River bank is  special place where people and tourists like to go to relax.  There is nice atmosphere and fresh air so people there are more eager to spend money and pay for nice things. That’s why a river bank, especially in the big city is a great opportunity for small business. 

The best things to sell there are:

1. Beverages

2. Snacks

3. Red roses 

4. Ice creams

5. Beer 

6. Cigarettes

7. Sunglasses
You can buy them here

8. Boat or barge transport or tour with helmsman

9. Tissues and wet wipes

10. Nice tshirts

11. Nuts

12. Sweets

13. Hand sanitizers

14. Lighters

15. Sprays against mosquitoes and insects


 Remember that you can make the most of your earnings at the bank of the river on weekends and on holidays, and during special events when there are most people. Stay up to date with what’s happening in your city. Items that you will sell there are best to buy cheaper on the internet. Some of them, like roasted nuts, fries or lemonade, you can prepare yourself.


 An improved version of selling on the river bank is selling items or food or drink from vending carts or bicycles. You can read here 28 ideas for business based on bicycle or vending cart. 

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