In this article we prepared a list of the best jobs for 17 year olds that pay very well. These jobs are really profitable and will certainly give you a lot of money. It’s possible, and actually not that hard to earn bigger money than your parents as 17 years old. You just have to choose the best job for you, and work hard and smart.

Most of the jobs listen below are suitable to be done in parallel with other job and high school. By doing several of the following tasks at once, you can earn enough money to cover all necessary expenses.  You will need a PayPal account for some of the jobs that we propose below. You need parental consent to wear them. Creating a PayPal account is very simple and free.





Average earnings: $2,750 – $7000 / month

If you have good drawing skills or you can create high quality graphics you can earn a lot of money in this way. You can find a lot of job offers for graphic designers on the internet. You don’t have to be of legal age to work as a graphic designer, nor do you need any education or degree. As a graphic designer, you can sell complex designs, but also simple ones such as creating a logo.
If you want to find graphic designer job, search for offers on and other freelance pages.



Average earnings: $2,750 – $10,500 month

If you know any programming languages (especially like Javascript, Python, Java, PHP, C ++) you can earn huge money as a programmer. A programmer can earn money by creating applications and selling them on IOS and Android, he can create applications on the website and earn a lot of money from advertising. The programmer can also program on request and offer his services on the Internet (as a freelancer) on portals such as and others. You can learn to program for free on the internet by searching for free courses on Google and YouTube.


Average earnings: $2,000 –  $8,000 / month

Many bloggers earn over $ 200 a day from one blog. The big advantage of making a blog is that you don’t have to work every day to earn daily. To be successful in blogging, you need to start by focusing on a niche that doesn’t have much competition. It is easier to earn a lot of money on the blog by writing on a less popular topic such as ideas for microwave dishes or canoeing, than on popular topics like fashion, health, and fitness, because there is already a lot of competition and it will be very difficult to break through.


Average earnings: around $4,000 / month

If you feel at ease in social media and you like to write posts and post short videos and photos then you can earn serious money. On the internet you will find a lot of job offers for social media coordinators. Every large company needs a good social media specialist who will ake their profile famous, and will attract the attention of many people. 


Average earnings: $1,000 – $9,000 / month

Flipping is quite simple in theory. The idea is to buy some cheap goods and then sell them more expensive. The best places for selling things are Amazon, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. One of the best places where you can buy cheap things is


Average earnings: $1,500 – $5,000 / month

If you have good grades in a subject, or if you know foreign languages well and are smart, you can earn a lot of money from tutoring and helping children with homework. Experienced tutors give 2-3-4 lessons each day, each for at least $ 20-30. That gives you around $ 400- $ 800 a week or more. Additionally, if you want to earn a lot more, you can tutor all Saturday which will significantly increase your profits.


Average earnings: $1,800 – $7,000 / month

Most older people need help with technologies and modern devices. You need to help them turn on netflix, update the software on their computer, help them use the Internet, or connect a computer or smartphone to wifi. It’s easy for 17-year-olds, and it will be very useful for older people. You have to set the rates for this help yourself, but you can probably count on at least $ 20-40 per hour. You can also count on tips and extra payments from older people.


Average earnings: around $1,200 / month

Walking dogs is a simple and pleasant job, ideal to combine with another job. You can walk many dogs at once to increase profits. On average, dog walker earns $17.5 for walk, but experienced dog walkers earn up to $20 – $40 for walk.

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Average earnings: $800 – $10,000 / month

If you feel good in front of the camera and like to talk to people and be a star, then vlogging can be your perfect job. Vloggers often earn a lot of money, depending on the number of subscriptions of their channel, the number of views and the subject of the blog. Pranksters earn the least (sometimes their earnings are even blocked). The most earning are channels that present some products to buy, such as smartphones, toys or clothes. The average vlogger earnings rate is $ 3- $ 5 for 1000 views.


Average earnings: $3,200 – $9,500 / month

On websites such as, or you can sell photos you have taken, if they are of high quality. The more photos you put, the more money you will have. Professional photographers insert hundreds or thousands of photos and earn a lot of money from it. To maximize your profit, you can sell your photos on several pages at once.

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  • Babysitting
  • Video game testing
  • Yard working (mowing, raking etx.)
  • Cleaning houses
  • Coffee barista
  • Lifeguard
  • Writer (ebook writer, copywriter, ghost writer etc.)
  • Receptionist
  • Delivery driver (pizza etc.)
  • Arts and crafts producing and selling

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