In this article we will show you a set of ideas how can you earn with a bike and a vending cart.
What distinguishes vending carts from stationary shops or car ones is, greater mobility, energy saving and, above all, less investment to start.
Most of people have bike or can easily get it. If you have bike, you can also easily connect it to the  wending cart which you can build yourself or buy for good price.


List in brief:

Services carts

  • rickshaw bike
  • advertising agency – mobile billboards
  • bike marketing agency – promotes big companies and their products
  • flowers and bouquets delivery bicycle – good gift for your love for valentines
  • bike tours

Food  bikes

  • hot dog vending cart
  • ice cream vending cart
  • cotton candy vending cart
  • popcorn cart
  • roasted/ boiled chestnuts cart
  • crêpes vending cart
  • seasonal food bike
  • snack bike
  • grill bbq sausages cart
  • fruits cart
  • sweets & chocolates cart
  • taco cart
  • chips cart

Drink carts with

  • coffee
  • drink
  • lemonade
  • fresh fruit juice
  • smoothies
  • beer
  • cold water – in hot days
  • hot tea – in winter time

Items carts

  • mobile florist
  • mini kiosk – sell tissues chewing gum lighters and small items which everyone needs. The smaller items – the more of them your mobile kiosk can accomodate
  • umbrella cart

rickshaw bike

Rickshaw can be made of any cozy comfortable and solid chair attached to wheels.

It can be used like a taxi or like an exclusive attraction for couples and rourists.

advertising agency - mobile billboards

Pretty easy way to earn money. Builing your own billboard is generally easy.

If only your billboard cart is big enough, looks good and professional with it’s bike it can generate up to 500$ per month.


bike marketing agency

The idea is simple – marketing agency promotes any products of other companies. Bike agent show to the potential customers some products, offer free samples and advertise products and the brand. Bike with cart can be perfect for this to put all the samples and advertisement folders inside cart.

flowers and bouquets delivery bicycle

Nice surprising gift for Valentine’s, mother’s day, and every occasion.

bike tours agency

photo by ,some rights reserved
You’ll need at least 2-3-5 bicycles. It’s about showing your city to tourists. You should know good all the bike roots in tours place.

Startup Costs: $2,000 – $10,000

hot dog vending cart

Simple hot dogs. Think about locating your hot dog cart in any place with many hungry people who are in hurry.

ice cream vending cart

Best for summer. Especially good near playgrounds and places with kids.

cotton candy wending cart

You only need electric acumulator, cotton candy machine, stock of sticks and a lot of sugar.

popcorn wending cart

Pretty good business. Think about adding any flavorsor and attractions to your popcorn to make it special

roasted chestnuts cart

Roasted or boiled chestnuts cart. Sweet or salty.

crêpes vending cart

One of the easites things to do and so tasty!

seasonal food bike

Try to meet natural farmers and take food from them. If you will offer food quality natural food you will quickly get regular customers who will appreciate good quality of your food.

snack bike

The more snacks you will have on your bike/ cart the more attention you will draw.

grill bbq meat sausages cart

Real grilled meet! Why isn’t it yet popular?

fruit cart

Healthy lifestyle is getting more and more popular. You can add some information-banners on your cart about nutrients and vitamins of your fruits to let people realize they should buy something healthy from you.

Sell cleaned fruits ready to eat them without cleaning them once again in water.

taco cart

Small tasty taco – everyone loves it!

chips cart

Fresh chips + ketchup + mayoannaise. That’s all, to make most of people contented.

Always remember to offer tissues!

coffee cart

All you need is caffee express, good grains and little mixer. Sell caffee in small paper cups.

It’s always very nice to give any little cookie or a piece of chocolate to every coffee for free. This will leave your clients with very positive impression. Everyone loves to get small free things.

drinks cart

People often need to buy something to drink, for example cola. Offer them drinks in places which are far away from ather shops.

lemonade cart

Necessary drink on hot days.

fresh fruit juice cart

Natural fruit juices contain many vitamins and microelements. Best for families with children.

smoothie cart

Freshly mixed will draw attention to your cart.

beer cart

Cold beer can be popular product in peaceful areas like parks and beaches.

cold water cart

Best in hot days

hot tea cart

Best way to survive cold winter days

mobile florist cart

Find area where is no other florist. Many people need flowers, especially good idea to sell them in city centers.

mini kiosk cart

Sell many small items which every person wants or need. It can be small oddments but also tissues lighters and chewing gums.

umbrella cart

Many people will need to buy it in rainy day.

Umbrellas migh be also good protectors from the Sun

Image courtesy of Cenas A Pedal ,some rights reserved

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