In this article we have prepared 70 innovative software ideas for business to make. These are the software ideas that world definitely needs. These software ideas are not yet implemented as far as we know and they can be a great idea for a startup or business that will generate a lot of money.


1. Dirt detecting app for cleaning companies and people doing house cleaning
Such software can detect dirty places, using ultra-sensitive cameras to check if the cleaned places have been cleaned thoroughly enough and that no dirt or dust has been overlooked.

2. Anti-pest alarm – motion detector for farmers 
One of the biggest problems in agriculture is pests or animals entering the crop area. Many losses caused, for example, by herds of large animals could be prevented if they were noticed early enough. Properly designed software consisting of a camera and loudspeaker system could monitor such crops around the clock, and when large animals appear, they could be deterred by loud sound by informing farmers that they need to chase away the animals. While in the US this may not be the best idea, in Central Africa or Brazil it may be very necessary because there are many animals that destroy crops (like hippos, monkeys etc.).

3. Software analyzing the employee’s efficiency in the company
You can think “but such software already exists”. Certainly yes. However, take into account that each company is slightly different, and the specifics of work in each of them is very different. The work of manual workers, corporate employees or employees of fast food chains should be assessed differently. The demand for this type of software will always be because there are many different companies and types of work organization. This is a big field for ambitious programmers.

4. Test checking application for school teachers
Teachers in almost all schools in the world sometimes prepare tests with closed-ended questions for their students. Checking such tests would be many times faster if you could do it using the smartphone’s camera. First, teacher would enter the correct answers into the application, and then the phone would know in a second how many points each student scored in his test.

5. Mobile app – private stylist
Put on your clothes and open the private stylist application. It will analyze your clothes with the camera in your smartphone and mark in the picture which clothes are going well and which are wrong. Such an application will also show you suggestions as to what clothes and colors best suit the clothes you already wear.

6. An application for gardeners looking for weeds and imperfections.
Gardeners often have to look carefully at the garden to see the weeds and imperfections that need repair or elimination. This can be perfectly helped by a smartphone camera, which will mark all the weeds, unnecessary branches, stones or leaves scattered by the wind in red on the display, thanks to which the gardener will clean them faster.

7. Store software analyzing which goods arouse the most interest among customers.
It is crucial for the seller to know which goods attract the most attention. Knowing this, the owner of the store can properly display the best goods, match prices to demand, and make adequate stocks of the most popular goods.To do this, you can, for example, analyze with the help of sensors or cameras properly located in some points of stores, analyze which goods arouse the most interest, and whether customers buy them after seeing the price and detailed information or not.

8. Software testing the taste of food so that they match the perfect recipe.
There are many dishes that were created, after which somebody wanted to copy and re-prepare them to be just as tasty again. Unfortunately, very often the food played from the recipe tastes different than the perfect original. Such software can measure the percentage of salt, spices and various substances in food. It can also examine its consistency, humidity, fragility and many other key features that every food possesses.

9. Investment assistant notifying you of the market opportunities
Such software can examine in detail the price changes of various goods, shares and exchange rates (thanks to online courses and current prices). You can enter in it the amount you want to spend on investments and this software will show you the current best proposals of goods in which to invest.

10. Software controlling lighting intensity in companies and private buildings
In many buildings the light shines every day, but a lot of sun comes in, depending on the weather outside. When the sun shines strongly and a lot of light comes through the windows, you can turn off or dim the lights inside so that the level of exposure is adequate, and so that the electricity does not waste unnecessarily. This can be regulated by adding such software that will choose the level of exposure inside the building to meet current needs. This is possible through appropriate sensors

20 Innovative Software Ideas for Business to Make

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11. Software analyzing and forecasting the company’s financial situation
Every large company that wants to be sure of its future must have plans and be prepared for various circumstances. A program analyzing the company’s current financial standing may be useful for this purpose. This program can set 3 financial scenarios for the future. 1 – most likely 2 extremely bad and 3 – extremely good. Such software can take into account variables such as the situation in a particular industry around the world, exchange rates, company revenues, the number of new customer orders and contracts, as well as many other variables that are crucial for a particular company. Such software will never predict all possible scenarios, but it will certainly be able to deliver a lot of valuable information to the company’s authorities.

12. Dating in virtual reality (VR) app
Software that will allow online dating using VR technology is one of the best software ideas for business that you can imagine. Such an application or the whole dating service can be a very profitable idea which can turn into a huge business. The whole idea is that people can get to know each other and talk in VR technology. For example, they can travel together in VR, play sports there, form groups or build houses or gardens and talk.

13. Software for optimal office space planning
In many offices employees work together in open space. With this type of office, it is very important to properly set up the desks and work stations of the employees so that they can fit as many as possible. At the same time, care must be taken that the desks are not too close together, that they are not too tight and that the working conditions are comfortable. Well-designed software that will analyze the shape and size of the open space and ideally determine the best locations and number of workplaces for employees should perfectly help to combine maximization of efficiency with comfort of work.

14. Social app for company members
In many large and medium-sized companies, employers want their employees to know and like each other well. A great help to achieve this goal can be to create a friendly social application dedicated only to employees. There can be many functions in such an application that will allow employees to get to know each other better. Such a social application can contain joint games, discussion groups, mini forums and many other positive elements that will allow employees to like each other more.

15. Automatic irrigation app monitoring soil moisture
Such a program can automatically synchronize crop watering with measurements of soil moisture and air temperature. Such a system can also check with sensors the amount of necessary substances in the soil.

16. Online order management application for restaurants
More and more restaurants are sending food to customers’ homes. Therefore, high quality online order processing applications are the basis for every good restaurant. Surely many restaurants will be interested in buying such software.

17. Health monitoring apps
Health is a huge and very future-oriented niche that needs many new software ideas for business. The idea for such applications can be mobile apps for customers of hospitals and health-related companies. Such apps can analyze various health parameters (with the use of built-in sensors in smartphones) such as body posture, skin lesions, eye pathologies and even diseases of the respiratory system and many others.

18. Software for a drone high pressure washer
Imagine that someone wants to wash the elements of a high-rise building, a skyscraper, or, for example, the roof of a single-family house, which is dirty and has a dark color. You can hire a whole team of specialized staff but what if you could do the same and more precisely using a cleaning drone that will thoroughly clean everything and do it faster and safer than people? A drone like this one available on the Amazon combined with a pressure washer should suffice.

19. Online collaboration app
An application that allows you to make contact, share experience and cooperate with specialists in a specific field from all over the world.

20. The program analyzing whether the item made in the factory has any shape defects
In factories where, for example, cast metal parts, metal engines or metal fragments are produced, there may not be deficiencies, because even a small deformation in a given product may cause that it will not be suitable for further use. Such a program can be based on the analysis of objects through ultra accurate cameras or sensors (can use e.g. echolocation).


The above ideas are invented and shared by us, but we do not guarantee that similar software and business solutions have not been developed before by third parties. Before you create a similar program, make sure that you do not infringe anyone’s copyright, intellectual property rights or patent rights.

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