In this article we present a list of the best cheap things to sell at a fundraiser. These items are suitable for sale on various types of fundraiser. Because the prices of these things are not high, it is easy to get many people to buy these items. The sale of small items will be more profitable the more people will be at the fundraiser event.

When selling items at a fundraiser, it is worth remembering to have a nice and interesting stand, and to be open, nice and talkative to people. This will help to maximize sales. It is also very important to adapt the sold products to customers. For example, if your audience are children, you might want to think about selling small toys. If most people are women, it is worth selling items related to beauty, fashion and jewlery. Almost always there is a high demand for food, especially for delicious and fresh-looking appetizing food.




Various types of cakes

Phone chargers
like this one

Bracelets and necklaces




Fluorescent bracelets
Like this one 

Little plants in beautiful pots

Old books


Fresh juice


Cotton candy

French fries

Grilled cheese


Hot dogs

Cases for phones



Stones with handmade paintings

Video games


Crispy chicken strips

Decoupage wooden boxes

Decoupage wooden trays



If you like to create objects yourself, that’s perfect. Small items that are suitable for a gift can find many takers. Such items include clay pots, painted and drawn pictures, wood sculptures, various forms of art and decoupage, and everything you can create yourself that is pleasing to other people.

Food is always great idea to sell at a fundraiser. Here you can find more ideas for best food to sell there

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