In this article we have prepared a list of the top 50 easy food to sell ideas that will be ideal for sale in every concession food stand, in restaurants, bars and many other places.

These foods are easy to prepare and selling them is not difficult or very problematic. Certainly all of the following 50 foods are a good idea for beginners at the first food business.


1. Toasts e.g. with cheese or cheese and ham are one of the easiest and simplest foods to make. To prepare them only toaster is needed. Even the pan itself may be enough to make them.

2. Grilled cheese

3. BBQ – you can easily prepare it in any place. All what you need to do it is frill or even only fireplace

4. French fries

5. Fried onion rings

6. Fried chicken wings

7. Fried chicken strips

8. Coffee – actually it’s not but people often need it and like to buy it and it is pretty easy to make it and sell

9. Beverages like soda cola, mountain dew etc. – are often needed in places where food is sold.

10. Hot dogs

11. Corn dogs

12. Pop corn – very easy one to make

13. Hot chocolate

14. Salads – vegetable salads, fruit salads etc.

15. Lemonade – you only need water, lemon and a little of sugar to make great lemonade

16. Smoothies

17. Nachos with hot cheese or with cheese sauce

18. Cookies – you can find many recipes for simple and tasty cookies. They are quite easy to sell and usually have at least a few days expiry date so they are easy to sell.

19. Pralines

20. Cotton candy

21. Falafel

22. Mini pizzas – and even normal type pizzas. You can bake them, for example, in this mobile pizza oven available on Amazon.

23. Ice creams – easy to sell if you have access to a fridge

24. Nuts – roasted, in salt, in chocolate or caramel e.g. roasted chestnuts

25. Freshly baked potato chips

26. Noodles

27. Baked beans – food easy to sell if you have a large pot to cook everything together. Serve well with bread in disposable dishes.

28. Cakes – some teapes of cakes are easier to sell – like ones without milka and cream which easily becomes stale

29. Skewers with meat or vegetarian ones

30. Dumplings – they just need to be baked or boiled. Big pan can be enough to serve them.

31. Pancakes

32. Crepes

33. Tacos

34. Burritos

35. Tart

36. Kebab and shawarma – skewers are enough to prepare them, but a good quality kebab machine available on Amazon can also be very useful.

37. Caramel apples

38. Fried cheese sticks

39. Quasedillas

40. Hummus with pieces of vegetables or bread

41. Macarons

42. Baklavas

43. Garlic bread

44. Calzone

45. Vegetables – are pretty easy to sell in general, but bad side of selling them is little markup

46. Shaved ice

47. Pretzels

48. Sweet potato fries

49. Bruschetta

50. Fried shrimps


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