In this article, we have compiled the best answers to the question of how to generate income from land ownership. We’ve gathered 60 top ideas on how to leverage your land for profit. Thirty of these ideas won’t require a substantial initial investment for your vacant land to start generating income, while the other 30 ideas may require more capital but promise higher returns from your land.

It’s important to emphasize that location is absolutely crucial when considering the profitability of investments in your land. The first step in deciding what to do with your land is to assess its surroundings, identifying existing features and services that are abundant and in demand, as well as those that are lacking.


1. Renting out Land for Events and Festivals
Renting out space for events is one of the best business ideas for undeveloped land. With this approach, you won’t have to be directly involved in the event preparations; the organizers will handle nearly everything for you. There is a wide range of events that can take place on your land, such as sporting events (e.g., non-professional football matches, running, rugby, archery, and more), as well as various festivals, including music festivals, beer festivals, craft festivals, and many others.


2. Building Billboards and renting out advertising space on them

Billboard advertising space on your land can have a very different value depending on where your land is located. If your plot is visible from a long distance and many people pass by it, alost certainly you will be able to earn a lot of money from advertising there. To attract advertisers, you can contact billboard ads companies or you can search for customers personally.

3. Set up 1 or 2 big rooms and offer them to coaches or  teachers for private lessons with their students.

4. Start ATM Business 
If your vacant land is located near popular places or barbershop, club, bars, or places where there are any events, e.g. sports or festivals, then ATM business can be very profitable. You can buy your own ATM or it can be rented for you for around $ 80 a month, and in return you will receive some of what the ATM earns. You can learn more from this video or from the ATM website.

5. Flee Market

6. Farmer’s Market

7. Marketplace for Craft Fairs, Animals or Antiques Market
Weekly popup marketplace – for example monday – antiques, tuesday crafts, wednesday – clothes etc.)

8. Car and motorbikes Market

9. Starting Parking on Your Land

10. RV Storage

11. Boat Storage

12. Campground (Camping)

13. Building fishing or swimming Ponds and Doing Business out of them

14. Mini Shop Near the street with things like vegetables, antiques, Christmas trees, fruits and other needed products.
Creating a mini store is one of the simples small business ideas fot vacant land. Depending on the location and matching to the needs of customers, one such small shop can earn an entire large plot and its maintenance. You can also invest in several such mini stores side by side on your plot, and then you can rent them so that renting will provide you with passive income.

15. Maze in Plants e.g. in corn, bamboo etc.

16. Paintball field

17. Open-Air Cinema

18. Drive-In Theater

19. Athletic fields or Outdoor Gym

20. Sport Tournaments Organization 
Turning it into a 5 a side soccer pitch to be rented/hour

21. Herb Garden

22. Cheap Hostel 
The hostel is quite a profitable business. It can even be very profitable if there are a lot of tourists in the place where you want to build it. All you have to do is build a building that can accommodate at least 25 people. You can create 8-bed rooms (with 4 bunk beds). On average, 8 people need 1 toilet, so with more than 25 people you will need more than 4 toilets. A dining room or kitchen is also necessary. Such a business does not require much experience, and a well-organized one will start to generate profits from the first days.

23. Snail farming

24. Rabbit raising

25. Beekeeping

26. Ziplinig 
If large trees grow on your land, it can be a great idea to create your own ziplining park or rent a space to a ziplining company.

27. Foresting the Timber

28. Car wash 
There are several types of car washes. One of the most popular of them is self-serve car wash. They are based on high pressure washers. 

29. Goat and Alpacas Breeding, Rental and Entertainment 
E.g. for meeting with school kids, for rent for party etc.

30. Renting Out Space for Farming 
Renting out land for farming can be easy way to make land pay for itself. You can also invest in crops  which is usually not a big cost and you can hire labour to do all the work for you. 


31. Wedding Venue 
Organizing weddings is a very profitable way for people who are wondering what to do with land to make good money out of it. Tents, flowers, power generators and refrigerators with food to drink and tables and chairs are all you need to organize a good wedding.

32. Building Gas Station (if this land is near the road)
Gas stations are usually very profitable, especially near highways.

33. Horse Breeding / Horse Stables

34. Cattle or Hog Farming

35. Hemp Farming for CBD Oil 
It’s possible to get up to $ 75,000 in revenue from 1 acre of hemp grown for CBD oil. You can read more about hemp growing in this article.

36. Wind Farm building and making money out of it – it’s an expensive investment, but in some countries you can get funding for it.

37. Solar Farm building and making money out of it – like wind farm, its construction is very expensive, but in very sunny places such solar farms can be very profitable

38. Building Swimming Pool and making money out of it

39. Building shopping mall or a small arcade for rent for shops and office space
Building a shopping mall and renting space in it for shops and sellers is definitely one of the most powerful ways to make money from land ownership. These shopping centers are most profitable in areas of cities where many inhabitants live nearby and there is no large shopping center yet. If you have a limited budget, you can create such a shopping center. First, start with small pavilions, then build a large arcade next to them, and then add the rest next to them.

40. Building a building for a franchise fast food chain

41. Amusement Park 
Amusement parks can be composed of large and expensive machines and attractions, but they can also be based on cheap entertainment such as lotteries, playgrounds, or taking pictures with people dressed up in teddy bear costumes or other cool outfits. Sweet and snack stands are also needed at the amusement parks. You can see more examples of such food stalls in this article.

42. Mobile homes for sale or for rent or parking space for them

43. Building Apartment Blocks and Selling or Renting them out. 
It is worth contacting local developers, maybe you could cooperate with them in the construction and advertisement of your and their investments.

44. Building Small House and Renting it out

45. Building Small House and Selling it
Is one of the most profitable ways how to make use of empty land 

46. Vineyard
is a long-term investment, but very profitable. If your plot has good quality soil and is sloping in the right direction for grapes (usually south or north) then you can consider doing business. Already after the first years you can count on a profit of at least $ 2,500 per acre of wine growing. Over time, the value of your vineyard and its profits should increase.

47. Summer Camp for Kids

48. Hotel & Restaurant

49. Senior’s Care Center House
Because life expectancy is still very long-term business, especially a good idea in the quiet surroundings of large cities and in their outskirts.

50. Spa Center

51. Poultry Farming

52. Conference Center
To build a conference center, it’s enough to create a building with a very large hall and stage, similar to lecture halls at universities, or to cinema halls or theater rooms. Appropriate technical facilities (sound system, lighting) and the ability to offer snacks, drinks, dinners and banquets are also necessary.

53. Greenhouse Producing Plants, Vegetables etc.

54. Concert Venue
Can be a perfect business to start on empty land

55. Vehicle Service Station

56. Ice Rink – can be very profitable business during winter

57. Golf Course
it costs a lot, but if it’s in the right area, it can quickly start making big money. Typically, golf courses have 9 to 18 holes and the cost of designing and building them is about $ 1.5 million or more. They also have a high cost of living. The golf course may also include clubhouses, pro shops bars and many more attractions.

58. Gas or Oil Still

59. Minerals Exploitation

60. Warehouse building for sale or for rent
If space is an issue in your city and there are no other magazines in the area then this idea can be quite profitable


  • First of all study, analyze and research on the kind of people staying around your land. Figure out what your area is popular for, what are the things which are easily available and which are not.
  • After this, location of your land will play a vital role. Find out what’s missing in the locality where your land is. If its near/center to market, then you would have lot of options to make use of it.
  • Now, its on you whether you want to put yourself completely into it, or let others invest their mind/efforts and profit out of it. If you are already in to some occupation and couldn’t compromise with your work and time, then its better to let others take care/use of your property and you earn something out of it.



Before making final decisions, educate yourself, gather information from various sources, and contact people who have experience in what you want to invest in your area. These and other videos can also help you gather more information, we hope you find them useful.

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