If you are thinking how to enjoy life without money theres a good news! Actually you don’t need much money to enjoy it, because the best things in life are for free, or cost nearly nothing. In this article we present 20 Ideas and tips how to enjoy your life without spending any money on that. Below you will also see list of things that you must stop doing to make your life enjoyable again. Life is full od amazing opportunities and possibilities that are simple to reach. We really hope and believe that reading this article will make you happy again.  Enjoy!

1. Start Creating Something

Many peple feel bad in lifes because they think that they have not achieved anything. Great way to feel that you are productive and to make your time spent in a good way is starting creating anything. Do you know all these people who are proudly talking about things they created? We are often jealous about them, because it is so much nice to share something that we have done with others. You can create paintings, cakes, sculptures, literally anything. It can be starting your own blog or building small house with your own hands or writing book. Act of creation gives us happiness, and it makes us busy with doing something good. 

2. Learn new skill

We feel better when we learn something new. Some people stop learning in their life the day when they finish college. It is against our mind and our nature. You have to learn new things. Because new things are new possibilities, and the more possibilities you will have, the more easy it should be to find happiness and enjoy life. 

3. Master something in your life

Some people try many new things, but actually they are not good in any one of them. This makes them depressed, because it is nice to feel that you are really good in something. You can be great in so many things. For example you can master until perfection act of making spaghetti. When you do it you should serve that perfect spaghetti to your loved ones. They will love it and will be so much thankful to you for giving them something that much amazing. Giving is always more satisfying than taking. 
Other things to master to share with others can be actress skills to make happy and have fun with friends, or language skills that will let you teach others how to speak that language.

 4. Embrace the dog or cat 

There is many people who want to give away newborn dogs or cats. There are also thousands of dogs and cats who are living in animals shelters and are searching for new family. Dog or cat can be your real friend and become part of your family. Dog or cat will not ask you for money, but just love you for accepting it and taking care of it.

5. Start doing sport

Doing sport does not have to cost any money. You can start even today without bigger preparation for example you can go running (you only need basic sport shoes), you can go riding a bike, or you can set up your own house mini-gym. There is whole variety of sports to do. Scientific research shows that doing sport makes us less stressed, and more optimistic. Human body is used to doing much activity everyday, so doing sport will make us feel better. Doing sport enhances production of endorphines which are hormone of happiness.

6. Start helping people around you

In fact giving gives us more happiness than taking. There is many people in your neighborhood, among your friends and even in your family who need any kind of help. Open your heart and offer your help to anyone, or just offer meeting with that person and if there is anything you can do – help. Helping others will make you feel that you are doing right things, and when you will see people’s gratitude it will be amazing feeling that will make you better person. 

7. Plant trees

Even if you are not fan of ecology, planting trees or any plants is something that makes people relaxed and let them feel better. Contact with nature is something that many people do not have in XXI century. The truth is, that if you will plant trees you will feel that you do something nice and good for planet. You can plant tree in any place (your garden, any wild place where are no trees, or even in flower pot, so later you can plant it in any other place for example out of your town). 

8. Start your own business and work hard to achieve success

Maybe if you don’t have money, there is any possibility to enjoy life while earning some nice funds at the same time? There is so many possibilities and opportunities to do that. One of them is starting working with something what is your hobby or what makes you happy? As Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work in your life”. Think what you love? And just find work connected with that. 

9. Meet friends from other countries on the Internet

It does not cost anything, and you can meet nice people whom you could normally never meet in your life. It gives you possibility to travel around the world meeting new amazing people from different countries while sitting in your home or while going back from work. Good friendships are one of the best things in life that can make you happy. 

10. Go to help people in Africa 

Actually you need to spend a little money just to pay for the plane ticket, but nowadays you can buy it cheaply. There are humanitarian organizations that help people in Africa and give place for sleeping and food for the volunteers who come to help. You don’t need any special skills to help. If you only can speak English or you have strong hands to work, there will be many amazing things to do there. 

11. Tidy your house, take care of what you already have, and make it shine like a diamond 

Many of us have a lot. We own more than our ancestors before. The problem is we can not be satisfied with it, because “times have changed”. It is not about times. It is just human nature. We always want more than we have, even if we reached all our goals. The recipe to that is to learn how to be happy with little things. People usually thing that only “better, stronger and more” can make us happy and satisfied but actually it’s opposite. The more we have the more difficult it is to enjoy new things. So maybe best tip to enjoy life again is to get rid of most of unnecesary things we have and start a new life. Life without materialism in which we try to be happy with as small as possible things.  

 12. Spend time in nature

Contact with nature is one of the best things in the world and it is totally free! You can set up your daily routine to for example go reading book everyday for 1 hour in the nearest park, forest or field. You can go jogging in natural place nearby or meditate, walk or whatever you want. And above all spending time with nature is very healthy. This is something everyone should do everyday in their life.

13. Go on an hitchhiking trip with your friend

Is it too crazy idea for you? Actually many people do that and it’s pretty safe. Traveling by hitchiking is one of the most exciting ways of traveling. You will meet many nice people and spend time in random places nearby roads. There are even groups on Facebook, Websites and apps for hitchhiking enthusiasts. 

14. Relax with your favorite music alone in your favorite peaceful place

Many of us live everyday with a big noise and experience permanent lack of peace. Actually we need peace and the time of relaxation and silence in our lifes. That time is good to solve our problems, find ideas for making our life better and enjoy the moment. Nice way to relax and enjoy the moment is listening your most favorite music while drinking your favorite tea (or anything you like) and just sitting and thinking about good things, creating something nice or planning great things to do. 

15. Play instrument / creating music

Playing music is one of the most relaxing and entertaining things to do in life. Just think isn’t music one of the best things in life? Who are the most popular people in the world? Ones who create music. That’s because we all love music and music adds something more to our lives. You don’t have to buy expensive instruments. You can create high quality music using any free programs that you can download for free online (for example FL Studio which is great program that allows to create music you can download free trial version here which is pretty cool). 

16. Start guid touring people in your city with Showaround

There is website (you can see it here) where you can put offer of being guide for tourists coming to your place. It is totally free to upload your offer in this site. You can even anounce any price for your service. That’s great way to give something valuable to others, and to meet nice people without spending any money (and you can even earn while doing that). While guide touring you will meet many amazing people from other countries, you will spend time with them in nice way (they want to have fun and to enjoy time in your country so it will be nice). Often they even invite you to eat dinner with them and they pay for it. 

17. Love

Humans are born from love and are living for love. Without it everything seems pointless. So have open heart everyday and try as much as you can to live good life. Even if it’s hard for you to find love, know that there are millions of amazing people in this world, and if you will really want, you will find. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and be happy and you will find what you need. 

 18. Be active and create best memories

To enjoy life means to enjoy best aspects of it. To do that you must be active and try many different things. How can you know what you like the most if you haven’t tried so many things yet? Go into different places, talk with different people, try different foods, watch different channels on Youtube and just be interested and eager to get known with new things. New things are like portals. Once you get close to new thing, it shows you many other new options which you never seen before. It can be great fun to explore life like that. 

19. Follow local news about free events

There is so many events and things around us that we can enjoy for free. Often there are occassions to go for free to the places like, museums, concerts, films brodcasted in parks or public places. Also your friends often have nice things to propose to you for free like trip to their summer house, or any other nice entertainments together. If you have occasions like that try them. 

20. Start social activity

We are social beings and together we can more. Join local club, start political activity in your area, organize open events for all your neighbours (like concert, sport competition, meeting with any inspiring person like famous writer or traveler or inventor). Acting socially you will meet many wonderful people who are filled with positive energy. In addition, you will also experience the gratitude of many people who will be happy that thanks to you they have had the opportunity to experience something interesting and cool.


If you need more inspiration to know how to Enjoy Life Without Money this article might be useful



There are some important things that you must do and they are just waiting for you right? Living together with them waiting to be done will have very negative impact on your mood and it will just use part of your brain to remember and think about them. Instead finish these things (or if it is too difficult just resign?) and use your energy for something better!

Spending more than you earn

If you think how to enjoy life without money you should be aware of taking loans and living with debt. This can make you feel like a slave and can make you really depressed. Be happy with what you have and don’t buy unnecessary things. Do you really need them?

Working in work that you not like 

Many people work in place that they really not like. They want to change it, but are afraid that they will not be able to fine new job. That is totally wrong attitude. If that is your problem you should just keep working in your bad job, but in your free time keep searching and watching offers of new jobs. You can also think about starting your own business. 

Being workaholic

You need some work-life balance. Some people who ask how to enjoy life without money are actually rich and have plenty of money. Their problem is that they have no time for doing nice things in life andthey don’t know how to spend time with family and friends. Sometimes you just have to put everything aside and see what really matters in life.

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