Craft fairs are vibrant showcases of creativity, attracting buyers seeking unique, handcrafted items distinct from commercial products. These events celebrate the art of the handmade, where each item bears the personal touch and soul of its creator.

As an artisan, your craft—be it wood, clay, leather, metal, glass, fiber, paper, or natural materials—is more than a product; it’s a story told through your skill and passion. Success in craft fairs isn’t just about the beauty or utility of your creations but also the dedication behind them. This resonates deeply with buyers.

Our curated list of 30 top-selling items and expert tips is designed to inspire and guide you, whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or a first-time participant. Let’s explore how to make your booth the highlight of the fair, creating memorable experiences for visitors and profitable opportunities for you.

List of The Best Things To Sell at Craft Fairs

1. Handmade Jewelry
Beaded bracelets, necklaces, and more.

2. Wooden Sculptures
Animals, miniature cars, houses, and statues.

3. Traditional Clothing
Cultural and artisanal apparel.

4. Traditional Shoes
Handcrafted footwear with cultural flair.

5. Wooden Toys
Durable and creative playthings.

6. Handmade Lamps
Unique lighting solutions.

7. Small Furniture
Stools, key hangers, and other compact pieces.

8. Wooden Kitchenware
Cutting boards, serving trays, and utensils.

9. Handmade Pillows and Covers
Decorative and cozy home accents.

10. Ceramic Mugs and Cups
Artistic and functional drinkware.

11. Ceramic Pots
For plants or decorative use.

12. Ceramic Plates
Beautifully crafted tableware.

13. Handmade Pottery
Vases, fruit bowls, and more.

14. Wicker Baskets
Versatile and stylish storage options.

15. Napkins
Handcrafted and unique table linens.

16. Tablecloths
Artisanal table coverings.

17. Handmade Knives
Functional and decorative.

18. Handmade Cutlery
Unique eating utensils.

19. Wooden Bird Houses
For nature enthusiasts.

20. Wooden/Metal Chess Sets
Elegant and classic games.

21. Candles
Aromatic and decorative.

22. Handmade Candlesticks
Unique holders for candles.

23. Handmade Soap
Natural and fragrant options.

24. Bath Bombs
Relaxing and colorful bath accessories.

25. Handmade and Traditional Bags
Stylish and practical.

26. Leather Wallets
Durable and classic.

27. Pottery Sculptures
Artistic and unique decor.

28. Handmade Keychains
Clay or wooden, functional art pieces.

29. Handmade Instruments
Drums, flutes, rattles – musical art.

30. Metal Jugs and Pots
Decorative and functional metalware.


Examples of Some Beautiful Crafts

Visitors to craft fairs often find themselves hungry and thirsty after exploring the myriad of stalls and exhibits. Catering to their needs, consider offering the following:

  • Grilled Meat
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Traditional Bread
  • Craft Beer
  • Craft Wine
  • Craft Cider
  • Artisanal Cheese
  • Gourmet Snacks

How To Start Selling At Craft Fair?


Starting your journey as a seller at craft fairs can be both exhilarating and daunting. This endeavor blends the vibrancy of art with the pragmatism of business, offering a unique platform for creators to showcase their talents and engage directly with their audience.

The first step in this journey is research. Just as a painter must understand their palette, a craft fair seller must understand their market. Attend local craft fairs as a visitor to get a feel for the atmosphere, the types of products that are popular, and the demographic of the customers. This reconnaissance mission provides invaluable insights into what might work for you.

Next, consider the niche your crafts fall into. The key here is differentiation. In a sea of talent and creativity, what makes your craft stand out? It could be a unique design, an unconventional material, or a story that connects with your audience. Your product should not just be made; it should speak.

After honing your craft and identifying your niche, it’s time to focus on the logistics. This includes applying for craft fairs, which often requires you to submit an application and photos of your work. Pay attention to deadlines and requirements, as these vary from fair to fair. Remember, the early bird catches the worm; timely applications can be the difference between securing a spot and missing an opportunity.

Preparing for the fair is next. This involves not just the production of your crafts but also considering how you will display them. Your booth is your stage – it should invite and intrigue. Effective signage, clear pricing, and an aesthetically pleasing layout can attract and retain potential customers.

On the financial side, have a clear understanding of your costs – from booth fees and materials to travel expenses. Pricing your items can be a delicate balance. They must reflect not just the material costs but also your time, effort, and the uniqueness of your product.

Marketing your presence at the fair is crucial. Utilize social media, email newsletters, or local advertising to build buzz. Engaging with your potential audience beforehand can turn passersby into beelining customers.

During the fair, your role shifts from creator to seller. This requires a different hat. Be approachable, tell the stories behind your crafts, and connect with your customers. Remember, people don’t just buy products; they buy experiences and stories.

Finally, post-fair reflection is vital. What worked? What didn’t? Customer feedback, sales patterns, and personal observations can guide adjustments for future fairs.

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In order to get more craft fair ideas you can check where you will find many inspiring pictures.


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