Below we have compiled the top 25 new business ideas that are trending in 2023 and have very high chance to generate high profits due to their innovativeness and rarity.

Remember that the crucial features of the most successful new business ideas are: making things easier, solving problems & making things more accessible. All of the ideas below meet these important criteria. 



1. 3D laser scanning services
Modern 3D laser scanners allow for accurate scanning of objects that can then be transferred to virtual reality, show customers, or copy and then produce new models from the pattern. The use of 3D scanners is very broad and has great potential in business.

2. Drone advertising business
Drones that can be equipped with advertising banners take marketing to a new level. Such drones can advertise stores, events, businesses and organizations. Drone clouds can also provide advertising services through drone display technology.

3. NFT creating, flipping & advisory
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. This is a new technology that has become very popular over the past few years. Famous people who have invested in NFT include Justin Bieber, Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton or Liam Payne. Creating new NFTs and the business of selling NFTs is a very profitable and forward-thinking niche worth looking into in 2023.

4. Smart jewelry (startup or store)
Intelligent jewelry is a combination of beauty, prestige and cutting edge technology that makes life easier. Smart rings, necklaces and bracelets have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the market is still underdeveloped and full of numerous opportunities.

5. Aerial photography and film making from drones
In the last few years, drone videos are becoming very fashionable. They are widely used in commercials, movies, pop culture and marketing and there is a growing interest in the service of creating such videos or photos from drones.

6. Virtual reality property flipping & advisory
A new niche in business that is revolutionizing the modern world are virtual properties, i.e. goods such as virtual houses, lands, objects, or works of art that are located in the virtual world for example in the metaverse, decentraland, in computer games or in other available forms. Virtual properties include NFTs, but the scope is much broader and not limited to blockchain. This whole niche creates a huge amount of profitable opportunities for new business. From creating new projects to flipping virtual properties to consulting and services related to the virtual world.

7. 3d printing shop
One of the most profitable new business ideas worthy of attention is 3D printing shops and other related 3D printing services. The demand for 3D printing is increasing, especially near medical and other scientific technical colleges where students often need to make such prints. 3D printing also has great potential in combination with 3D scanning to easily create exact copies of various objects.

8. Jet-pack dealership
One of the most interesting new business ideas is jetpack dealership, and this includes jetpack manufacturing and related services (e.g. jetpack flying lessons, jetpack rentals, etc.). There are already first companies on the market selling jetpacks such as Jetpack Aviation, but there is still a lot of space for new businesses in this very forward-looking niche.

9. Niche products print on demand
In recent years, one of the increasingly trending new business ideas is printing on demand on t-shirts, caps, mugs, pillows, tiles, bedding, and many other products. There are many possibilities here. If you choose the right niche and advertise your business properly, you can expect big profits.

10. Marijuana cigarette sale
An interesting business idea is to sell or manufacture cigarettes made from marijuana. If local laws allow it, it can be a great and very profitable business. In addition to cigarettes, related business ideas for this type of business are cookies cakes and food made with marijuana, as well as organic products made from hemp (like cosmetics, clothing and more).

11. Robots store
Robots have become an integral part of our lives for several years now. Selling them is one of the most profitable and promising new business ideas. Examples of robots that can be sold today are cleaning robots, toy robots for children, industrial robots, agricultural robots, security robots and many more.

12. Box subscription services
Box subscription is a new service that is very popular and still growing. Examples of proud products offered through box subscriptions include boxes of candies, wines, plant seeds, spices, cosmetics, toys and many other interesting items. The possibilities for a profitable new business are plentiful, after all, there is an endless variety of products that people want to buy.

13. Ghost kitchens
Ghost kitchen or selling food only with delivery is one of the new business ideas that has generated a lot of interest recently. The whole concept comes down to selling food online that can only be ordered. Such a ghost kitchen does not have a restaurant where you can come and sit, there are no waiters. There is only a selection of attractive food with delivery.

14. Flowers & gifts delivery by drone
Each of us likes to make unique gifts and surprises. To make a given gift even more special, you can deliver it using a drone, for example, to someone’s garden or to someone’s workplace. This type of service will surely find great interest and demand.

15. Fast food vending machine
Although fast food vending machines are already quite popular in Japan, globally they are still a unique business idea that can be very successful in many places (especially in big cities). The uniqueness of such machines comes down to serving tasty fast food such as pizza, kebab, crispy chicken pieces, fries, burger and many more in a very short time. An interesting variation of such a machine can be vegan fast food, organic fast food or diet fast food. Also advanced vending machines selling other types of products are very good new business opportunities worth trying in 2023.

16. Food subscription services
A food subscription service is a unique business idea that is already starting to become pretty popular in many countries. This new unique niche in business has a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Examples of such food subscriptions includespicy snacks subscription, organic food subscriptions, diet food subscriptions, Asian food subscriptions, Mexican food subscriptions, Italian food subscriptions or fish and fruit subscriptions.

17. Private shelters & bunkers
Many wealthy people like to be prepared for a variety of circumstances including all hazards and disasters. For this purpose, it can be very useful to have a bunker or a private mini shelter. Although it seems popular, bunkers are still one of the most unique business ideas and a very promising niche.

18. Cloud migration as a service
As more and more companies work in the cloud and have their valuable data on someone else’s servers, services to help with data migration are becoming more in demand. Efficient data migration is a very complicated process that if done wrong can expose a company to big losses. A professional company offering services such as this will surely find many customers quickly.

19. Key replicating booths
People all over the world sometimes need to make a key for their house, room or locker. The answer to this need are automatic key making machines that are able to quickly produce an identical key that will work perfectly as the original. Such key making booths will be the most profitable if placed in popular locations such as shopping centers, railroad stations and next to stores.

20. Organic, healthy fast food
Most people in the world love fast food. Unfortunately, fast food is mostly unhealthy, as experts and doctors agree. The answer to this problem is organic healthy fast food, a combination of delicious easy food with the highest quality and health. Although it may seem difficult, there are many possible businesses that can succeed in this niche.

21. Luxury reusable grocery bags & high quality reusable grocery bags
Reusable shopping bags are things that hundreds of millions of people around the world use. These bags are usually boring, simple, banal and not very distinctive – this is a great business opportunity – offer such bags in a luxury version, in an ultra-convenient version, or in a compact version so that it is easy to fold such bags. The potential for improvement of such bags is very wide, and there will certainly be many people willing to buy such a bag.

22. Vertical farming
The answer to the growing consumption of food and the increasing cost of land is vertical farming. Growing in this way allows for higher profits and greater efficiency than traditional farming. One of the most profitable types of vertical farming is microgreens farming. Microgreens farming can be very profitable even on a small scale ( it can be started in the garden, greenhouse, or even in the basement).

23. Small cheap houses 
Inexpensive, small and easy to build homes are a new very popular business trend that is in increasing demand. Since housing prices have increased a lot in recent years many people are dreaming of a small low cost home. The answer to this need are small, cheap houses like Boxabl, which can be bought and immediately habitable for the price of $50000. The demand for this type of houses is huge.

24. Product testing with VR  
Virtual reality (VR) is a technological revolution that allows for a whole bunch of new things, including better and easier testing of products we are about to buy. Examples of businesses of this type are applications for testing clothes (try-on) in VR, programs for touring apartments and real estate, as well as businesses that create custom applications for testing and viewing products of a particular company. More and more companies are offering to test their products and services in VR, so businesses of this type are some of the most profitable new business ideas in 2023.

25. Automated restaurant or cafeteria
As robots and vending machines are becoming more and more advanced and can serve higher quality meals (such as hot fast food, soups, pasta and various snacks) a new business that is becoming more and more popular (especially in Japan) are robotics and vending machine cafeterias and bars. These are unmanned establishments where one can order a given meal or drink which is prepared for them by a machine. This interesting form of business attracts many people, including introverts who do not like contact with staff and prefer to order food from the machine.

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To choose the best new business ideas that will succeed in the market, it is also necessary to understand the latest business trends. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • The rise of generations X, Y and Z – the new generations of people raised in the digital world are now grown up, making money and beginning to have a real impact on the fate of the world. They are already part of the market. And this is a huge shift in terms of market needs and trends given Generation X, Y and Z’s habits and predilection for the internet, memes, convenience and simple quick problem solving.
  • Increasingly, we are renting or subscribing to something rather than buying it.
  • Artificial intelligence is improving and extending business performane and possibilities.
  • Security and authority are increasingly important in business – in the era of hackers, fake news and information and digital chaos, authoritativeness, reliability and security are becoming more and more important. Especially in niches like finance, privacy and digital service delivery.
  • We store more and more data in the cloud. Cybersecurity becomes the key to the existence of many companies and people.
  • Blockchain is becoming more and more popular and widely adopted. Financial transactions are becoming simpler, faster and more decentralized.
  • The conquest of space becomes certain. It is not a question of whether, but when the intense conquest of space will start and space businesses will explode.



1. Beard cosmetics & oils

2. Employee care packages

3. Robots for cleaning skyscrapers and tall buildings

4. Property security drones & robots

5. Anti-drone weapons

6. VR paid-membership groups and organizations

7. Portable charging devices 



And what do you think, what are the most important new business ideas? Share with us in the comments!

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