France just recorded its highest ever temperature at 44.3 Celcius degrees. Ecological organizations are alarming. Global warming is progressing and regardless of what we think, the temperature on the Earth is constantly warming up. But what can an ordinary man do in time of climate change? What is the best thing to do in such a case to save the planet, and also to earn money on it yourself? 
In this article we present the best ideas for business in Global Warming times. 

There are many opportunities to save humanity and the planet from global warming and at the same time to develop the economy and earn money. The truth about humanity is that we usually do not want to do the right things, as long as it does not pay off or as long as tragedy not happens. So let’s combine pleasent with useful and consider anti-global warming business. Maybe if people realize that they really pay off to fight against global warming, then humanity will start to fight it on a larger scale.



In the times of global warming humanity will face four big problems: 

  • A) Lack of water
    As a result of the higher temperature on the Earth, some rivers will dry up and the level of groundwater will drop in many places. All people should have a greater supply of water than before, because the governments of individual countries may not be able to provide enough water for all people.

  • B) Lack of food

    Agriculture and animal husbandry will become much more difficult in many countries due to the increase of temperatures. In places where vegetables have grown so far, now they will wither because of temperature and lack of water.

  • C) High temperatures dangerous for health
    Heat will be the biggest threat for children, the elderly and the sick. It will be necessary to strengthen the protection of people against heat. New solutions will be needed.

  • D) Problem with rising level of oceans
    The rising level of the oceans will flood many areas where millions of people live. We will need to organize a new homes for these people, make possible to evacuate their property, and protect these people against sudden flooding.



We should do all what we can do to stop global warming. But it is highly possible, that unfortunately we are unable to control fully the proces of climate change, and there is high risk that climate will change and global warming will develop much more. 
So the thing that we must do is to prepare and adapt to the new climat. The one wich will be more harsh and much more unfriendly. Humans have great possibilities of adaptation. Thanks to technology and great minds of our scientists we can find solution for many problems. 

1. Bottled water with a long expiration date
People will have to store large amounts of drinking water in bottles. The problem is that today bottled water kept at home expires after 1 or 2 years. This is due to the short shelf life of water due to its plastic packaging. There is real need for drinking water in packaging that will be safe for consumption for at least 10 years after production.

2. Air conditioning
When the climate is getting more and more warmer, more and more people will need air conditioning in homes and places where they will be staying. This air conditioning must be very efficient, effective and can not easily break down so that it can work 24 hours a day every day.

3. Building cities under dome. With air conditioning and supplies that will allow to survive the most hot days. Many rich people would already pay for apartments and the right to live on a special, air-conditioned housing estate under the dome. There will be a very effective air conditioning that can not be broken (if that would happen people will fry under the dome during the heat), air filters in case of problems with air quality, and food storage and generators or mini power plant.

4. Barrels collecting water from rain from the gutter
Water from rain that falls, mostly sinks into the ground and flows into the rivers. The rivers bear this water to the oceans, and there it becomes unfit to drink. That is why it is worth collecting water from the rain!
All you have to do is put a huge barrel under the gutter of your home. After some time the barrel will be filled with rainwater and you will have 50 to 75 gallons (200-300 liters) of drinking water.
If you have such a barrel, you will have a water supply for a family of four to live for 25 days! (assuming that 1 person will consume 2 liters of water per day). The water collecting barrel is an absolute necessity during global warming! You can use the collected water also for watering the garden or growing vegetables.

You can buy such a barrel here in internet on Aliexpress or Alibaba and resell it or manufacture and sell your own barrels. 


5. Water desalination equipment
Due to the lack of sweet water, and too big amount of salty water very logical and economical idea is to desalinate water. Billions of people live near salt water and in the future probably many of them will need apparatus to make salt water become drinking water.

6. Survival kits 
All people should have a survival kit at home, in which there should be a basic amount of food, the most important drugs and the most necessary items such as multitool, flint and other necessary things to survive.

7. Vertical farming
Due to the high temperatures, the cultivation of fruit and vegetable plants will be more difficult on natural fields. For this reason, humanity is forced to develop vertical farming. It allows you to tremendously increase crop efficiency and multiply yields. In addition, vegetables and fruits grown in vertical farming are not exposed to too strong sun, because they are hidden. Vertical farming is also solution to the problem of overpopulation, because it allows to produce much more food than traditional farming. 

8. Solar panels and solar energy installation
Out of concern for the environment, more and more people want solar panels to gain ecological energy for their needs. Companies that offer installation and service of solar panels will be more and more needed.

9. Cultivation and breeding of private forests.
Many studies prove that forests produce a very favorable microclimate, create a coolness in the summer and retain heat in the winter. In addition, forests create oxygen and absorb air pollution.
The forest, however, can also be a source of economic profits! By growing trees you can then sell their wood. The wood of many species of trees is worth a lot.
You can also grow a bamboo forest that grows very quickly. There are a whole range of ways to earn money by growing a forest. It is important to understand that even if we cut 50% of our forest once every few years and then we will grow it and repeat this process, the ecological balance will be positive, because the trees will have a positive impact on the climate and the environment in the meantime. And when some of them are cut, new trees and plants will grow in their place.

10. Recycling company
That type od business is so great example of action that is both useful for humanity and pays off. Such a company simply needs to collect segregated waste. Then he can process and sell them as a new raw material needed for many other things. Recycling company can collect waste thanks to: people who are willing to give them to the company themselves, acquiring them from the environment, for example by taking trash from the most polluted fragments of rivers, lakes and oceans and then recycling them.

There is whole bunch of great things that we can do for humanity and our planet, and in meantime earn great money from that. Ecological businesses should be more popular. 
If you are interested in ecological business look take look at organic food business. This niche is going to be niche of the future. Read about that here. 


Ideas For Healthy Organic Food Business

Healthy organic food is future. The global organic foods & beverages market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% from 2017 to 2021! It is difficult to find a field in which it is worth investing as much as in organic food.

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