Welcome to our guide on the top 50 business ideas perfectly suited for an empty house and empty apartment. Whether you’re seeking to transform your vacant space into a bustling entrepreneurial venture or looking for innovative ways to utilize your home for business, this article is your go-to resource. We’ve curated a diverse range of business concepts, meticulously selected to capitalize on the potential of an empty house, catering to various interests, skills, and investment levels.

From home-based services like Airbnb hosting, co-working spaces, or photography studios to creative ventures such as crafting workshops, virtual tutoring, or homemade product sales, we’ve compiled a dynamic list encompassing lucrative opportunities across multiple industries. Each idea is presented concisely, highlighting key aspects such as startup costs, required resources, and potential profitability. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a homeowner seeking to generate income from an unused property, this article aims to provide clear, actionable insights to inspire and guide you through the process of launching a successful business from the comfort of your empty house.

Best Business Ideas for an Empty House

1. If you have a yard or garden, consider setting aside a small part of it for rent.

Depending on the location of your yard, it can become appealing to a wide array of entities. Your potential clients could range from street traders to companies like Inpost.

2. Rent out garage space

Your client can keep their car, motorbike, or any other item there

3. Rent out parking space
This can be good idea in busy city areas.

4. Rent out shop space

If you have a house near a busy street, you can rent out a part of the ground floor.

Starting your own store there can be alos a very profitable business idea.

5. Purchase a cheap ruined property, renovate it, and sell it at a significantly higher price.

For example, if you buy a ruin like the one in the picture on the left, it might not cost much, sometimes even $10,000.

Just paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint, patch up any holes using mortar, wood, or adhesive, install new windows, and thoroughly clean everything. Then, aim to sell it for around 10 to 20 times the purchase price. This could potentially be a highly profitable venture

6. Rent out billboard space in your yard. If you have a yard next to a busy area, you can create advertising space there of any kind.

Of course, your billboard can be smaller than the one depicted in the picture on the left.

Billboard rental income varies based on the size and location of the billboard. Smaller ones typically generate around $20 to $50 per month, while larger billboards in prime locations can yield $500 or even exceed $1000 per month.

7. Rent out office space

Transform your empty house or flat into a thriving venture by leasing out its space as professional offices, catering to businesses seeking cost-effective, flexible workspace solutions.

8. Rent out warehouse space – if you have a large empty garage, room, or shed available.

All you need is some free space. An empty garage can easily be transformed into a small warehouse for rent.

9. Start a mini pet shelter in your house or yard.

It might not sound like a serious business idea, but some pet owners are willing to pay up to $100 per day for someone to take care of their beloved pets. Now, imagine looking after five animals simultaneously. This could potentially earn you a significant amount of money. However, it’s crucial to emphasize responsibility and attentiveness in this role.

10. Start a hostel in your house.

Even having just one or two small rooms and a bathroom in your house can suffice to start a hostel. Incorporating bunk beds can significantly enhance profitability in this business.

11. Start a little hotel.

A great idea for those with spacious, sturdy, and high-quality homes.

12. Create a club or bar within your house, especially advantageous when situated in a city center or bustling area.

You have the option to rent out bar space to others, take charge of managing your own bar, or hire a manager to oversee it according to your preferences.

13. Rent out space for events, which is especially a great idea for buildings with a large room or ample space. This option is popular for hosting one-night house parties, birthday celebrations, as well as company events and gatherings.

Fairly straightforward task. Your main goal is to prepare the house for the event and then clean and tidy it up once it’s finished.

14. Start a small kindergarten oror child care service. If you’re a stay-at-home parent with your own children, offering child care services can attract other parents who seek a trustworthy and nurturing environment for their kids. This way, they can feel assured that their children are in the care of responsible individuals in a safe and positive setting.

Important note: Do not pursue a career in kindergarten solely for financial reasons if you don’t enjoy being around children. Creating a nurturing and caring environment is essential for the well-being of children.

15. Start breeding noble species of cats, dogs, or other pets in your house.

If you like animals, you can start breeding dogs, cats, parrots, or other species in your home. Some species are particularly valuable, fetching prices exceeding $1000 for a single animal.

Breeding needs a lot of responsibility.

Other best Ideas How to Make Money with An Empty House


16. Vacation Rental: Convert the house into a vacation rental on platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo.

17. Co-living Space: Rent out individual rooms for co-living purposes.

18. Event Venue: Offer the house as a space for events like parties, workshops, or small gatherings.

19. Pop-up Shop: Collaborate with local artisans or brands to set up temporary retail spaces.

20. Fitness Studio: Transform rooms into workout spaces for yoga, Pilates, or personal training sessions.

21. Photography Studio: Set up a studio for professional photography sessions.

22. Art Gallery: Showcase local artists’ work for sale or exhibition.

23. Bed and Breakfast: Offer accommodations with breakfast included.

24. Film Location: Rent the house as a location for film or photography shoots.

25. Cooking Classes: Convert the kitchen into a space for cooking workshops or classes.

26. Spa or Wellness Retreat: Create a serene space for relaxation and wellness activities.

27. Pet Boarding: Offer a pet-friendly space for boarding or day care.

28. Community Space: Create a hub for local meetups, clubs, or hobby groups.

29. Garden Venue: Utilize the outdoor space for events like weddings or garden parties.

30. Escape Room: Design and host escape room experiences.

31. Coworking Space: Convert rooms into shared office spaces for remote workers or small businesses.

32. Music Studio: Set up a space for musicians to rehearse or record music.

33. Home Theater: Convert a room into a comfortable home theater for movie nights or events.

34. Tea/Coffee House: Create a cozy space for a cafe experience.

35. Childcare Center: Convert rooms for a daycare or after-school programs.

36. Cultural Workshops: Host workshops on arts, crafts, or cultural activities.

37. Themed Airbnb: Design rooms based on specific themes for a unique Airbnb experience.

38. Language Classes: Offer language learning courses in a dedicated space.

39. Vintage Clothing Store: Transform rooms into a boutique for vintage clothing.

40. Tech Hub: Create a space for tech enthusiasts to gather for workshops or meetups.

41. Virtual Event Studio: Equip the house for hosting virtual events with professional setups.

42. DIY Studio: Provide tools and space for DIY enthusiasts to work on projects.

43. Tutoring Center: Offer tutoring services for various subjects.

44. Book Club Hub: Create a space for book lovers to gather for discussions and readings.

45. Bike Rental Hub: Rent out bicycles and offer guided biking tours.

46. Bedroom Makeover Service: Use rooms to showcase and sell bedroom makeover services.

47. Vintage Furniture Store: Sell vintage furniture and home decor items.

48. Candle Making Studio: Host candle making workshops and sell homemade candles.

49. Life Coaching Retreat: Offer retreats or workshops focused on personal development.

50. Ethnic Food Cooking Classes: Teach cooking classes specializing in diverse cuisines.

51. Eco-friendly Product Store: Sell eco-friendly products and host educational workshops.

52. Flea Market: Host weekend flea markets for local vendors.

53. Online Content Creation Studio: Rent out the space for content creators for filming or photography.

54. Board Game Cafe: Create a space for board game enthusiasts to gather and play.

55. Jewelry Making Workshops: Offer workshops for making jewelry or accessories.

56. Tailoring/Alteration Services: Set up a space for sewing and alteration services.

57. Aromatherapy Center: Offer aromatherapy sessions or sell related products.

58. Virtual Reality Gaming Center: Set up VR gaming stations for enthusiasts.

59. Interior Design Consultation Space: Use the house to showcase interior design ideas.

60. Pottery Studio: Offer pottery classes or sell handmade pottery.

61. Fashion Designer Studio: Rent out the space for fashion designers to work and showcase their designs.

62. Smart Home Technology Display Center: Showcase and educate about smart home technology.

63. Vintage Car Showroom: Convert garage space to showcase vintage cars for sale.

64. Home Organization Services: Use the space to demonstrate and offer home organization services.


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