We present below the 30 most unique things to sell at school to make money. We’ve compiled in this article the most unique things to sell at school together with the best-selling and the most profitable things to sell there. 

Depending on the school and the state in which it is located students prefer to buy slightly different things. The most popular things also vary among the youngest students, and the older ones from high schools. The basis for selling at school is a good recognition of children’s needs, as well as being an open person with whom others can easily talk.




These products should arouse the greatest interest. However you have to make sure they sell well at your school, not all children like it, some may like it and others don’t.


1. Cup Noodles – all you need is a kettle or a microwave at school and a lot of children will want it

2. Sell toasts made in Toaster  

3. Sell waffles made in Waffle maker

4. Order pizza to school and sell it’s pieces.

5. Sell Netflix accounts – just buy a Netflix account and sell account space to three people. You can even have several subscriptions to sell more accounts. For each account, charge the right markup, and it will pay off to students anyway.

6. Pads for girls – Yes, it can be a great idea for a business, but it requires discretion and delicacy to gain trust of the girls. Many school-age girls want pads, but are ashamed to buy or they forget to buy or don’t want to ask their parents to buy them. In some schools it’s a very profitable business.

7. Sell  homework – If you can write essays nicely and quickly, it can be profitable to offer them to students who don’t like to write. Selling service of doing other types of homework can also be a good school business idea.

8. Shoes cleaning service  – for 2$ – 5$ per pair, you can also offer to paint over scratches using acrylic paints to make shoes look more fresh and new

9. Pens and pencils – students always lose pens or pencils and need new ones. If there are no pens or pencils in the school store and the students have no place to get them, it can be a very profitable business with a large profit margin

10. Notes, scripts, flashcards old tests and study guides – sometimes notes and scripts with the most important information from classes can save students’ lives. Especially good idea in high school.

11. Pay to charge phone – All you need is a large power bank with several charging slots.

12. Baked goods prepared by you in home – If you know an easy way to prepare something delicious that can be sold in many small pieces then it can be a great business

13. Sell printed tshirts or hoodies with school logo, or any slogan that students will love to wear – T-shirts or clothes that reflect the spirit of the school can sell very well. Before printing t-shirts, it is worth consulting the idea of the appearance of t-shirts and clothes with friends and choosing the best rated design and pattern. Printing t-shirts or hoodies does not cost much and you can order such t-shirts e.g. here or look for a print shop closer to school. Just Google it.

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The following items are the ones that sell best at every school. They have proved to be very popular in many schools and certainly in your school many people will want to buy them. Remember to buy the following items in large packages in the best stores for the cheapest price.


14. Sour Patch

15. Snickers

16. Kitkat

17. Big kitkat

18. AirHeads Xtremes

19. Skittles Original

20. Takis

21. Caramello

22. Reeses

23. Hershey’s

24. Twix

25. Musketeers

26. M&Ms

27. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

28. Soda

29. Other popular sofr drinks like Green Tea Arizona

30 Mini oreo


Good ideas can be also  Chupa Chups lollipops. In addition, chewing gums sell well in some schools, but students usually have their own one or borrow one from a friend instead of buying from you. To find more ideas for unique things to sell at school watch your friends and peers and remember what they like to eat, buy and what they want most and what is in fashion. There are slightly different fashions at each school and students will also like to buy many other things that you need to discover.

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  • DO NOT sell what you like. Sell what CHILDREN like – listen carefully to what students would like to buy. If you can listen, you’ll quickly find out what’s best to sell at your school
  • Chocolates and bars can dissolve due to hot temperatures – watch out for them, because the dissolved ones will be harder to sell
  • Some brittle bars, cookies or chips can break or crumble if you don’t handle them carefully and don’t sell them quickly. That is why it is best to choose non-crumbling things or have a protective box for them.
  • The beginnings are always difficult. At first, your business may not be profitable. It will take you some time to figure out what and how to sell best to have maximum profits. Do not give up.
  • It may be a good idea to hire friends-employees who have classmates in other classes and will sell at other places in the school than you. This will allow you to profit from the whole school.

If you want to find more ideas and inspiration for selling in school be sure to check15 Best Things to Sell at School to Make Money Easily

15 Best Things to Sell at School to Make Money Easily

In this article we have prepared a list of 15 best things to sell at school. The things we collect are those that students in school buy most often and which they most often need.

– Disclaimer –

In this article, we do not encourage breaking the school regulations or taking any actions that do not comply with local statutes and rules. To start selling at school get permission from the school administration or make sure your actions are allowed.

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