In this comprehensive guide, we present an expertly curated list of the top 40 trending products poised for success in the USA for 2024. Whether you’re exploring options for online sales or seeking insights into the most sought-after items in the market, our guide is your indispensable resource.

We’ve meticulously analyzed data from leading retail giants including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, and Target, combining this with an in-depth study of the evolving US market trends for 2024. This unique blend of market intelligence and trend analysis ensures that you have the most current and actionable information at your fingertips.

Discover the products that are not only best-selling but also show promising growth trajectories, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of online retail in 2024.



1. Personal Care and Beauty Products
This category has seen a significant rise in popularity, especially with products like peel-off face masks, which have gained traction on social media. Nail polish, particularly in unique or sustainable formulations, and eco-friendly haircare products are also trending. These items appeal to consumers’ growing interest in self-care and environmentally conscious choices.

2. Consumer Electronics
Consistently high-demand items include laptops, AirPods, headphones, wireless earbuds, and iPads. These products are staples in the tech-savvy consumer’s lifestyle, and their sustained search volume on Amazon reflects their ongoing popularity.

3. Fitness & Sport Equipment
The trend towards home workouts has boosted the demand for items like dumbbells, yoga mats, exercise bands, and eco-friendly water bottles. These products cater to health-conscious consumers looking for convenient and sustainable ways to stay fit at home. Other popular products of this type include smart hoola exercise hoops, home exercise machines (such as exercise bike or vibration plate available on Amazon), and push-up boards.

4. Innovative Tech Gadgets
Americans continue to embrace cutting-edge technology. In 2024, focus on unique and high-quality gadgets such as smart air purifiers with AI features, compact 4K projectors, UV-C sterilization devices, advanced VR headsets, and next-generation wireless charging accessories. The key to success in this niche is offering innovative products that are not yet widely available in the market.

5. Trending Fashion Apparel & Accessories
Stay ahead of the fashion curve with items like eco-friendly crop tops, athleisure wear including stylish sweatpants and joggers, versatile cropped jackets, comfortable footwear like Crocs, tailored blazers, comfortable loungewear, puff-sleeved dresses, high-performance leggings, and minimalist smart wallets. These items reflect a blend of comfort, sustainability, and style, appealing to a broad demographic in 2024.

6. Organic Food & Healthy Snacks
Leverage the growing trend towards health-conscious eating by offering a range of organic products. Consider organic baby foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and plant-based protein powders. Also, explore niches like gluten-free and keto-friendly snacks, as well as organic versions of popular items currently unavailable in the market.

7. Home Essentials
Items such as paper towels, desks, office chairs, and home organization products have shown steady demand, likely due to the ongoing trend of remote work and the focus on home improvement and organization.

8. Kitchen Appliances
The air fryer stands out in this category for its popularity, driven by a focus on healthier cooking methods and convenience. Its versatility and ease of use make it a desirable item for a wide range of consumers.

9. Footwear for Every Occasion
Americans’ love for footwear continues to evolve. In 2024, focus on diverse categories such as fashionable sneakers, performance athletic shoes, durable trail shoes, specialized golf shoes, stylish boots, and eco-friendly footwear options. Offering a range that caters to various lifestyles and activities will be key.

10. Advanced Healthcare Products
Capitalize on the demand for health and wellness products with items like ergonomic knee care solutions, wireless patient monitoring systems, sophisticated blood pressure monitors, and innovative health tracking devices. Products that combine technology with health benefits are particularly appealing in this segment.

11. Car accessories
Such as car cleaning kits, portable car vacuums, nylon recovery kits, in-car phone accessories or special organizers for cars (Amazon).

12. Advanced robots with practical applications
Newer and more advanced versions of the robots are available every year making it a great product to sell in the US. The most popular of these robots are cleaning robots, cooking robots and programmable robots for kids and teens (Amazon).

13. Self heating meals
Americans love fast food and quick tasty comfort food. A relatively new category of such products that is growing in popularity is self heating meals. The most popular of these are self heating hot pots (Amazon), lunch boxes and ramens.

14. Smart jewelry
Like smart rings, smart health monitoring bracelets or invisawear safety jewelry which can notify up to 5 people and police if anything dangerous happens (Amazon).

15. Plus size fashion & shapewear
Obesity is a fairly common problem in USA. About 1 in 3 American adults (33%) are currently living with obesity so plus size clothing, slimming clothing and weight loss products are a very profitable category of products to sell in USA.

16. Organic cosmetics
This is a very profitable category full of numerous opportunities to start a profitable business in the US. Most popular are new make up accessories, new organic cosmetics and cosmetics based on original and natural products from different countries of the world such as coconut oil from Phillipines or green tea from Kenya or argan oil from Morocco.

17. Smart locks & security systems for homes
Security is very important to many Americans, which is why effective security systems and smart home locks are becoming increasingly popular. Currently, there are more and more such smart locks available in the market at affordable prices and the demand for them is projected to increase significantly in the coming years.

18. Reusable food storage bags & boxes
Reausable food bags are another trending category of products to sell. Examples of popular products of this type in the US are resuable sandwich bags and resuable food silicone bags (Amazon).

19. New trending bags & backpacks
Bags and backpacks are a very profitable niche of products to sell in USA. Style and convenience are very important needs for many Americans, so fashionable and practical backpacks and bags will find many customers in the US.

20. High quality baby products
Many moms want to choose the best products for their children, so the new gadgets and equipment in this category are products that Canadian moms are willing to pay for, as long as the products are better than previously available products of the type. Examples of such products include sterilizer dryers, organic baby food and cosmetics, baby bouncers, bbay high chairs, nursing pillows and baby bottles (Amazon).

21. Pet accessories
The pet industry’s growth is driven by pet owners’ willingness to spend on their pets’ comfort and entertainment. Popular products include comfortable pet beds, interactive toys, and smart pet technology for monitoring and entertaining pets. Other examples of such products are supplements for dogs and cats (Amazon), special pet-monitoring cameras, self-filling bowls for dogs and cats, and dog car seat covers.

22. Elderly gadgets
USA is a country full of seniors who often need care and help. There are many products that are very useful for seniors, such as: rechargeable hearing aid, reacher tools, pulse oximeters or special smart toilets for seniors (Amazon).

23. Supplements & brain pills
Since health is an important issue for Canadians a lot of people buy different kinds of dietary supplements. Brain pills that support brain function are also in high demand.

24. Subscription boxes
The subscription box industry has been growing by more than 100% year-over-year and is expected to experience very strong growth in the coming years. Such subscription boxes usually sell treats, food, cosmetics, clothing accessories, collectibles, toys and various other items from specific niches.

25. Kitchen gadgets
A great category of products to sell in USA are various practical, innovative and useful accessories and gadgets for the kitchen. Examples of these include: pasta strainers for pots, vegetable choppers or oil sprayers (Amazon).

26. Toys & games
This is a very broad and profitable product category to sell around the world, including USA. The best selling new trending products among kids are Disney interactive figures, Legos, new popular dolls or unique smart nano drones (Amazon).

27. Stress relieve aids & accessories (including sleep aids)
Like weighted blankets which are thought to help with anxiety. The weight while you’re sleeping also helps to promote a better night’s sleep.

28. Remote Work Essentials
With more people working from home, products that make this experience comfortable and efficient are in demand. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks help maintain proper posture and reduce discomfort during long work hours. High-quality webcams are essential for professional video conferencing.

29. Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers
Products like Fitbits continue to be popular for their health and fitness tracking capabilities. The growing consumer interest in personal health and fitness metrics makes this category particularly promising.

30. Toys and Games
LEGO sets and Nintendo Switch games are consistently popular, appealing to both children and adults. These products offer creative, engaging, and interactive experiences, making them enduring favorites.

31. Patio & Garden Accessories
The patio and garden are a wide niche full of many products that are in great demand in the USA. Many Americans love their gardens and spend a lot of time there and want these places to look their best and to be as comfortable as possible. For this reason, various types of vertical plant stands, irrigation kits, garden lamps, garden furniture, pergolas, gazebos, deckchairs, garden chairs, barbecue sets and accessories, as well as various innovative garden tools are very popular.

32. Educational Toys and Games
Toys and games that combine fun with learning, especially those focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts, are in demand. These products encourage creativity, problem-solving, and learning in children.

33. Skincare products
There are constantly many new skincare products and accessories on the market. Their sale is very profitable, provided you choose the right product for which there is high demand and little competition.

34. New home decor products
Another of the best products to sell in the USA are home decor products. Most popular recently are all sorts of unique lamps (often led), scented candles, shag rugs, unique vases in unusual shapes, mats for the kitchen, and often vintage style decorative items.

35. Smart home products
This is still a relatively young niche of products that are gaining interest in the U.S. Examples of such best-selling products to date are: smart lamps and lights, smart home speakers and smart air quality monitoring devices.

36. Outdoor and Adventure Gear
With a renewed interest in outdoor activities, products like lightweight, durable camping gear, hiking equipment designed for various terrains, and eco-friendly travel accessories that minimize environmental impact are becoming popular.

37. Used products
Used products are a broad category of things that can often be very profitable to sell. Used brand name clothing, collectibles, vintage products, tools, antiques and many other categories are products that many Americans want to buy.

38. Premium home & business machines
Nowadays, there are more and more different amazing machines on the market that are used in homes, offices and various businesses. Many of these machines are not yet known such as ice machine, ice cream maker, cocktail machine, karaoke machine and many other machines that can make life and work easier for many people.

39. Beauty and Personal Care Devices
High-tech beauty tools, such as facial massagers that promote skin health, LED therapy devices for skin treatment, and hair growth gadgets, are becoming popular in the personal care market.

40. Streaming Devices
The Amazon Fire Stick remains a sought-after item in the streaming device category, popular for its ease of use, affordability, and access to a wide range of streaming services.


Other Notable Items:


  • Digital Meat Thermometers: Gaining popularity for their precision and ease of use in cooking.
  • Makeup Bags: Trending due to their functionality and the rise in beauty products sales.
  • Corkscrews: Essential for wine enthusiasts, reflecting an interest in at-home dining experiences.
  • Elf on the Shelf: A holiday tradition that continues to be popular in family households.
  • Mini Basketball Hoops: Popular for indoor recreation, appealing to sports enthusiasts.
  • Shape-Shifting Boxes: Innovative toys like these are trending for their unique, engaging qualities.
  • Winter Boots: Essential for cold weather, with a focus on style and comfort.
  • Bubble Candles: Trending in home decor for their unique aesthetic and calming ambiance.
  • Shaved Ice Makers: Popular for home entertainment and creating refreshing treats.
  • Flare Leggings: A fashion trend noted for its comfort and style.
  • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Tables: Popular among puzzle enthusiasts for their functionality.
  • Emergency Fire Blankets: Gaining attention for home safety and emergency preparedness.
  • Seasonal Decorations: Continuously popular, reflecting consumer interest in festive home decor.



What most of the products in greatest demand in the US have in common is that they are innovative, and that they offer new and better features than other products on the market. Such products often solve problems that other products have not solved before.

When looking for the best products to sell in the US, choose the newest, most advanced, and most feature-rich models. The chance of profits from selling them will be the highest.


Smartphone UV light sanitizers

One of the most popular products in USA in 2023. Such UV sanitizers are available here on Amazon.

Air fryers
It is the perfect product for those who want to cook quick meals with less oil. A perfect addition to many American cuisines. Air fryers like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Men’s rings
Men’s rings like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Skincare mini fridges for storing cosmetics
Mini fridges like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Home robots with build in Alexa
Such robots like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Rapid egg cookers
Very popular product, perfect for many American cuisines. Egg cookers like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Reusable water bottles
Bottles like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Massage guns for deep muscle massage
Tools for massage like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Selfie rings
The gadgets used by many Instagram & TikTok users have been in very high demand in recent months. One such gadget is the selfie ring like this one available on Amazon.

Organic protein powders
Organic protein powders and other organic fitness & gym producats are very popular and trending products in the US. An example of such product is this powder available here on Amazon.

Reusable shopping bags & grocery bags
This another very profitable category of products to sell in the USA. Bags like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Innovative pet carriers
Pet carriers like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Vending machines
Vending machines are a very fast growing niche in the business. More and more people want to buy such machines to make money with them. Such machines are even available on Amazon.

Blue-light blocking glasses
Glasses like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Hot tubs & inflatable hot tubs
Hot tubs like the one below are available here on Amazon.

3 in 1 wireless charging stations
Wireless stations like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Smart locks & smart entry keypads
Smart locks like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Other high demand products:


  • Organic tea & coffee
  • Beard oils & cosmetics
  • Temperature control ceramic mugs
  • Nano drones
  • A very interesting category of items that are increasingly popular in the US are NFTs (nonfungible tokens) that are sold online. This is a whole new niche of products which, although they may seem frivolous to many, are already worth billions of dollars as a whole market.
  • Home monitoring advanced systems
  • Pet carriers
  • Ashwagandha supplements
  • Matcha
  • Air purifiers
  • Power banks & solar power banks
  • Wireless charging stations
  • Baby carriers
  • Baby monitors
  • Organic lip balms
  • Compression socks
  • Electric longboards
  • Can organizers & openers
  • Water filters
  • Coffee machines & Nespresso machines
  • Yoga & pilates mats
  • Football accessories & football players bobbleheads
  • RFID blocking wallets
  • CBD & cannabis related products
  • Refillable travel perfume atomizers
  • Mini USB fridge cooler (e.g. for cola)
  • Unique remote controlers (like this Harry Potter remote control wand available on Amazon)
  • Unique wake-up light alarm clocks with coloured sunrise simulation
  • Bike helmets with lights



Which products Americans prefer?
Numerous surveys show that Americans are much more likely to choose products made in  USA. In surveys as many as 69% of American respondents indicated that they are more likely to buy a product when it is made in the USA. Slightly more than 83% responded that they would pay up to 20% more for products made domestically. (source)

What are top selling consuer staples in the US?
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spends $20,000 a year on essential consumer goods. The most important of these cost the average American annually (source):

  • Food at home: $4,464
  • Vehicle purchases: $3,975
  • Food away from home: $3,459
  • Entertainment: $3,226
  • Gasoline & other fuels: $2,109
  • Apparel & services: $1,866
  • Personal care products & services: $768

How American consumers are shopping?
The modern American consumer is brilliantly connected to the internet and uses a smartphone laptop pc or tablet to shop. More than 80% of Americans shop online. This trend is growing significantly and it is estimated that there will be nearly 30 million more online shoppers in the US market over the next 3 years. (source)

How to attract American consumers online?
Some of the best ways to attract the American online customer is to offer customer discounts, promotions and coupons with discounts. Networking and increasing brand awareness is also a good way to succeed in selling your products. Another important factor is to use high quality images of the products you sell, a friendly layout on your website, and provide an excellent customer experience. (source)

What are the product attributes that are important to American consumers?
Numerous sources indicate that the most important product feature for American consumers is product quality. Americans are much more likely to choose a product with a better quality, especially if it is written on the package or in the advertisement of the product.

Another important product feature are product claims (e.g. “cook in 3 minutes” or “organic product”). Important product features for American consumers are also innovativeness, i.e. offering better solutions than other products of a given type (faster, more precise, healthier, etc.). An important product feature is also product safety (e.g. “safe for pregnant women” or “non-flammable product”).


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And in your opinion, what products are currently in high demand in the US? Share your knowledge with us in the comments section below!

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