In this article we’ll show you the best ideas for business in the European Union. We also present the most important things you need to remember if you want to open a business in the EU.
When thinking about business in the European Union it’s good to look at the EU as a network of interconnected large modern cities because 75% of EU citizens live in urban areas.

In the European Union, there are more than 500 million people who are characterized (on average) by quite a good education, medium wealth, long life and small fertility. In last years in Europe there are trends such as the popularity of ecology, healthy food, renewable sources, concern for our planet, healthy lifestyle and  passion for innovations. The following ideas will work best in big cities, remember to promote them also via the internet.


1. Athleisure shop
It’s a new trend in fashion. Clothing designed for workouts and sport is worn in normal situations as a normal wear. This branch of fashion has started to develop very rapidly since 2015.
You can  create your own athleisure brand or resell other brands.

2. Private health care for older people
The society of the European Union is one of the most aging societies in the world. This things are currently very needed:
-Nursing homes for older people
-A company that provides a home carer for an elderly person

3. Organic healthy food
Europeans do not want to eat unhealthy chemical food, instead, healthy and natural food becomes more and more popular. This industry is a new vein of gold.
-Healthy natural food straight from the village
-Organic Restaurants
-Slow Food –  healthy good quality restaurants that are opposite of unhealthy fastfoods. In recent years, more and more people stop eating fast foods and go on healthier foods

4. Robot store
Robots are the future and Europeans like innovations. We want to help robots to help us perform repetitive routine tasks. Vacuum cleaner robots are already very popular. Robotic lawn mover are another example of new items that people want to buy. 

5. Massage center with mini spa
Many people in Europe work hard in one position. This often leads to back pain and bad mood. A professional massage and relaxation in a mini spa in large cities will find many clients.

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6. Cheap housing for young people
Most young people in the European Union dream about their own apartment but its costs are very high. This idea is about creating cheap blocks of flats that resemble the hostel’s construction, price and quality. 10 square meters may be sufficient for one person. Such an investment, if it is not too expensive, will immediately gain a lot of customers and popularity.

7. Good quality youth hostel
Europeans travel a lot between their cities and countries. In the center of every big city a nice, cheap hostel is useful. Good design will be very welcome.

8. Food truck business
Find out where the most people are hungry and where you can park. Follow events. If you really want you can earn a fortune with foodtruck business. It is crucial to get along with the owners of the area on which you will park and have well organized supplies. The most profitable bargains for foodtrucks are all festivals, concerts of famous bands and all major events.

9. Reusable bags
We all want to care for the environment. But we need to pack shopping in something. Since we’ve stopped using plastic disposable bags, many people are looking for good, beautiful and durable reusable shopping bags.

10. Store and service with drones
More and more people will want to have a drone. Offer different types of drones, expert advice and the opportunity to repair and buy spare parts. That’s for sure one of the most forward-looking ideas for a business in the European Union.

11. Personal data security
People are aware of the importance of their privacy. More and more people need to hire a specialist who will take care of their privacy, or take care of the protection of your company or your relatives.

12. Phone accessories, phone cases & powerbank shop
We all need these accessories. We still need new ones, or we are looking for better ones than we have had so far. This is certainly a good business idea in a modern city.

13. A company that provides professional care for dogs and other animals
Set up a company with professional caregivers for animals. Animal owners often have to leave them alone for some time, or they need someone to go for a walk with them.

14. Electronic security systems 
Many people want to have a constant preview of whether everything is okay around his home or car.
You will need your own application. Your clients will want to be able to view images from cameras and sensors remotely so that they can see everything from their phones and mobile devices.

15. Vending machine business
An increasing number of people in the European Union lead fast-paced lifestyles in big cities. This creates an increasing demand for quick shopping, for which vending machines are ideal.
The most profitable vending machines are those selling drinks, snacks, sandwiches, ice cream and even fast food such as pizza and burgers.

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Promote your business in social media
Europeans love social media. Even a grassroots estate should have a facebook or instagram page.
Now you can advertise hyperlocally, so take advantage of the opportunity before the competition does.

Let your clients subscribe you
We see a significant increase of the services for which the client pays in the form of a subscription. It is also a good niche for business in the European Union.

Check if EU can fund your business
EU is funding businesses which profile and topic of activity is related to EU strategies plans and projects. You can apply for grants, contracts, and many other forms of funding from EU.
You can read more about EU funding for business here:

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