Welcome to the ultimate guide on the top 20 best things to sell on the beach! Whether you’re a seasoned beach vendor or just starting out, this comprehensive list will equip you with the hottest and most lucrative items to sell by the shore. From trendy beachwear and accessories to must-have snacks and unique crafts, this article dives into the diverse array of products that capture the attention of beachgoers worldwide.

We’ve carefully curated this list based on market trends, customer preferences, and the ever-evolving beach culture. You’ll discover tried-and-tested items that promise high demand, ensuring your beachside business thrives. So, gear up to explore an eclectic mix of merchandise that caters to the vibrant atmosphere of sandy shores and sun-soaked days, helping you make the most out of your beachfront selling experience.





1. Cold drinks

2. Snacks like popcorn, nuts, chips, sweets etc. 

3. Sun block creme or spray

4. Sunglasses
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5. Flip flops
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6. Local souvenirs like fridge magnets

5. Swim wear

6. Beach towels
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7. Tissues and wet wipes

8. Coffee

9. Beer

10. Cigarettes

11. Hats to protect head from sun
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12. Beach umbrellas

13. Volleyballs 

14. Inflatable sea mattresses
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15.  Hand sanitizers

16. Tshirts

17. Beach balls 

18. Beach chairs

19. Ice cream

20. Solar powerbank or normal powerbank
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21. Cables chargers and headphones for phones


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Best Ways to Make Money on the Beach


There are various ways to make money on the beach besides selling items. Here are some of the most profitable options:

Beach Photography
Tourists and families often visit beaches to create lasting memories. By offering photography services, you’re tapping into their desire to capture these special moments. You can charge for individual sessions or packages, providing high-quality photos that people can cherish.

Beachside Massages
This is an attractive service for beach visitors seeking relaxation. If you’re a licensed masseuse, setting up a massage area on the beach can draw in clients. The ambiance of the beach combined with a soothing massage experience can be a major selling point.

Surf or Watersport Lessons
Many beachgoers are interested in learning watersports like surfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking. If you’re skilled in these activities, offering lessons can be both enjoyable and profitable. Beginners are often willing to pay for expert guidance to get started or improve their skills.

Yoga or Fitness Classes
The beach provides a scenic and refreshing backdrop for fitness activities. Hosting yoga sessions, group workouts, or fitness classes can attract health-conscious individuals. Charging a fee per session or offering package deals can generate income while providing a service that aligns with the beach atmosphere

Beach Equipment Rentals
This involves offering essential beach items for rent, such as chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and perhaps even beach games or toys. Visitors may not want to buy these items outright for a short beach visit, so renting can be quite appealing.

Water Sports Gear Rentals
For those interested in water activities, renting out snorkeling gear, surfboards, kayaks, or jet skis can be a lucrative option. These items tend to be expensive to purchase, so renting provides a cost-effective solution for beachgoers.

Mobile Food or Drink Stand
Providing snacks, cold drinks, or ice cream from a mobile stand or cart is a convenient way to cater to beach visitors looking for refreshments. These items tend to sell well in beach settings, especially on hot days.

Catering or Picnic Packages
Offering pre-made picnic baskets or beachside catering packages can attract couples or groups looking for a hassle-free dining experience. Providing this service can include arranging food, beverages, and possibly even amenities like blankets or seating arrangements.

Live Performances
Performing music, magic shows, or other entertainment acts can draw in beachgoers. This could involve setting up a designated space, like a performance area or stage, and either busking (collecting donations from the audience) or charging an entrance fee.

Beach Games and Contests
Organizing and hosting activities like beach volleyball tournaments, sandcastle building competitions, or other games can attract participants who pay an entry fee to join. You could provide prizes for winners, and the fees from participants contribute to your earnings.

Tour Guide Services
If you’re knowledgeable about the local area or historical sites nearby, you can offer guided tours to beach visitors. This might involve showcasing interesting landmarks, sharing historical facts, and offering an enriching experience for tourists who are willing to pay for the service.

Transport Services
Providing shuttle services between hotels and the beach can be convenient for tourists who don’t have their own transportation. Charging a fee for this service can be profitable, especially during peak tourist seasons when there’s high demand for easy and reliable transport.



A lot depends on what type of people comes to the place where you want to sell. For example, if it is tourists from abroad, they will definitely need more souvenirs.
Observe the tourists and vacationing people. Remember the questions they ask. If many people ask you if, for example, you have batteries for sale, it means that this is exactly what you should sell on the beach.
It’s also good to let know at what times there is the most of poeple and to know the exact dates of all major events. Then you will have higher earnings but you will also have to prepare better and bring more goods for sale with you.

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