In this article we have prepared 40 the best food stall ideas for school fairs. Most of the ideas listed below are classic fair food that is easy to prepare and everyone likes them.

The ideas presented below include both hot and cold food. A microwave will be needed to heat some types of food, so they will taste much better. A kettle with water or a coffee maker will also be useful. The food examples which are below should sell well and will certainly find many buyers. To maximize your income, it’s best to sell several different types of food on your stall.



Handmade pancakes 




Various types of cookies

Fortune cookies

Gingerbread man cookies

Apple pie

Carrot cake


Coconut cake

Angel food cake

Banana cake

Chocolate cake

Tortilla rolls

Grilled cheese

Pizza (sold in pieces)

Pumpkin spice pinwheels

Sweet potato fries


Cheese toasts


Mini burgers



Vegetable salads

Fruit salads


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Fresh juice


Grain coffee


Ginger lemonade

Strawberry lemonade

Mint lemonade

Green tea (remember to pour water at 180 ° F / 80 ° C – not warmer!)

Black tea

Hot chocolate

Indian milkshakes (mango lassi , avocado milkshake, and other milkshakes with cardamon, turmeric or ginger)


Yerba mate


How to make food stall nice and have many customers?

  • Decorate so that your stall attracts attention and looks nice
  • Be nice and kind to customers
  • Offer free samples of food to try how good it is
  • Orgnize competitions for free food (it will gather more people near your food stall)
  • Interesting banners with prices / offers / promotions / competition info


If you still need more inspiration for best fair food you can get inspired more on Pinterest


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