In this article, we’ve collected ideas for the best things to sell in a gift shop. The ideas presented are top selling gift shop items that people like to buy for their loved ones and friends. An important feature of a good gift shop is that it is easy to find there awesome gifts for almost everyone.

In order for a gift shop to be maximally profitable, it must contain many different assortments. First of all, goods for women and men, various small things that can be useful in life, or will be perfect to stand on the shelf or serve as a home decoration. Other necessary things that must be in every good gift shop are gadgets, toys, decorations and other popular items that everyone likes.



1. Decorative mugs with a printed picture, nice inscription or hand-painted. Production of such a mug is not expensive and usually amounts to a maximum of several dollars and you can sell it calmly for a dozen or so up to $ 20 per piece.

2. Greeting cards 

3. Gift cards (Itunes, Amazon, Nike etc.)

4. Coffee thermoses

5. Interesting looking sunglasses for men and women

6. Unique and special handbands

7. Beautiful necklaces and other types of jewlery

8. Scented candles 

9. Silk bandanas

10. 2020 beautiful planners

11. Fluorescent bracelets like this one available on Amazon

12. Amazing and funny slippers e.g. like this

13. Funny or unique hats and caps

14. Elegant or unique cufflinks

15. Iron ForeverSpin spinning top like this 

16. Cool mini drones like this Star Wars one 

17. Mini board games like Monopoly

18. Wireless chargers

19. Water containers and water with fruit containters

20. Multitools for men

21. Bestselling books

22. 3D Puzzles like this one 

23. Smart bracelets like Xiaomi Mi Band 4

24. Smart watches

25. Headphones

26. Speakers like JBL

27. Cool powerbanks or solar powerbanks like this one

28. Unique pillow covers 

29. Pogo stick for kids like this one

30. Ornaments and art for decorating walls and flats like this one


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