In this article we have prepared a list of production ideas that are the easiest to manufacture in home and will be a good choice for the first business. You can start producing them with very low capital, because creating them doesn’t require much. Just choose what is the best production idea for you and start doing it. With time you will gather a lot of experience . Things below are easy to start producing them and it is relatively easy to gradually increase their production level.

You don’t need to be well educated or to pass sophisticated courses to be able to produce all these things. You only need to ask google “how to make..”. And you will get answers that will show you how easily you can start your own small production, even today, with very low capital!



1. carpentry
Take piece of wood and just give it any nice shape.

2. soap

3. ceramic and pottery

4. perfumes

5. fireworks

6. simple flutes and simple instruments
(for example for little kids)

7. glue

8. mop

9. handmade paper

10. pillows

11. plastic dolls

12. air purifier
( fan + carbon filter + normal filter. Excellent in times of air pollution. )

13. handmade baskets

14. candles
(just heat wax, filter it when it is near-liquid state, remove any impurities, and add any dyes or perfumes and knot)

15. incense sticks

16. artisitc table lamps
(connect LED diod with wires, and make beautiful composition with other materials to make your lamp special and amazing)

Profitbale things that everyone can produce are also tasty food and snacks. For example you can prepare pizza in this mobile pizza owen and sell it to your clients. You can also sell many other various types of food.

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If you want to find over 160 business ideas and many production ideas look at that article 

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