In this article you will read:

-how to make money blogging?
-how much money can be made from a blog?

-ways of earning on your blog
-how to start your own blog

How much money can be made from a blog?​

Mostly it depends on how big and attractive the content of your blog is.
If your blog is about 10,000 words your monthly earnings should not be higher than a few dollars during it’s first couple of months.
Reaching 100$ a month usually takes half a year of hard work with your blog.
The moment when most of bloggers start earning decent money starts usually once you pass the 50,000 words mark.

According to avarage yearly base pay of full time         working bloggers in US in 2017 was 30,000$.

  According to data from 2012 90% of all blogs earn money.
(data from survey of 1500 bloggers who are                readers of )

  63% of bloggers earn less than 100$ a month

  13% earns over 1000$ a month

Acoording to data 17% of blogers are able to sustain their lifestyle or support their family with their blogs.

On the other hand according to survey  81% of blogers never make even $100 from blogging.

Bloggers earnings in 2012

Bloggers earnings in 2012

Ways of earning money on your blog



1. Advertising with AdSense

AdSense ads are usually rejected by bloggers as unprofitable. And in fact, compared to earnings from affiliation or cooperation with brands, we will not earn much from AdSense.

It is clear that the income from AdSense depends very much on the blog traffic. If the blog is small, visited by a small group of readers, then the earnings will not be staggering either. If there is a lot of these visits, then AdSense can become a big addition to your monthly revenue.

How to Increase Your Advertising Revenue?

Place your advertisements in the top of page in clearly visible place. Placing ads in footer has no sense.
Place your ads in central part of your page. A large part of the readers come from mobile devices. Probably these visitors do not see your side panel at all, so they will not see or click on any advertisement you place there.
Choose well paid topic of the blog (on financial blogs there are better paid ads and you can earn more than for example on culinary or handicraft)



2. Affiliate Marketing.

Mechanism is very simple: if you recommend a specific product or service on a blog, and your reader will buy that product going to the online store via an affiliate link placed on your blog, then you will get a commission.

Affiliation is a great tool, which well used ensures regular income from the blog without having to undertake any additional cooperation with the brand. You recommend exactly the products or services that you deem recommendable and in the way you want – you do not have to compromise. You can join affiliate programs directly or through affiliate platforms. After all every blogger sometimes recommand any products. Affiliation allows such actions to be painlessly monetized. However, in order to actually start earning specific amounts on affiliation, you need to remember about three things:

1. Affiliation is simple, but it is not enough to post an affiliate link or banner on the blog, write “I recommend, buy” and the commission amounts will grow in the eyes. In order your reader would like to buy anything from your order, he must TRUST YOU. Trusting means believing that what you recommend is in fact the best thing or service, because you have checked it out in person or because it is a product in field in which you are considered an expert. Writing a lifestyle blog about everything and anything will be harder but you can still find a theme for yourself, in which your readers will recognize you as an expert.

2. In order for the store to charge a commission, the purchase must take place online, and the buyer should go to the store “through” your blog. Simple? Simple, but the opportunity to do shopping in the online store does not mean that your reader will do it online.
Think about what things you buy online and where? Clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture? Your reader is exactly the same as you. He has his favorite online stores, and some things he simply prefer to buy at a stationary shop. Choose products which people like to buy in internet.

3. Not every types of products can earn well on affiliate marketing.
It is important to match the recommended product to the taste of the recipients. There are products that people are reluctant to buy, for example furniture.
Affiliates from the fashion and finance industry are the best sellers in affiliate marketing.
If you are a fashion blogger and encourage your readers to buy a specific clothing, probably some people will decide to buy. However, if you run a blog for fans of Lego bricks and throw a link to the clothing store for seniors you probably will not earn anything.



3. Sell your own product

If your blog raises the trust of recipients and has a good reputation, the product created by you and presented to your recipients will gain from the very beginning the attention and interest equal to the reputation of your blog. This is a huge opportunity to get out with your product.

In the Internet age, consumers prefer to seek advice from opinion leaders by choosing the best product from a given area. So if your readers consider you an expert in your field, they will happily buy from you products made by you. The awareness that the product is made by someone who knows really well about this product is the best advertisement and will allow the newly born brands to develop very quickly.

How to start?

Firstly you should know that blogger must be good at least in one of this three things:

1. Giving opinion
2. Giving inspiration
3. Giving information

Do you know what the peak is? Inspiration. Becoming inspiration means changing the reader’s day with two lines of text. Only two. How does Seth Godin. Many start writing by focusing on this goal.

Many want to start blogging to become inspiration by publishing opinions.

Why can that blogger do it and not me? What’s wrong with me? A thorough knowledge of the subject? Of course, but not only: even an authoritative name that the newborn blogger misses.

Focusing on opinions, only on opinions, at the beginning can be a difficult bet to win. Not impossible, of course, but I believe that to start blogging it is useful to aim for an intermediate phase.

A phase that mixes technique and opinion, combining skills and experiences in a single article. Because an article without the author’s point of view remains a booklet of use and maintenance already seen.

On the other hand, an article based only on opinion, if not supported by an audience that already knows and appreciates the author, is likely to remain silent. Interesting but unknown. It is not right: an article should be evaluated for what it says and not for the signature: the ideas are worth.

But in a world where everyone can start blogging wins who manages to win a front row seat in the reader’s favorite and reader feeds, working on the authoritativeness. An authority that is built from the first day: that’s why I always recommend to publish dense content, able to merge personal experiences and technical skills.

Then remains hard work day after day.

Be prepared that most of blogs don’t get very popular quickly and will not give you a single $ in the first weeks or months. As top bloggers recommend, if you want to earn money with your blog follow 3 simple steps:

1. Start blogging, at the beginning focus on blogging, and attracting others with sharing all what you know the best for free. Don’t think at the beginning about any revenues. Build a useful and interesting blog. Develop connection with your readers. It will take some time.
2. Build trust.
3. When your readers trust you, you can start offering them some products to buy. In this step it’s important to maintain high standards of your blogging, because low standards will make your readers go away from you.

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