In this article we have prepared 50 top things to sell at school besides food. There is whole lot of things to sell at school other than food that students need on a daily basis. The list of items we’ve collected includes the most profitable items and services that will earn the most money and will sell best.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top 50 things and services to sell at school besides food! Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or simply looking for innovative ways to make some extra cash, this article is tailored to help you explore a plethora of lucrative opportunities within the school environment. From trendy items to valuable services, we’ve curated a diverse list that caters to various interests and skill sets. Our aim is to provide you with practical insights and creative ideas that not only generate income but also foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Get ready to explore a world of possibilities and kickstart your journey to success by capitalizing on these 50 lucrative opportunities available right within your school’s corridors!


Cheap Gadgets, Trendy Items & Gaming Accessories


The best things to sell at school besides food are above all trendy, cool and awesome popular products that all children want to have. Look what all students want to have. What is currently popular on the internet that everyone wants to have? Buy these things in large quantities cheaply and sell more expensive at school and you will earn good money.

1. Glowing in the dark bracelets.
Buy the whole package like this and then sell by the piece. On every 1 bracelet you can get a 1 & margin. So for 100 such bracelets you can have $ 100 profit.

2. Collectible cards and other collectible items
For example baseball cards or any other popular collectible items.

3. Games, videogames and RPG figurines and accessories

4. Make up and beauty accessories for girls
Like lipsticks, beauty blenders, mascaras etc.

5. Phone cases and pop sockets 

6. Stickers for laptops, notebooks and phone cases

7. Simple but nice jewelry
It is important to sell jewelry which is not too expensive, but it must be really pretty. You can sell handmade jewelry as well as cheap jewelry bought online.

8. Phone chargers, powerbanks, cables, headphones, and other phone accessories.

9. Sports accessories
Like sport t-shirts, sportbands, wristbands, smartbands, backpacks etc.

10. Cool bluetooth speakers
Like JBL or like this levitating one

Cool Services For Kids


Definitely one of the most interesting things to sell at school besides food are all kinds of services. There are really many things you can do or prepare for students and get money for it.

11. Service of personalizing and painting shoes
You can do it with acrylic farb, or any other good quality farb.

12. Selling accounts with music and film services
Students love to listen to music and watch movies and series. There are many possibilities to give them online access to a mass of movies, music and even games. If you think a little, you’ll find many very profitable ideas of this kind.

13. Shoes cleaning and renovation service
Many students have nice shoes, but they look ugly as a result of dirt and damage. However, if such shoes are cleaned (for example with a damp sponge and soap) and the seizures and permanent dirt are painted over (so that all seizures become invisible) as a result, such shoes will again look like new straight from the store. That’s why many students will be happy to pay a few dollars for this service.

14. Tutoring.
Anyone who has at least some knowledge about some subjects, e.g. mathematics, can give tutoring. They can be given to, e.g. pupils from younger classes or children of friends. By giving private lessons you can easily count on earnings of around $ 30 per hour.

15. Selling scripts, notes and materials for exams.

16. Homework help and essay help.

17. Mobile phone load from powerbank.
One of the simplest businesses you can do at school. For example, 1  phone charging for 3 $.

18. Back massage
For example, you can take $ 2 to $ 5 for 10 minutes of massage.

19. Take and sell photos with a Polaroid or Instax (or any instant camera) and offer them to students.

20. Simple picture editing and video editing and mem creation for students
Many students will be happy to pay $ 1 up to even a few $ for a nice meme, photo or a funny movie edited for them 

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School Supplies


In all schools, children need pencils, pens, notebooks, proofreaders and other basic supplies needed for classes. They often forget to buy them sooner and prefer to buy more expensive at school.

21. Pens – buy a large pack of pens cheaply and sell each with a 50 cent markup. You will earn $ 10 for every 20 pens sold. It’s a really good and easy idea because children are constantly losing their pens and will always need one.

22. Notebooks

23. Markers and highlighters

24. Pencils

25. Pencil-cases, scissors, school glue

26. Paper and filler paper.

27. Kinetic sand, play doh, and crayola.

28. Rulers, sharpeners

29. File folders

30. Colourful pencils

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Clothing And Style Accessories 


Most teenagers want to be trendy and look fashionable. This is a good opportunity to earn on selling what most students will not buy on their own because they are too lazy to look for themselves in stores.

31. T-shirts and sweatshirts with the name of the school or the name of the school sports team
Such clothes with the school logo or name are a really good idea for most schools. Most students want to have one such clothing that in the future will be a souvenir from school times.

32. Hair clips and hair bands

33. Hair dyes – young students, especially teenage girls, like to paint their hair. Such hair dyes can be a desirable and valuable item at school. The most popular colors are red, green, blue, black, blond and ginger.

34. Cool pants and leggings

35. Cool underwear

36. Perfume

37. Fashionable and unique socks

38. DIY t-shirts

39. T-shirts with funny and cool prints

40. Handbags, sunglasses and other fashion accessories

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Awesome Things Kids Need And Love


Many students have a lot of savings and want to buy something really cool. The following items usually cost a little more, but they can be really very profitable to sell.

41. Electronics 
Like Apple eg. smartwatches, airpods, new or used smartphones and and other attractive electronic gadgets, e.g. Samsung. It may seem that children at school will not buy expensive equipment, but contrary to appearances, they often want to buy a new phone, smartwatch or something else and prefer to do it at school rather than look somewhere in the store.

42. Unique sneakers

43. Awesome toys

44. Small pets (like stick insects, hamsters, snails etc.) 

45. Cool products from thrift store 

46. Inexpensive drones

47. Bikes
Because of their large size, they can be sold after lessons.

48. Concert or event tickets

49. Scooters and electric scooters

50. Skateboards, fishboards, longboards. 

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15 Best Things to Sell at School to Make Money Easily

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– Disclaimer –

In this article, we do not encourage breaking the school regulations or taking any actions that do not comply with local statutes and rules. To start selling at school get permission from the school administration or make sure your actions are allowed.

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