In this article, we have prepared a list of new and most profitable New York City business ideas for 2024. The following ideas are aimed at both small, medium and large entrepreneurs.

While analyzing the ideas below, think about which of these businesses might be best for your part of New York and which one fits you best. Also think about all the different modifications and enhancements to the following businesses such as a mobile version, an online version, a personalized version, a remote version, a healthy-organic version, a version based on the metaverse and virtual reality, a version with artificial intelligence, or a version that is automated and managed by robots.



1. Personalised phone cases
The trend for personalised phone cases has continued to grow in recent years, with customers looking for something that is unique to them. While this is primarily the domain of high-end brands, personalised phone cases can can also be a great idea for small and start-up brands.

2. Healthy & organic fast food
With the increase in socioeconomic status, people are becoming more health-conscious and more interested in sustainable lifestyle and cuisine. In fact, organic products have become a trend for middle and upper socioeconomic groups, who are interested in sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The demand for organic foods is expected to continue to grow in the future, that’s why healthy and organic fast foods once invented are very likely to become super profitable. 

3. AI-based production of a high quality content 
Artificial intelligence is already increasingly being used to generate high-quality content (such as photos, video, graphics, text or music, among others). Many free or relatively inexpensive AI content creators can already be found on the market, so such a business does not require a lot of start-up capital. By creating content in this way, we can, among other things, generate (and therefore sell) new content and products that will find application in many companies organizations and individuals. For example, a company can order a creative report visualizing possible modifications to its products in the future. Or a marketing company can order AI-generated audio for an advertisement they are creating. Such products and services can already be created with AI in abundance. And their quality is already becoming extremely high in many cases.

4. Online subscription services for homes
Every apartment in which a family, a group of friends, or even single people live needs certain fixed, repetitive goods that are used daily, weekly or every few weeks. To make life easier and save time, many such products can be subscribed to the home goods subscription business. Such services are already becoming popular, but will certainly become much more important in the future. Permanent subscription of recurring essential goods is also a great business idea aimed at businesses and organizations (such as schools or offices).

5. Urban farming 
A viable small business idea to start in New York City is urban farming. There are many types of urban farming to consider, the most profitable of which include microgreens farming, mushrooms farming, or auaponic farming, vertical farming or greenhouse farming. Agricultural products produced in this way are ideal for nearby restaurants, stores and individual customers (you can find them through social media, among other things!). Such a business lends itself well to scaling. You can even start it in the basement of your own home, or in your garden, and then gradually expand it (check out this successful example of urban farmers).

6. Secondhand retail
A great business idea in New York City is second hand retail. New Yorkers buy and also dispose of masses of items. Many such items have value and can be repurchased and then resold at a high profit (you can find many e.g. on eBay, Poshmark, ThredUp, Bonanza or Facebook Marketplace). To succeed in such a business, it is advisable to start by specializing in one niche of such seconhand retail, achieve a high level of professionalism in it, and only then expand into other niches.

7. Virtual assistant services
With the increasing use of technology in business operations, virtual assistants are in demand for tasks such as scheduling appointments and managing social media accounts. The range of services that such virtual assistants can provide is very wide. It is especially profitable to provide highly specialized and professional services. 

8. Smart jewelry (startup or a store)
Intelligent jewelry is a combination of beauty, prestige and cutting edge technology that makes life easier. Smart rings, necklaces and bracelets have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the market is still underdeveloped and full of numerous opportunities.

9. Innovative entertainment
New Yorkers love entertainment fun and excitement. This is a very important and broad area full of many great business opportunities. Examples of such entertainment business ideas for New York include clubs, restaurants and bars in which people wear VR googles, entertainment lounges in which robots work, mobile sauna and cold showers and other mobile entertainment services, drone display or augmented reality games set in New York (like the well-known Pokemon Go). Emerging new technologies are creating a whole lot of good opportunities for a new profitable entertainment business.

10. Rich people daily life outsourcing 
Another interesting idea for business in New York City is to offer specialized assistance and outsourcing services for rich people and VIPs who need, for example, someone to do their shopping for them, wash their car, mow their lawn or perform some other task. Wealthy New Yorkers need professional and trustworthy associates, so if you are able to gain the trust of such clients and offer them the highest possible level of professionalism, you will be able to make some really big money.

11. Virtual events management
Virtual events are becoming more and more popular. There are not yet many companies that provide virtual event management services. And the demand for them is growing rapidly.
There are many reasons why people and businesses would choose to have a virtual event instead of an on-site one. One of the most popular reasons is that it is cheaper to have a virtual event than an on-site one. Another reason could be that you want the event to be accessible for your participants no matter where they live or what time zone they live in, which can’t be done with an on-site event.

12. Vending machines business
This is one of the most profitable and forward-looking New York City business ideas. Such a business has great potential, is highly scalable and is still relatively underdeveloped in New York. Such machines can offer hot food like soups, pizza, panini or even ice cream) also healthy and organic food vending machines can be very profitable business. If such a business seems interesting to you, be sure to read this article in which we have collected 75 profitable vending machine business ideas. 

13. Organic beauty products
In recent years, more and more consumers in the US have been paying more attention to the quality of products and how they affect their health and the planet. For this reason, organic beauty products such as organic facial oils, organic body scrubs, organic tanning lotions, organic body wash, organic soap and organic make up products are increasingly in demand. It’s a niche business that is still relatively young and has very high potential for growth in the US.

14. Pet food delivery services
Pet food subscription, animal food catering, and organic pet food are new businesses gaining popularity in the USA. It’s a convenience for owners who thus don’t have to spend time buying food for their pets.

15. Virtual reality therapy
Virtual reality technology is being used in various industries, including healthcare for therapy and treatment purposes.  VR therapy allows for example for exposure therapy to mimic any triggers, stressors that the patient has. In this way, the patient can gradually become accustomed to the stressors. Therapy using VR can also promote relaxation, strengthen the patient’s resilience, and teach the patient new positive responses and behaviors. These are just a few examples of how therapy with VR technology can work. There are many more possibilities, and demand for them is sure to grow.

16. Local grocery delivery services in your community 
Many large stores offer product delivery and there is nothing special about it anymore. However, most small local stores still do not offer such services, so this is a great niche for a profitable business. All you need to do is organize a good network of professional and trustworthy shopping couriers and you can start such a business.

17. Farm-to-table meal delivery
The idea of farm to table food and meals has become increasingly popular in recent months. The idea is to eat locally grown and produced foods made in the US (preferably made near New York City). By choosing such products, consumers are supporting local brands, as well as getting fresher, less chemical-laden food (which doesn’t have to be as preserved as, say, the same food produced in Asia or South America). A major advantage of farm to table food is also its climate friendliness. Such food does not have to be transported as far thanks to which less fuel is used.

18. Urban farming consulting, accessories sale & related services
Urban farming is a new business niche gaining a lot of popularity. However, urban farmers need to acquire knowledge, buy necessary accessories (such as lamps, racks, irrigation systems or pots for urban farming), and some of them probably also need some services and consulting. This is a very forward-looking niche full of many opportunities. Another example of a business in this niche could be a store selling products, accessories and seeds for urban farmers.

19. Drone surveying
Surveying with a drone is a new and very promising business that is already in high demand. Drone surveys are very useful in land surveys, 3D mapping, photogrammetry, and topographic surveying. Such drones equipped with the right sensors are also finding applications in many new fields. Companies offering such drone surveying services can certainly count on many customers today and in the future.

20. Drone videography & photography services
A business that is in growing demand in New York City and across the US is professional drone photography and videography. Such footage is especially needed by business owners, advertising producers and has applications in many other fields. Examples of services that such a business can offer are luxury real estate photography & videos, event & festivals photo and film making or construction drone film making.

21. One niche oriented co-working space rental
Coworking space rental is another interesting business idea for New York City. Many companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs, as well as artists and scientists need such spaces to maximize their potential. A good way to strike out with such business is to offer coworking space for specific sectors of business, art or science. Many people prefer to work among people in similar fields, so they can exchange valuable information and learn from each other.

22. Robots store
Robots are still in the early stages of development, but more and more of them are in demand. A great business idea for New York City could be a specialized store that sells robots, or some specific species of robots. Already very popular are cleaning robots, robots for children, articulated robots. Also very interesting types of robots are cobots, which are robots created to function alongside or directly with humans, as well as industrial robots, and robots used for entertainments.

23. Personal shopper services
Many New Yorkers love to shop and buy new clothes they do not have enough time to do so. The solution to such a problem is personal shopping services. Such services can be provided directly or over the Internet (e.g., in the form of video chats and also uploading photos or videos). This business has especially great potential in the age of VR and the Internet. Innovative offers and attractive advertisements will be very useful for success in this business.

24. Organic private catering (certified & high quality)
Organic, healthy and proven high quality food is a revolution bigger than many can imagine. Many people want to combine health with convenience, so a very profitable and forward-thinking business idea in New York City is to offer organic healthy food catering and also services such as organic food boxes subscription.

25. Compostable packaging design & manufacturing
Plastic packaging is a real problem in the modern world. Many companies want to use planet-friendly packaging, but there are still not many companies on the market that offer professional services of this type. A great idea for such a business can be a company that offers customizable packaging made of ecological and biodegradable materials. Such packaging is needed in different versions and must have different strengths and be adapted to different conditions, including those such as moisture or heat.

26. Mobile hair styling services
New Yorkers love to look good and take care of their hair. Many don’t have time to go to a salon so a great solution to this problem can be a mobile hairdresser and mobile hair styling services. This will give the customer beautiful hair when and where it is most convenient. To maximize the success of such a business, it is a good idea to advertise such a business well on social media, local press and Google Ads.

27. Professional decluttering services
Many New Yorkers have a problem with too much junk and unnecessary items in the house. For many people, it’s also difficult to deal with such junk when moving house. The answer to these problems is professional decluttering and organizational services that make it easier to clear your home of unnecessary items. Yes decluttering company can also offer organization and management services for your home or office or business, for example, take care of cleaning, air conditioning repair or renovation.

28. Minority store 
New York is full of various minorities. This creates many opportunities to create unique businesses with the profile of a particular minority, offering unique products or services that are hard to find in other stores pubs or restaurants. Uniqueness is a very profitable trait in business, so such businesses can be very successful and attract many customers with its uniqueness (even customers who do not belong to a given minority)

29. High-end home cleaning services
Many wealthy New Yorkers need help with house cleaning, cooking or childcare, but they require truly professional and trustworthy people who will do it. The answer to such needs is a high-end home cleaning company that will offer the highest quality, handle precious items in the right way and, most importantly, offer 100% security and discretion so that the homeowner does not have to worry about their safety, privacy and expensive items.

30. Home-brewing kits & subscription boxes
The popularity of home-brewing has increased in recent years, with the trend being driven by a desire for artisan quality beers with a variety of flavours. Selling equipment and kits for it can be a very profitable business idea. Even though craft beers are now available from a wide range of suppliers, many people are still making their own at home to save money or brew unusual styles.

31. Smart homes development
Whether you’re an IT specialist or want to start your own smart home company, there are many reasons to pursue a career in smart home technologies. The first benefit is the potential to become an important part of a rapidly growing industry. Smart homes can provide a lot of benefits to the homeowners and can help businesses minimize their costs and waste. In addition, more and more new advanced technologies used in smart homes are being developed every year, so demand for this type of service will increase.

32.  Subscription boxes
The subscription business model is on the rise, with more consumers wanting convenient and personalized purchasing experiences. Businesses in various industries can capitalize on this trend by offering subscription box services.

33. Energy efficiency consulting
Energy efficiency consulting is a new very fast-growing business sector that is sure to play an increasingly important role in the future. Saving energy and reducing energy costs is something that most businesses and organizations as well as many individuals care about. Services related to energy efficiency inspection can also be energy measurement & verification; energy audits; energy efficient building construction and construction or Energy & Daylight Modeling.

34. 100% organic grocery store
If you want to start an organic grocery store, you need to offer high quality organic products in reasonable prices. The most important factor to succeed in this niche is sourcing the best suppliers for your products. This should be done by contacting the major organizations that sell organic products and ask them to provide you with better bulk deals. Next, you need to educate your staff on the benefits of organic products. 

35. Dropservicing
Similar to dropshipping, you can outsource services to others and take a commission on sales. This can be anything from graphic design, copywriting, virtual assistant and video editing services to translations and much more. Great places to sell such services are Fiverr and Upwork.

36. Senior at-home care 
New York’s population is aging and people are living statistically longer, so various elderly care services are in high demand. Likewise services offering for care for people with disabilities. Many such elderly or disabled people need assistance or care in their own homes (where they feel more comfortable than in a retirement home, for example). Such professional services tailored to clients’ needs in their homes is a great business idea that can bring in very high profits.

37. Property management & maintenance services
New York City’s housing market is one of the largest of its kind in the world. With a population of about 20 million people in  New York metropolitan area ther eare huge needs and demand for housing and all the related services such as maintenance, housing search, matching, finding clients, tenants and also renovations, refurbishments or furnishing. The use of the latest technologies, innovations and trends such as micro-apartments is the key to success in this field.

38. Cafeteria with robots-employees
Robotization is one of the most important global business trends. Robots can also be an interesting attraction and a special element that will give a unique character to a business. An interesting idea for such a business in New York City could be a cafe with robot employees. Such an unusual form of cafe is sure to attract many customers. Another idea could be a bar or restaurant in which customers will be served by robots.

39. Mobile dry cleaners
Mobile dry cleaning services are a great way to save customers time and make it easier for them to clean their clothes carpets and other fabrics. A great way to entice more customers, for example, is to offer free pick up & delivery for orders over $100.

40. Import / export business
Importing goods that are scarce in the US market, or exporting products from the US to countries with little or no such products, is a very profitable business that allows one to make a huge amount of money. The key to success is to find the right niche of products, and manufacturers who will provide specific products at attractive prices.

41. Artificial Intelligence services & software 
This is a huge niche that is already finding its way into many types of business. Lucrative examples of such types of business include:  AI in recruitment; AI in customer service; AI in customer acquisition; AI in ecommerce; AI in customer retention; AI in marketing automation; AI in seo; AI in ppc campaigns; AI in crm; AI in customer feedback and reviews.

42. Monitoring gadgets & robots for the elderly
Many seniors need care, some of them need someone to watch over them even 24 hours a day. It can be very difficult and expensive (if a human is to do it), so advanced gadgets and robots for monitoring and contact with seniors can be a big help here. Such robots can remind seniors when to take drugs or when to eat. Such robots or gadgets can also monitor the behavior of the elderly, their safety and health (using appropriate cameras and sensors).

43. Advanced tools & machines rental
The US economy is full of businesses and people who need to rent various types of machinery and tools. A good example in the case of some advanced and expensive machines might be to offer to rent such machines with service. Examples of such machines include vending machines, various types of office machines such as scanners and photocopiers, coffee machines, as well as all kinds of industrial machines. The list of such rental machines is really long and creates great opportunities for a profitable business in New York City.

44. 3D printing
3D printing has become very popular in the USA, but there is still a mass of business opportunities in the field, especially in New York City and other major cities. 3D printing on demand with shipping, 3D printing along with 3D scanning, and 3D printing linked to the metaverse, VR and artificial intelligence are other niches that have huge potential ahead. 3D printing technology continues to develop rapidly and, combined with other new 3D technologies, is creating more and more profitable business opportunities.

45. 3D scanning & modelling
3D scanning and modeling are other very future-oriented business ideas that are already in high demand. Such services are needed not only in manufacturing industry, but also in architecture, games, animation or movies. 3D scanning can also play a very important role in the metaverse, NFT and in many new technologies.

46. Digital schools & professional virtual education
While there are already many online education apps and programs out there, this niche still has many business opportunities ahead of it. Examples of such profitable education businesses include learning niche skills online , niche schools, learning using VR technology (e.g. a metaverse school where students participate in VR lessons and lectures), or customizable online schools where the student can choose exactly what they want to learn.

47. Virtual home staging
Using virtual reality technology has many great applications, one of which is helping clients stage their homes for potential buyers without actually moving furniture. A good idea for such a business can be both the creation and sale of software for such virtual home staging and home staging services performed using such software (e.g. using VR).

48. Metaverse marketing agency
It is already apparent that the metaverse is becoming a huge market that will play a tremendous role for humanity in the future. The metaverse while attracting millions of users, will also become a natural place for business and advertising to be displayed and shown in the metaverse in a unique way, and advertising rights in the metaverse will probably be less regulated and more free at first. Ideas for such a business could be an advertising agency displaying ads in the virtual world of the metaverse, as well as various forms of advertising and selling goods and services in the metaverse aimed at individual customers. These are just a few of the possibilities, and there are a whole lot of them.

49. Ethical hacking business 
As hacking attacks are becoming a threat to many companies, and to many people’s capital, numerous companies are able to pay more and more for ethical hacking services and for security testing of their secure systems. It’s a great business idea for American IT talents and programmers who like challenges and are familiar with IT security systems.

50. Go direct to consumer products
Many original and unique products are characterized by availability only in certain places or in a few stores. Such products are often rarities that customers would be willing to pay a lot for, but they can’t buy them at their local supermarket, grocery stores or local market. The solution to this problem is a go-direct-to-consumer business that delivers customers their favorite products even from remote locations. Examples of such products include e.g. : lobsters from Alaska for consumers in New York City or Swiss cheeses for consumers in New Jersey.

51. Metaverse conferences organization
Organizing and hosting metaverse conferences is a business opportunity that is growing in popularity. This type of conference draws participants from all over the world, allowing you to reach a wide audience and help industries evolve. While this type of event is a bit expensive, you should know that it will be more cost effective over time as VR technology becomes more prevalent. Additionally, this type of event is unique, giving you an edge over your competitors later on.

52. Boat tourism 
Both the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean offer great potential for boat tourism. Tourist cruises, photo expeditions, organizing parties and events on boats, as well as renting such boats with a helmsman can be a great New York business idea. It’s important to properly advertise such a business and use certain marketing tricks to make sure as many customers as possible hear about such a business.

53. Mobile manicure & pedicure services
Beautiful nails are something that many women in NYC love. However, many ladies sometimes don’t have the time or inclination to go far to a beautician. An interesting solution to such a problem can be mobile manicure and pedicure services.

54. Fishing charter & fishing boat trips
An interesting business idea in New York City, as well as in other areas of the US, is to organize fishing expeditions and various activities for beginners and advanced anglers. From training and educational cruises, to professional fishing expeditions for experienced anglers. Such attractions can be ideally combined with tourism. It is good idea to promote them by cooperating with hotels and restaurants and also by advertising on social media.

55. Podcasting
Podcasting is a particularly good idea for New York City and other American residents. Good and professional English speaking skills are the basis for running a successful podcast that will gain many audiences around the world. English native speakers already speak fluent English, so as long as they have an idea for a creative podcast, it’s worth a try.

56. Solar panel cleaning & related services 
In recent years, solar panels have become very popular in New York City and throughout the US. They require professional maintenance, service, cleaning, repair, and sometimes disposal, recycling, or transportation. These and other needs create a sacred opportunity for a profitable business.

57. Anti-aging & skincare services on demand
American residents are statistically living longer and longer, which is associated with a growing population of elderly and old people. Many older people, especially women want to look young and beautiful. Such people are able to pay really a lot for effective skin rejuvenation improving appearance and professional rejuvenation. There are already a lot of such offerings on the market, but there is still a lot of space for new businesses using innovative methods. Such a business could be, for example, offering such rejuvenation services and treatments with home delivery, or at another place tailored to the customer.

58. Agritourism & ecotourism business
Many New Yorkers need a break from city life or work, or want to show their children what a peaceful rural and natural life looks like. A great way to do this is to take advantage of agritourism or ecotourism services. Such businesses can offer customers contact with rural animals, the opportunity to try rural work, accommodation in the countryside or in attractive natural locations, and natural organic food (as well as natural preserves and rural meats). These are just some of the attractions that can be offered. To maximize the number of customers, it is worthwhile to properly advertise such a business online and on social media.

59. Genetic testing
Genetic testing has become very popular in recent years and is a very forward-thinking and profitable niche in American business. Many people want to better understand their ancestry, test and understand their genes, or understand what genetic diseases they may be susceptible to, so that they can take care of their health in time. Genetic testing can also have broad applications in many other niches, including animals. Profitable businesses in this field include not only offering such tests, but genetic consulting, genetic auditing with personalized advice, genetic dietetics or professional ancestry testing services.

60. Drone store, services & consulting
Drones are still a relatively new technology that is already revolutionizing many areas of life. The demand for drones and related services continues to grow, so ideas such as a specialized drone store, drone repair and custom drone building services for given tasks, and drone consulting and education are all promising ideas for a successful business in New York.

61. Parking space or garage rental
It’s often a hassle to find a good parking space in New York City, especially in the center, so businesses that facilitate parking and also rent and sell such spaces can make attractive profits and are in high demand.

62. African food store or bar
One reason why an African food store or a bar is a good idea is the growing popularity of African ingredients, ingredients among which many are considered superfoods. This concept has captured the attention of health enthusiasts all over the world. An example of such African brand is Aduna which emphasizes the superfood properties of its products, which are sold in over 2,000 stores in 18 countries. Additionally, gluten-free African grains are gaining popularity. These include sorghum and einkorn. Another superfood is African fonio, which has been dubbed as the next quinoa.

63. Online florist & flower and gift delivery
Flower and gift delivery is an interesting business idea in New York City. Many people think about how to thank someone, surprise them or express love. Such flower and gift delivery is a great idea to do just that. In order to succeed with such a business, it is worth using the most innovative methods, offering the maximum good customer experience and also delivering gifts in such a way that the recipient of the gift feels as comfortable as possible.

64. Organic baby food business
As the health consciousness of consumers in the US increases, so do the demands on organic baby food. A great business idea for New York City in this niche could be not only organic baby food brand, but also organic baby food stores and online stores, as well as organic baby food catering.

65. Electric vehicle charging station installation & services
EV charging stations are a new niche in the business that has been growing very rapidly in recent years. Such stations require installation and, as they are used, maintenance and repair services as well. EV charging stations also provide a good opportunity to sell the most popular products, for example, in vending machines standing next to such stations.

66. Aromatherapy business
A small business based on aromatherapy can be a profitable venture. This type of business can offer many benefits to both the company and its customers. A formal marketing plan can help you develop a distribution and branding strategy. The plan should be tailored to the needs of your potential customers. You will want to identify your target market during the research phase.

67. Start a dog clothing brand
Dog clothing brand business can be profitable if done the right way. Setting up a business requires a professional approach, which is not easy if you’re just starting out. However, it’s possible to expand your business with a bit of hard work and a good sense of business. Getting started requires you to have the right skills and knowledge about the market and the locality, as well as follow the licensing laws and work with suppliers in a professional manner.

68. Online content production
There are a number of reasons why an online content production business is a profitable and future-oriented business idea. For one, people don’t need much initial capital to create content, so it might be relatively easy to start such business. The most successful content creators play the long game, and they have goals beyond just growing their audience. They create content that people follow, and they become “avatars” for specific ideas on the web. However, people can tell when someone is just hacking it, so they need to make sure they’re genuine about what they’re doing. To do this, you’ll need a good system and a good toolkit.

69. Medicinal herbs store
Herbs and natural medicine is an interesting field that attracts many customers. To be successful, it is worth offering the highest quality products (such as organic herbs) and also professional customer service. Proper online marketing and social media advertising will be very useful.

70. Membership clubs
Another of the very forward-looking New York City business ideas are subscription-based membership clubs, such as those offering exclusive deals or unique experiences. Such businesses are already becoming a popular business model.

71. Smart security systems installation 
Security is one of the most important human needs. This is also the case for New Yorkers who are concerned about the security of their nearby homes and businesses. One of the best ways to ensure this is by installing professional home security systems and also offering security services.

72. Stationary store with NFTs & metaverse products
The NFT market is an interesting niche in business that is worth watching closely. There are many indications that NFTs will have more and more applications, which could make them a very profitable item for business, including for local bizzes, such as those offering or advising on how to buy select or sell such NFTs.

73. Mobile clinic 
Mobile medical and health services is another of the more innovative and interesting New York City business ideas that has great potential. People are becoming more and more concerned about their health, and at the same time becoming more and more convenient, so such a business has a good chance of success. Such a business could, for example, offer oxygen, CPR, medicine, doctor, nurse.

74. Junk removal service
Often people or companies want to dispose of a large amount of junk, or something that is too large or heavy to remove without the help of a professional company. If there isn’t one in your area, you may want to consider starting such a business.

75. Organic pet food brand
An Organic pet food brand can be a lucrative business to start and run. Pet owners are paying more and more attention to what their pets eat. You will need a marketing strategy and a license. It is a good idea to take advice from people who have experience in the food industry. To succeed, you should not settle for cheap or mediocre ingredients.

76. Video editing agency 
There is a huge demand for professional video-editing services in New York City. Such services are needed by various companies, marketing agencies, influencers, as well as numerous individuals and organizations, among others.

77. Energy auditing & efficiency services
If you’re looking for a profitable and future-oriented business ideas for New York City, you may want to consider starting an energy auditing company. Not only can this business help homeowners reduce their energy bills, but it can also help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, energy auditing companies can help businesses improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

78. Luxury pet products & services
Many pet owners want the best for their pets and want to give them as good and special a life as possible. For this reason, luxury pet services such as luxury pet sitting for clients with high-end needs and preferences, as well as luxury pet clothes, ornaments, beds and toys, are becoming increasingly popular in the USA.

79. Custom scent creation
A business that works with clients to create unique, personalized scents for perfumes, candles, and other products. Such fragrances can be particularly atraytic for various businesses where customers come in such as stores and hotels.

80. Handmade crafts 
The demand for craft and handmade products is still high. They are ideally suited for gifts or home decorations. A particularly good idea for such a business is to sell craft products typical to various other countries (especially craft products in the style of those from distant and non-American countries can attract a lot of interest).

81. Open a start-up hub
Such start-up hub can support small businesses and entrepreneurs with various programs, workshops, and collaborative spaces. Think of it as the revolutionizing incubator for New York City’s next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

82. Privacy protection agency
Privacy in today’s digital world is under threat like never before. Many different sites, companies and devices threaten the privacy, secrets and security of many New Yorkers and people around the world. Many people don’t have the time to deal with it, or don’t know how to do it, which is why privacy protection agencies are becoming increasingly popular, and can be a very profitable business in NYC.

83. Chauffer & vip transportation services
The demand for transportation services continues to grow in New York City. Both normal and premium transportation is in demand. Such services are needed by people who have a lot of money, want to feel safe, want to transport valuable products, or are tourists who want to feel luxurious.

84. Small business marketing services & consulting 
New York City is not only one of the largest cities in the world, but also one of the most important business centers of the world. A mass of small medium and large companies have their headquarters here, so it’s a real paradise for companies offering professional marketing services. If your marketing company is just starting out, it’s a good idea to focus on one or a few niches of marketing at first so as to gain recognition and become very professional in this one field. Then you can expand your offerings to other marketing services as well.

85. Organic agricultural products wholesale distribution
Since organic food products have become increasingly popular, the demand for wholesale supplies of such organic products has also increased. Profitable products of this type are all kinds of organic food such as meats, seafood, beverages, grains, bee products, nuts and nut butters, fruit prodcuts and dried fruits or organic chocolate and syrups. Organic food is a branch of business that will grow strongly in the years to come, so this niche can be highly profitable business in NYC.

86. Small scale manufacturing
Small scale manufacturing may be a good idea for a profitable business to start in New York City. It’s important to make a business plan and analyse the market and your competitors. There are a number of very profitable products to manufacture which can generate a lot of money. Examples of such products include: shoes, soap, furniture, scented candles, cookies, home decorations, toys (e.g. teddy bears) and many other items.

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87. Niche products print on demand
In recent years, one of the increasingly trending new business ideas is printing on demand on t-shirts, caps, mugs, pillows, tiles, bedding, and many other products. There are many possibilities here. If you choose the right niche and advertise your business properly, you can expect big profits.

88. Personalized jewelry creation
A popular business trend in recent years is the personalization of personal items such as jewelry. If you offer unique opportunities for such personalization, and a convenient and easy way to do it, you can be very successful. It is worth keeping innovation and new technologies (such as smart jewelry) in mind when doing this business.

89. Renewable energy repair & maintenance
Green energy involves a lot of installations, connections and technical conversions. Renewable energy also requires maintenance and service, and sometimes repair of used equipment. Since this field of energy is currently developing a lot, the demand for this type of repair and maintenance services will increase. Selling and installing green energy can also be a good business idea.

90. Cybersecurity agency 
Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important security sphere of strategic importance in the 21st century. More and more small businesses as well as individuals need such professional services and consulting. Examples of cost-effective cybersecurity sevrices include cybersecurity audits for private and business clients, cybersecurity education and the installation of cybersecurity protection software, and the development of professional cybersecurity strategies for companies and private clients.

91. Biotech company
Demand for the services of biotech companies is strong and will continue to grow both in the USA and around the world. Production of medical devices and diagnostics, biomaterials, biofuels or pollution controls are just some of the very profitable things such a company can offer. Such companies are also key in agriculture and in many areas of industry, so this is undoubtedly a valuable niche business that will be very profitable in the coming years.

92. Portable pressure washing services
Pressure washing is not only washing cars and sidewalks, but also sanitation, washing houses, roofs or commercial buildings. In order to be as successful as possible in this business, it is worth using a variety of marketing and advertising methods such as promotions and social media ads.

93. Glamping (sale & organization)
Everyone needs to get out of the city sometimes and get closer to nature. Glamping is a great way to relax, unwind and get some peace and tranquility. The area around New York City is full of beautiful, peaceful natural places that are perfect for glamping. You can advertise your glamping business using social media to show future customers pictures and videos of your glamping business.

94. Virtual coworking space
Virtual coworking spaces provide similar benefits to regular offices, but their advantage is that you can work in them regardless of the location you are in. Such virtual coworking spaces often have virtual floorplans, kitchens and conference rooms so that by using such a place you can feel like you are in an office and meet people who will be working next to you. This is still a young niche in business that is expected to grow intensively in the coming years.

95. Luxury reusable grocery bags & high quality reusable grocery bags
Reusable shopping bags are things that hundreds of millions of people around the world use. These bags are usually boring, simple, banal and not very distinctive – this is a great business opportunity – offer such bags in a luxury version, in an ultra-convenient version, or in a compact version so that it is easy to fold such bags. The potential for improvement of such bags is very wide, and there will certainly be many people willing to buy such a bag.

96. Niche online store
Choosing a good niche is the key to success in any business! This is also the case for online stores with a very narrow, specialized and yet rich profile of products in a particular field. Think about what niches don’t yet have professional online stores in the USA Perhaps niches such as breeding rare species of animals, collecting specific products, or accessories for the latest technological innovations are areas in which you can succeed?

97. Virtual property management & services
New Yorkers are owning an increasing number of virtual properties and many of them require management, care, audits and advice. Examples of such services include taking care of someone’s account in an online game during his vacation and in other fields of gaming industry, as well as in online trading, online business management, metaverse property management, NFT related services and many more.

98. Custom product boxes & packaging
More and more companies selling products want to offer them in unique and brand-specific boxes or packaging. The demand for customizable boxes and packagin is really high and will most likely grow intensively in the coming years. In order to stand out in this niche, it is worth offering attractive innovative and convenient tools and features for the customer, such as the ability to view packaging designs and designs online, or using VR.

99. Market research & surveys agency
Real, reliable information is at a premium. Many companies and organizations, and sometimes individuals, sometimes need such research, for example, to understand given market mechanisms, for investment purposes, or for scientific purposes. To make a name for yourself in this niche, you can start with specializing in one particular type of market research.

100. VR testing services 
VR testing services is the next big niche in the business that will grow intensively and is already starting to become popular. Examples of such VR testing services include clothing try on apps, 3D real estate or hotel virtual tours. Testing in VR can also be very useful in architecture, space business, urban planning and construction. It can be a great business to both offer services for such product testing, and to design such applications and programs that allow such VR testing to be as convenient as possible. A very good business idea can be also virtual interior design consulting.



  • Answer the question what are the biggest problems you see in New York. The bigger the problem you see, the bigger the opportunity for good business you have discovered. Such problems often affect thousands of people. Just find a solution to such a problem and you will easily gain many customers.
  • The huge population of about 20 million people living close to each other in the New York metropolitan area is a huge group of potential consumers of various products and services. All you have to do is offer them something they haven’t experienced before and many of them will become your customers.
  • Check to see if there are any areas in any of New York’s neighborhoods where there is no given business yet. Maybe you can find a place that doesn’t have a food vending machine or shared office space yet.
  • New York is one of the largest seaports in the United States. The great advantage of New York is its access to goods and shipping. It is here that a mass of transports flows to and from Europe and the rest of the world. This creates numerous business opportunities such as selling and buying wholesale and retail products.
  • New York has huge business potential. There are more than 2 million businesses throughout the state. An important feature of NYC is the large amount of capital and the large number of highly skilled professionals. Targeting other businesses or specialized employees with products or services can be a great business opportunity here. 

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And what do you think? What are the best New York City business ideas that pay to open in 2024? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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