figure and health need special food, usually with more protein, vitamins and micronutrients and less fats and carbohydrates. This type of food is an ideal catering business idea aimed at gyms, swimming pools and any other sports centers.

8. Kids catering
Special food for children is something that is needed during big events for children (like big birthday parties, school events, camps, camps) among others. Such catering can also be used by schools, kindergartens.

9.  Luxury catering
There is a high demand for luxury catering, served in a very elegant or otherwise unique way. These types of catering not only need to look good, but they need to be served in a unique way.

10. Foreign cuisines catering
Cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, French, Thai, and Vietnamese are prized for their amazing character and delicious taste. Often people who order catering want to order catering in the style of a particular cuisine, so it can be a good idea for a catering business to offer food from any of these cuisines in the form of catering. Other popular cuisines can also be a good idea for catering business.

11. Party or birthday catering
Birthday catering and providing food for parties is another sizable niche to consider when running a catering business.

12. Hospital catering
In many hospitals and health facilities there are a lot of hungry people who would eat something other than the food available in the hospital restaurant. This is an opportunity for catering companies. Signing a contract with such a hospital, or delivering food directly to patients is a great idea for a profitable business.

13. Food subscription services
An interesting type of catering is offering a fixed food subscription. This type of catering requires a rich offer that provides a variety of nutrients and is not boring.

14. Corporate & business catering
Many large companies, corporations, and organizations sometimes need to order a lot of snack food or beverages to, for example, their corporate headquarters, a skyscraper, or another location of their choice. This happens during events, holidays, anniversaries and other important corporate events. Some companies also need to provide their employees with snacks, lunches, or coffee accompaniments such as cakes, fruits, and sweets.

15. Pub & cafeteria catering
Many pubs, cafes as well as clubs and other such businesses need special catering to provide them with the right food for their customers. Sometimes some such businesses do not sell food yet and it is worth contacting them and offering them your attractive offer.

16. Popular food catering (Burgers, pizza, fries, nuggets, pasta, salads and other most popular types of food to offer something good to everyone.

17. Food truck
That’s right! Food truck can also play the role of catering in a very attractive way! Selling food straight from the food truck is a great business idea during various social events, especially during concerts, sport events and festivals. Catering from food truck is also something that can be ordered by various companies and associations that organize such events.

18. Catering with servers
Often one of the main services needed by individuals and entities ordering catering is the service of serving food and waiters, bartenders or people helping during the event and making the time pleasant. There are many types of services that such a service can offer. From entertaining children and taking care of them to preparing unique drinks and cooking food right in front of the guests.

19. Catering bars, machines and items to rent 
An important type of catering is catering, offering the rental of entire food stands, bars, vending machines, vending machines and other machines and items that are necessary for the preparation and distribution of food.

20. Graduation catering
Another occasion that is often ordered catering is the graduation party as well as various events at universities and colleges.

21. Outdoor catering
Outdoor events require special catering solutions and special types of food, decorations, and accessories. Such catering that specializes in outdoor parties and events can be a great way to stand out from the competition.

22. Railway catering
An interesting niche that can be very profitable for catering business is railway stations and trains. Most long distance trains need to offer some sort of food, snacks and beverages to their passengers. Also passengers in stations often want to eat something while waiting for the train. This is a potential opportunity for a catering company that can provide such passengers with instant food, e.g. food ordered online, or can cooperate with a railroad company and provide food in the middle of trains.

23. Ship catering
Another interesting business catering idea is providing food for ships. Both the ship’s crew and passengers eat and drink something – such as tourists, or people traveling on a ferry or cruise ship.

24. Airplane catering
Almost all airlines need some form of catering. The food that is served on board an airplane must be made in advance and prepared to be served in an appropriate manner. Also, the flight crew and sometimes the staff working at the airport must eat such food. This is a business idea for very large catering companies that are able to prepare really huge amounts of food.

25. Buses & vehicles catering
An interesting space, full of catering business opportunities, is also providing food for buses and cars that have to cover longer distances. Examples of the target group for this type of catering are, among others car trips (school, tourist) and transport companies.




1. One of the cheapest types of food to cater are dishes based on rice, pasta, legumes and cooked vegetables. Such ingredients are typical in Mexican, Indian, Thai and Moroccan cuisine and are not only inexpensive but also very tasty. Relatively cheap food ideal for catering is also pizza, fries and sandwiches.

2. A very good business idea may be to offer catering from the most famous fast food chains and restaurants. However, this requires the conclusion of special cooperation deals. These large restaurant chains usually do not cooperate with small entities, but if you order a large amount of products from them, they will probably be willing to sell them to you.

3. The best food to cater are Italian and Mexican cuisine, sandwiches, wraps, salads, barbeque and fried chicken, as well as Mediterranean, Japanese and Thai cuisines. These are the most popular types of food that are also very profitable to sell in catering.

4. A professional catering company should offer a full range of services and dishes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners (both heavy appetizers and main courses), desserts and beverages.


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