In this article we prepared 30 best things to sell at the craft fair. Craft fairs are amazing events full of interesting things to buy. Many people come there to buy something unusual, special and different from the typical products possible to buy in shopping centers. People are looking for craft things with character and soul. They are looking for items that have something special in them.

There is a whole lot of crafts you can make and sell. They are made of wood, clay, leather, metal, glass, fiber, paper and natural materials. Generally, if you put a lot of heart into the production of your crafts, and it will be nice or useful, it will certainly find many people willing to buy it.
The ideas presented below are just a promil of how many other great things you can create and sell at the craft fait. We hope that these ideas will inspire you to make the best decisions and get the best ideas.

List of the best things to sell at the craft fair:

1. Handmade jewelry
like beaded bracelets, necklaces,

2. Wooden sculptures
like wooden animals, small cars or houses, or wooden statues

3. Traditional clothing

4. Traditional shoes

5. Wooden toys

6. Handmade lamps

7. Small furniture
like stalls or key hanger

8. Wooden kitchen equipment
like cutting boards or serving trays

9. Handmade pillows
or pillow covers

10. Ceramic mugs and cups

11. Ceramic pots

12. Ceramic plates

13. Handmade pottery
like vase, or pottery fruit bowls

14. Wicker baskets

15. Napkins

16. Tablecloths

17. Handmade knives

18. Handmade cutlery

19. Wooden bird houses

20. Wooden / metal chess boards

21. Candles

22. Handmade candlesticks

23. Handmade soap

24. Bathbombs

25. Handmade and traditional bags

26. Leather wallets

27. Pottery sculptures

28. Handmade clay or wooden keychains

29. Handmade instruments
like drums, flutes, rattles

30. Metal jugs, jugfuls and little pots


Some beautiful crafts

People who come to craft fair usually get hungry and thirsty after a while. It’s a good idea to offer them too:

Grilled meat

Smoked sausage

Traditional bread

Craft beer

Craft wine

Craft cider

Craft cheese

Craft snacks

If you need some ideas for vending carts and food to sell at the craft fair you might be interested in 28 Ideas How to Start Small Business With Bike or Cart

In order to get more craft fair ideas you can check where you will find many inspirating pictures.


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