First of all one sentence has to be said: It is really easy to find ideas for business. Everyone see many ideas and business inspirations everyday.
What is crucial is to choose the best one option among all the others. It is all about correct sellection. You have to find that one diamond hidden in a pile of garbage.
This BusinessNES tutorial should help you know, how to realize which idea will be the best for you. 
When deciding which idea is good to transform it from theory into existing being take under consideration at the same time 3 things:
Inspirations are like your business database. The bigger your database is, the wider range you have to filter and select the best one idea.
Here are some ways to find a lot of them:
  • Talk with people. See what people need and what they talk about. Be extremely sensitive when someone says “I really need (…)” or “I’m looking for (…) and can’t find it”  or “it would be nice if (…) was possible to buy/ to do / to use etc.” This sencences very often signal market demand. This means there is A NICHE which needs supply.
  • Remember things that you need and which are impossible to buy or find in your area, city or country, or maybe are not invented in world yet. This things are great material for new business if you know how to produce them.
  • Travel abroad and see inspirations there. You can often find abroad ideas for business that are not known in your country.
  • Take one obvious and popular thing and take another one obvious and popular thing (different from the previous one). See in your mind if there would be possible to mix that two boring normal things into something new and special. For example: 1st obvious popular thing is chocolate. 2nd obvious and popular thing is a bike. Now try to make something new out of this two normal things. Use imagination. Don’t be afraid to create crazy ideas. In my opinion chocolate + bike can create a) mobile bike-shop selling chocolates b) special bike for chocolate loving people with many nuild-in lockers for chocolate, also bicycle’s frame can be printed with chocolate pictures. c) big chocolate in the shape of bicycle . This ideas are crazy. But this is just example. Don’t be afraid to play with reality in your imagination, thinking what could be made out of two (or three or more?) different objects. It can be really exciting and productive way of spending free time.

What you choose should be something you are really good at, what you enjoy or what you will explore with pleasure and easily. You do not have to have talent right away, but it is necessary for you to see for yourself the perspective of learning something if you really think about it. As they say, success is made of:  1% talent, 1% happiness and 98% hard work. If you see that hard work performed on a particular project will give you pleasure and it will be ok, then it can be it.

Of course it is not easy to find that thing. But everyone is the best in something. Know yourself and honestly see what you are really good in. Don’t get discouraged if you are not the best in things like logical thinking, engineery, IT, sports or writing. You can be the best in things like preparing the best sandwiches in the world or beeing the best fisherman or the one who can speak with foreigners the most easily. Anything what is your talent will be really good basis and groundwork to start something big on that.

Try to make business out of things you have plenty. Sometimes people have something very valuable which can generate money, but instead they treat that thing only as a hobby or a filler of free time. Be conscious of what you have and of its value. Maybe someone will like to give money for your daily rutine hobby, or actions which you find normal and obviouse (for example comenting films in an amazing way).
  • Do you think it’s very hard to create your own niche in XXI century, when all the most important inventions already had been invented and when all the biggest companies achieved monopolies in their niches? That’s a stupid thinking! If you only have a little bit of imagination you can start your niche in nearly every area.
    You can’t invent once again something what already has been invented. But you can present it to the world once again, in a new way, showing the same objects or ideas in a new revolutionary way. Yes that’s possible.
  • Think using categories of market demand and market supply. Sometimes it can help you see some crucial phenomena in your market. Search for demand vacuums around you.
  • If your product can’t create the niche because it’s already too popular, maybe you can be the niche?  How Moon orbits around Earth make your product orbit around your personality if you are popular and well-thought-of person.
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