Below you will find a list of the 100 best-selling organic products in the US. The following list is based on an in-depth BusinessNES analysis in which we analyzed trends in local and online stores in the US and the most popular and best selling products sold in them, as well as trends among US customers.



1. Organic berries (mostly blueberries & strawberries, raspberries)

2. Organic coffee

3. Organic tea

4. Organic eggs

5. Organic snacks (e.g. organic cheese snacks, organic crackers, organic bars)

6. Organic shampoo

7. Organic baby food (jarred food, yogurts, pasta)

8. Organic milk

9. Organic raw meat (especially chicken, beef, pork & turkey)

10. Organic rice

11. Organic hair care products (argan oil, henna powder, argan oil, shampoos, rosemary oil, hair dyes)

12. Organic honey

13. Organic chocolate

14. Organic apples

15. Organic spinach

16. Organic candy

17. Organic ham

18. Organic sausages

19. Organic protein shakes

20. Organic oatmeal & oats

21. Organic carrots

22. Organic make up & cosmetics

23. Organic soap

24. Organic juices

25. Organic coconut oil

26. Organic water (yes, that’s not a joke, organic water is very popular product)

27. Organic smoothie pouches

28. Organic wines

29. Organic skincare products (e.g. creams and skin serums)

30. Organic sweat removers & deodorants

31. Organic bananas

32. Organic potatoes

33. Organic tomatoes

34. Organic onions

35. Organic bell peppers

36. Organic butter

37. Organic cucumbers

38. Organic flour

39. Organic salad mixes & letuce

40. Organic tampons

41. Organic watermelons

42. Organic celery

43. Organic oranges

44. Organic protein powder

45. Organic mushrooms

46. Organic lemons

47. Organic corn

48. Organic garlic

49. Organic bread & bakery products

50. Organic avocados

51. Organic sugar

52. Organic green beans

53. Organic yogurts

54. Organic cabbage

55. Organic diapers

56. Organic sweet potatoes

57. Organic nail polish, gels & accessories

58. Organic fertilizers for plants, vegetables & lawn

59. Organic cherries

60. Organic mineral & vitamin supplements

61. Organic cantaloupe

62. Organic olive oil

63. Organic green onions

64. Organic cauliflowers

65. Organic spices

66. Organic pears

67. Organic pineapple

68. Organic ketchup

69. Organic tomato puree & paste

70. Organic pickled garlic

71. Organic sheets & bedding

72. Organic baby clothes

73. Organic sea moss

74. Organic nuts (mixed, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, brazil nuts)

76. Organic pickled okra

77. Organic baby shampoo

78. Organic gummy bears

79. Organic baby puffs

80. Organic asparagus

81. Organic clementines

82. Organic butter

83. Organic mangoes

84. Organic bath bombs

85. Organic organic pet food & dog treats

86. Organic canned & pickled food

87. Organic baby milk

88. Organic vegetables mix

89. Organic ginger

90. Organic quinoa

91. Organic organic herbal teas

92. Organic underwear

93. Organic grapes

94. Organic olives

95. Organic castor oil 

96. Organic peaches

97. Organic brocoli 

98. Organic limes

99. Organic mattresses 

100. Organic kombucha


Other popular & trending organic products:

  • organic kale
  • organic yeast
  • organic essential oils
  • organic rooibos tea
  • organic turmeric
  • organic unbleached flour
  • organic yerba mate
  • organic yeast
  • organic yarn
  • organic yoga mat
  • organic under eye cream
  • organic xanthan gum
  • organic xylitol
  • organic vanilla extract
  • organic plums
  • organic aromas
  • organic aloe collagen boosters
  • organic dry shampoo
  • organic dry cleaners
  • organic pickled ginger
  • organic jojoba oil
  • organic jams & jellies
  • organic jello
  • organic lip balms & lipsticks
  • organic lollipops
  • organic sheepskin for baby
  • organic lubes


Source: the above list was created after an in-depth market analysis by BusinessNES. Numerous stores and online retailers in the US were surveyed and an analysis of the best-selling products there was conducted.





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And in your opinion, what are the best selling organic products? Do you see any new trending products in the organic and healthy products market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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