In this article we have collected 23 small town bar ideas which are perfect for small and medium cities. People everywhere sometimes need to go out to the bar, but not every bar attracts many customers and is profitable. So in order for a bar to succeed, it must be expressive and distinctive.

Below you will find many different ideas, one of which will definitely be perfect for your small town. When thinking about a new bar, take into account that it’s best to set up a bar whose character and type will not have competition in your city. It is also important to analyse what type of bar will best suit the residents of your city.


Sport bar

Many guys in each city like to relax for a moment alone or with their friends watching a match of their favorite team.

Dance bar or night club

People want to have fun, party and dance. Such a bar is needed in every city.

Neighborhood bar

Homely bar in the city center, where everyone feels good, even families with children.

Bar with live music / karaoke

A typical bar for couples, groups of friends and for colleagues meeting after work.

Bar with pizza

Everyone likes good pizza. It tastes even better in a cool bar with beer or wine. You can make such a pizza, for example, in this toaster oven available on Amazon.

Cheap bar 

A cheap bar serving affordable alcohol and drinks. Only for advanced drinkers.

Old, nostalgic bar

A unique, intriguing, fascinating and “different” bar, ideal for lofty discussions and deep reflection.

Rock / Metal bar

Such a bar should have the atmosphere inside like a good rock band concert.

Wine bar

A bar with good wines, romantic decor and intimate atmosphere. A good idea if many people like wine in your small town.

Elegant bar

Expensive and elegant bar, with good alcohols and rich interior design.

Craft beer bar

A bar with a wide range of craft beers. Snacks and a good beer atmosphere will be necessary in such a bar.

Bar & wegetarian restaurant

Green ecological bar for vegetarians (or vegans). A place where they can drink and eat without harming animals or the Earth.

Bar & grill

A place with the best grilled meat in the area. There is nothing like a grilled meat with good beer.

Cigar bar

A place for lovers of good quality tobacco. Good types of alcohols will be needed here.

Steakhouse & wine bar

Premium steaks served with properly selected wine.

Comedy bar

A bar with daily comedy performances and stand-ups.

Jazz bar

Bar with live jazz music and jazz concerts.

Irish bar

Saint Patrick, good Irish beer & Irish climate.

Mexican / Latin-style bar

Mexican beer and snacks, spanish music and palms inside.

Japanese liquors & sushi bar

Traditional Japanese types of sake and other alcohols which will increase appetite for sushi.

Burger bar

A wide selection of burgers and fries along with good beers and other beverages.

Seafood bar

A bar for seafood lovers. Fresh fish, shrimps, calamari and more.

French-style brasserie bar

Typical French brasserie with French music and decor.


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The best way to attract many customers is the high quality of the products offered in the bar, as well as the pleasant atmosphere and decor, friendly service and good music. In addition, you can attract more customers using the offers below:

  • Happy hours 
  • Broadcasting of major sport events
  • Vegetarian / Vegan friendly menu
  • Gluten free meals
  • Drinks promotions

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