In this article we prepared 100 best food vendor ideas for events and festivals that sell best, and are the most profitable to sell. At the beginning, the following list has the most popular and most profitable foods that will pay off the most. Food below is best for vendors, but can be also a great to start restaurant or bar. 

Remember that before you decide to sell food you should analyze what food and at what price it is sold in the area. It’s good to sell products that are not yet in your area. People will be interested in them, because everyone likes to diversify their lives and food and eat new things. 



1. French fries with sauce or ketchup

2. Belgian fries 

3. Popcorn salted, in butter, or sweet. One of the food vendor ideas for events with the highest markup. Popcorn’s markup often exceeds 1000%. 

4. Nachos with cheese or sauce

5. Cotton candy

6. Roasted nuts

7. Shaved ice

8. Funnel cakes

9. Donuts

10. Hot dogs with ketchup, mustard or sauces, or also with pickles and dried onion

11. Corn dogs

12. Grilled cheese

13. Onion rings

14. Ice creams

15. Fresh fruit juices

16. Cake pops

17. Coffee

18. Tea

19. Burgers

20. Pizza – it is one of the most profitable foods, but you will probably need mobile pizza oven to bake it. It can be also good idea to bake a pizza in a professional pizza oven and supply  it to your stand by car or motorbike, but it can cool down at this time.

21. Caramel apples 

22. Fried chicken e.g. chicken strips

23. Handmade pancakes 

24. Pretzels

25. Burritos

26. Sandwiches

27. BBQ

28. Fried cheese sticks

29. Chalupas

30. Sweet potato fries

31. Seafood with rice, in salads, or in sandwiches or in soups

32. Cheese toasts

33. Pralines

34. Shawarma

35. Sushi

36. Lasagna

37. Brownies

38. Muffins

39. Various types of cookies e.g. fortune cookies

40. Tortilla rolls

41. Pumpkin spice pinwheels

42. Tacos

43. Croissants with jam, ham, cheese , mozarella, vegetables or chicken 

44. Quesadillas

45. Mini burgers

46. Vegetable salads e.g. with chicken, feta cheese, mozzarella, shrimps or nuts

47. Fruit salads

48. Masa dosa

49. Paella with seafood or chicken

50. Asian chicken rice

51. Som tam thai food

52. Cakes – carrot cake, tiramisu, chocolate cake, coconut cake etc.

53. Hummus with vegetables, bread, vegetables, meat or beans

54. Crab in chilli or in butter and garlic

55. Fish ‘n’ chips

56. Avocado toasts

57. Piri-piri chicken

58. Soups like tom yum goong, tom kha or penang assam laksa

59. Freshly baked potato chips

60. Bacon with eggs, bread or vegetables

61. Mac and cheese

62. Teriyaki chicken

63. Gyros in wrap, sandwich or with solo vegetables

64. Tater tots

65. Baked potatoes with garlic butter or sauce 

66. Crepes

67. Macarons 

68. Calzone

69. Tamale

70. Ckicken fries

71. Meatballs in sauce with fries  vegetables

72. Tortellini

73. Vege burgers

74. Baked apple pie

75. Sausages

76. Baklavas

77. Noodles or ramen noodles

78. Smoothies 

79. Cocktails

80. Milkshakes

81. Crab chips

82. Fried rice e.g. with curry sauce

83. Bruschetta traditional italian appetizer

84. Spahgetti bolognese or carbonara

85. Garlic bread

86. Shaslyks

87. Poutine traditional canadian dish

88. Baked camembert can be served with sweet fruit jam or with meat

89. Moules

90. Kebabs

91. Baked beans served with fresh bread

92. Fondue Savoyarde

93. Flammekueche

94. Tart

95. Escargots

96. Shepherd’s pie

97. Puddings – rice puddings, meat pudding or banana pudding and many more

98. Dumplings 

99. Falafel

100. Pad thai




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  • Stand in the busiest place possible
  • Create several banners with capital letters in large font and place them in the best places to make them visible to as many people as possible. People must see your best offers from afar, so that your best goods and good prices can attract even from afar
  • You will need a team. To maximize profits, you need to split the tasks into sales people and those who provide ingredients and prepare ready food. 
  • Promote your business in social media. Let people see you. Marketing can be really powerful. 



The most profitable places for a food seller are festivals and concerts as well as major sport events. Large trade fairs can also be profitable. When your business earns enough money, you should think about investing in a food truck. It will increase business mobility. 

If you have a product that people love to buy, and in your area you do not have much competition, seriously analyze whether it will pay off to rent space for your own location. Rental of premises is usually expensive, but then your profits will probably be higher and such a business can really pay off.

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