In this article we will show you 15 ideas how to change your house apartment flat or any property into a stable generator of your money.
1. If you have a ground or garden arrange small part of it for rent
Depending on where your garden is located it can become interesting to the whole mass of various entities. Your client can be a street trader, or a company like Inpost.
2. Rent out garage space
Your client can keep there car, motorbike or something else.
3. Rent out parking space
This can be good idea in busy city areas.
4. Rent out shop space
If you have house near to busy street you can rent out part of the ground floor.
5. Buy cheap ruined house, recondition it and sell it much more expensively.
For example if you buy ruin like in the picture on the left it migh cost not much sometimes even 5000$.
Just paint the walls with new farb, cover the holes with mortar or wood or any glue, instert windows and clean everything. And then try to sell it for around 25000$. This can be really profitable venture.
6. Build billboard space in your garden. If you have a ground next to busy area you can build there any kind of advertising space.
Of course your billboard can be smaller than one in the picture on the left.   
Billboard rental income varies depending on size and location of the billboard. Smallest ones will give arounf 20-50$ per month. And the biggest in best localization will give you 500$ or even more than 1000$ per month.
7. Rent out office space
If there’s peace and silence in your building and it’s close to the city center this idea might be good.
8. Rent out a warehouse space – if you have a huge empty garage or room or empty shed
All you need is only a free space. Empty garage can be good to became a warehouse.
9. Start mini animal shelter in any of your rooms.
It might sound crazy – but some owners can pay you even 100$ per day for taking care for their puppil. So now imagine taking care of 5 animals at the same time. It can give you a lot of money. Of course you need to be responsible and careful.
10. Start hostel in your house
Even one or two small rooms and a toilet in your house can be enough to start a hostel.
Bunk beds will be useful.
11. Start little hotel.
Good idea for ones with big solid and good quality houses.
12. Create a club or bar in your house. Especially good when it’s located in city center or busy area.
You can start ruling your bar yourself, or employ a manager.
13. Rent out space for events. Especially good idea for buildings with one big room, or a lot of space. People like to organize party in rent for 1 night house, or birthday parties. Also company parties, or
Pretty easy work. All you need is to prepare house for event, and clean and tidy it when it’s finished.
14. Start a small kindergarten or a child care. If you have your children and stay home also another parents might want to leave their children with you so they know their children stay with good people in good conditions.
WARNING: Do not start kindergarten only for money if you don’t like children. Children need good and loving environment.
15. Start noble species cats or dogs breeding in your home.
If yuou like animals you can start dog cat parrot or any other breeding in your home. Some species are especially precious reaching even more than 1000$ per one.
Breeding needs a lot of responsibility.
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