In the article below, we’ve compiled 30 of the best business ideas with no employees that will allow you to make really big money on your own. Creating your own business and making millions is much easier today than ever before thanks to the opportunities given to us by new technologies and the internet. 



1. Aerial photography
An interesting business that does not require employees is aerial photography and videos. Nowadays there is a great demand for such materials (usually recorded from drones). They are ordered, among others, by hotels, real estate developers, amusement parks and by many other businesses, and sometimes also by private individuals.

2. Automatic car wash (or self service car wash)
A great idea for a business that does not require employees is an automatic or self-service car wash. Most of the important things are done there by the customers themselves. The owner of such a business is only responsible for the service of such a car wash.

3. Social media management
Social media management and social media campaigning is a business idea that you can easily run alone. All you need is the ability to produce creative posts and content and knowledge of the most important principles of social media marketing.

4. Property rental business
A very popular and profitable business that can easily be run without employees is also renting apartments, houses, land and other properties. You can also use the services of an agency that helps in renting such properties.

5. Laundromat business
One of the most profitable business ideas with no employees is also laundromat. If there are many residents in an area and there is no such laundromat, then it is worth considering starting such a business.

6. Freelancing 
A very profitable business that does not require employees are also various types of freelancing, especially graphic design, logo design, programming and others. People who have highly advanced freelancing skills are able to make very good money single-handedly.

7. Dropshipping business
Dropshipping is one of the best business ideas with no employees that has the potential to make really big money. To run such a business, you don’t need a warehouse or a package store, and you can automate the whole process with the help of the latest dropshipping software.

8. Research agency
If you have advanced research skills, and analyzing data and learning about new topics isn’t scary to you, then this business could be perfect for you. A skilled researcher is able to run such a small business alone and earn very attractive money this way.

9. Mystery shopper
If you like active work, stores, and interacting with people then a business offering mystery shopper services could be perfect for you. One energetic person is able to provide mystery shopper services to many different companies at the same time and therefore can expect to earn a very attractive income.

10. Franchise owner
Franchising is one of the most profitable businesses which in itself does not require employees. The prerequisite is that you have previously run a business (restaurant, store, rental store, or other business) and it has operated very successfully. Now all you have to do is share your knowledge and experience with others and in return receive a steady passive income.

11. Craft beer making
An interesting small business idea that does not require employees is to produce your own craft beer. You can produce such beer on your own and then sell it to nearby restaurants, stores, festivals and fairs. If your beer is successful locally, you can outsource its production to larger breweries.

12. SEO agency
The demand for SEO services is very high nowadays and both big and small companies are interested in SEO services. It is a great business opportunity if you are familiar with SEO and know a lot about it. One person alone can handle many clients thus generating attractive revenues.

13. Fit trainer
A good sports or fitness trainers are able to single-handedly do a ton of good work generating good returns from their many clients. Such a single trainer can conduct group classes, individual trainings, prepare training programs and offer many other such services.

14. Tshirt, clothes & mugs designer
A smart idea among business ideas with no employees is to design shirts, sweatshirts, caps, socks and even mugs and sell them online or locally. If you have a knack for designing attractive things, then you can easily avail companies that help you create self-designed products of this kind.

15. Online classes & learning business
In recent years, online learning, courses and lectures have gained tremendous popularity. If you are familiar with learning some specific topics, or can prepare professional courses, you can single-handedly achieve great success here.

16. Professional organizer
Professional organizers help businesses and private clients to better organize their work, organizational structure, order in the office or apartment and many others (depending on the specialization). If you have good organizational skills, you will be able to serve many different clients single-handedly.

17. House flipping
House flipping is a profitable business idea that does not require hiring employees. It is enough to buy good flats that are sold at a low price and sell them more expensive. To increase the value of such flats, you can renovate them (which you can outsource to another company).

18. Interior designer
Interior design services is one of the typical businesses that can be performed by one person. If you are well versed in interior design, you can offer such services to both small private clients and businesses (e.g. local restaurants, shops, etc.).

19. Bed and breakfast owner
One of the simplest business ideas with no employees is to offer a bed and breakfast. If you have free rooms, an entire apartment, or part of a house, this could be the perfect business for you.

20. Travel planner
Many people want to travel, but do not know the country well enough, or want to take advantage of the professional advice of someone who knows a given place better than they do. You can offer such plans online and prepare templates that you will use for multiple clients.

21. Podcasting
A podcast, if interesting enough, can be a full-income stand-alone business. To create a podcast, all you need is a microphone, a mini studio with the right acoustics and creative ideas.

22. Handmade crafts
There are a lot of craft products that can make a great, very profitable business. Depending on what you can do, you can offer a whole lot of things, e.g. handmade jewelry, furniture, soaps, scented candles, ceramics and many more.

23. Coaching business 
A capable couch does not need employees and is able to offer its services to many different clients almost on its own. Such couching can be done both via the Internet and directly, e.g. in large rented rooms or in companies that order such couching.

24. Consulting company 
Consulting is another type of service that can make a very profitable business that you can do alone. Examples of such consulting include management consulting, online dating consulting, IT consulting, financial advisory consulting and many others.

25. Microgreens farming
Another profitable business that can be run without hiring employees is microgreens farming. Microgreens do not take up much space due to their size, so they can be grown in a garden, in a greenhouse or even inside your home or basement. Microgreens grown in this way can be sold to local restaurants, stores, as well as online and to private customers.

26. Garden designer
Garden designing is another business idea that can be easily done alone. All you need is creativity, using the right garden design software and good advertising. To increase profits, you can partner with a company that will then do your projects.

27. Resume writing business
Many people need help in writing a good resume, as well as in the preparation of other similar documents necessary to find a job or get into their dream studies. Helping with it, editing and reviewing is a great idea for a small business that can be done by one person.

28. ATM business
ATM business is an attractive business idea that allows for a stable income. It is enough to find a suitable location for an ATM (preferably in a busy place near shops). As the owner of such an ATM, you will receive a small percentage of the profit on all transactions at the ATM.

29. Stock photography, personal photography & event photography
Another of the best business ideas with no employees are various types of photography businesses. There are many ways to earn a lot of money this way. Among other things, by taking stock photos (which can then be sold on portals such as Getty Images), as well as by taking photos on request, wedding photography, portraits and many more.

30. Vending machine business
A very good idea for a business that does not require employees is also a vending machine business. You can buy or rent such vending machines and put them in the busiest places (like train stations, colleges or next to stores). Soda, snacks, sandwiches, ice cream, soups, but also burgers and hot snacks sell best in such vending machines.

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  • Make up artist
  • Transcriptionist
  • Pet sitting dog walking
  • Marketing agency
  • Phone accessories sale
  • Books & e-books writing
  • Property management
  • Web design
  • Video editor
  • Event planning company
  • Fashion stylist




  • One person, even the most outstanding, will never be able to perform all the tasks that a large company faces. It is not a problem! Today we have a number of brands such as Upwork and Fiverr that allow you to order any service you need from a specialist so that your company gets what it needs.
  • Running a business alone is often a big challenge, so it is worth remembering about outsourcing services, which can often turn out to be very useful for such a company.
  • For many of the above businesses, work automation is possible, so you will be able to get things done faster and more efficiently. Sometimes it is even worth ordering a software specially designed for your needs.

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And do you know of any other better jobs that don’t require hiring employees? Share your knowledge with us in the comments below!

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