We live in the world full of cheap, chemical junk food. The latest scientific research shows that eating such food everyday can be really harmful and leads to obesity, diabetes and many other bad health effects. That’s why in developed and developing countries healthy ecological food is getting really popular nowadays. Healthy and ecological food is especially popular among rich and medium class of society – which are likely to pay more money for good quality food because are more concerned about their health.  Healthy food goes together with healthy lifestyle. In this article we show you how to earn money with ecological healthy food and healthy lifestyle.
What is considered healthy food actually?

The first feature of the desired healthy food is its natural composition. The idea is that food does not contain excessive amounts of preservatives, taste enhancers and also does not come from genetically modified products. Generally, your customers will recognize that the food is healthy if it contains no chemical additives (such as chemical compounds that change the taste, durability or color of food) and when the food composition will only consist of ingredients found naturally in the world, which components are widely recognized as healthy.
So, to attract customers who want to buy healthy food you must beware of things like:

 –processed food is usually packed with preservatives and flavor enhancers so that it can be eaten for as long as possible.

– genetically modified food (GMO) According to many studies, genetically modified food is healthy, however, critics note that the amount of GMO research is still not very large and the long-term effects of GMO consumption are still unknown.

– monosodium glutamate (also known as sodium glutamate) is popular flavor enhancer (btw research shows that it’s probably neutral for health, but still it’s considered unhealthy and unnatural in the public opinion

sodium benzoate is a common food preservative. There are suspicions that it can cause hyperactivity in some children (hovewer more research is needed according to The European Food Safety Authority)

sulfites are preservatives and antioxidants. Reasearch shows that they can cause breathing problems, asthma and allergy – like symptoms.

sweetened beverages can cause obesity and diabetes if are drunk too often


In recent years, healthy and organic food among the educated and wealthy people has become a trend and is becoming more and more fashionable. It is already visible that this trend will continue and gradually more and more people will want to eat food that can be considered healthy.
People usually judge if the product is healthy quickly, by looking at the packaging and description.
If the product on its packaging contains the word “organic”, “natural” or “no preservatives” it will automatically find more people willing to buy it. Green color is also associated with natural ingredients and ecology so people looking for organic products will eagerly reach for packaging with prints in this color.

For this reason, it is to be expected that the branch of healthy organic and organic food will grow very rapidly in the near future, therefore it is now the best time to invest in such food.

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