Below, we’ve collected the 30 best goods to sell in bakery and an extra list of other most popular products to sell in bakery. In this article you will also find some of the most profitable bakery business ideas and tips to help you maximize your bakery profits.



1. Cakes 
Cakes are one of the most profitable products sold in most bakeries. The most popular types are chocolate cake, red velvet cake, cream cake, strawberry cake, cheesecake, carrot cake, banana cake, rainbow colored cake or unicorn cake.

2. Cookies
Cookies are another of the most profitable products to sell in a bakery. Due to their small size and cheap production cost, their profit margin is high. The best selling types of cookies are: chocolate chip cookies, hortbread cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, gingerbread cookies and peanut butter cookies.

3. Bread 
Bread is usually one of the top 3 best-selling products in most bakeries. The best selling types of bread are especially white bread, multigrain sourdough, brown bread, wholegrain bread and brioche.

4. Buns 
Buns are another of the top selling products in bakeries in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world. The most popular types of buns are plain, sesame, ciabatta, milk, cream and whole grain buns.

5. Bagels
Bagels are one of the most popular baked goods sold in bakeries. The best sellers are plain bagels, bagels with grains (with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, or a mix of grains), as well as pumpernickel bagels, salt bagels, blueberry and egg bagels.

6. Sweet rolls
The best selling types of sweet rolls are cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls, raspberry, strawberry and lemon rolls. One of the best goods to sell in bakery.

7. Puff pastry
Puff pastry is a great seller and one of the top must-haves of any bakery. The most popular are puff pastry with: cheese, apple, vanilla, ham, chicken, spinach, nutella, strawberry and raspberry.

8. Mini pizza & Pizza slices
A popular product that brings in big profits in many bakeries are mini pizzas or slices of whole freshly baked pizza. This is a good way to attract additional customers to the bakery. After all, a lot of people love pizza.

9. Sandwiches
A great product that sells well in almost every bakery is also sandwiches, especially with ham, cheese, tomato, chicken and egg.

10. Donuts
A very popular product that should not be missing from any bakery are also donuts. The most popular types of donuts are glazed donuts, chocolate filled donuts, peanut donuts, fuit filled donuts, cream filled donuts and powdered donuts.

11. Croissants 
A very popular baked product that no bakery should be without is croissants. The best selling croissants are those with chocolate, cream, and various sprinkles. Croissant sandwiches are also great sellers.

12. Tarts & minitarts
Tarts and mini tarts are a great product to sell in a bakery and have many admirers. The best types of such tarts are spinach and cheese tart, tart with , strawberries, raspberry and blueberry tart and also apple tart and egg tart.

13. Pies
Pies are another of the best goods to sell at bakery. The most popular are apple pie, pumpkin pie, cream pie, custard pie, meringue pie, galette and chiffon pie.

14. Cupcakes & Muffins
Cupcakes and muffins are very profitable bakery items that are very popular. The best types of cupcakes and muffins to sell are chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla, cream, hazelnut and red velvet.

15. Baguettes
Baked goods that no bakery should miss are also biagiettes. Not only regular baguettes, half-baguettes, and those with olives sell well.

16. Coffee
Coffee is one of the most profitable products to sell in a bakery as it has a high markup and is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is worth offering different types of coffee from a good coffee machine such as black coffee, espresso, latte, iced latte and cappuccino.

17. Pretzels
Pretzels are another popular baked goods that sell well at the bakery. The most popular ones are pretzels with salt, sesame, and poppy seeds, cinnamon sugar pretzels, and seed mix pretzels.

18. Garlic bread
A popular bread that has many lovers is various forms of garlic bread. Garlic half-baguettes and garlic buns are the most popular ones.

19. Pralines & chocolates
Pralines and chocolates are also products that are ideal for bakery sales. They do not take up much space, are  perfect for a small gift or treat and very profitable.

20. Focaccia & rissino 
Italian baked goods are some of the tastiest in the world and very profitable to sell. The best of these are focaccia and grissini with olives, tomatoes, rosemary and garlic.

21. Granola & yoghurts with frutis and cereals
Also notable products good for bakery sales are granolas and yogurts with cereals, fruit, chocolate, honey or maple syrup. These are particularly profitable products in bakeries located in busy areas such as downtown.

22. Wraps
A product to consider for sale in busy bakeries are wraps. Similar to sandwiches or mini pizzas, many people like to eat them during breaks from work or school.

23. Gluten free baked goods
More and more people are choosing to buy gluten-free products, so it’s a good idea to have at least a few of these types of products in your bakery’s inventory, such as gluten-free bread, rolls, and pastries.

24. Biscuits
Various types of sponge cakes are also a very good product to sell in bakeries. They can be sold by the piece or in packages of several or a dozen pieces.

25. Flatbreads (tortilla, naan, pita)
Flatbreads such as tortillas, pita and naan are also products that are ideal to be sold in the bakery.

26. Fresh squuezed juices & water
Drinks such as water and fresh-squeezed juice are also some of the best-selling products in bakeries. Many people are thirsty and the demand for such drinks is always high. Soda sales can often be profitable as well.

27. French macarons
Some of the most popular sweet treats for sale at the bakery are French macarons. Not only do they look pretty, but they also taste delicious, so they are perfect for bakery sales.

28. Milk, butter, cheese, jam, ham (in residential areas)
If bakery is located in a residential area offering products like milk, butter, cheese, jam, ham and others can also be very profitable.

29. Meat bread & meat pie
Interesting types of baked goods that can be very profitable are all kinds of bread, pies and meat rolls. Popular examples of such products are meat buns, bacon bread, stuffed french bread and garbage bread.

30. Meringues
Meringues are also a well-selling product in bakeries. Small, large, with fruit, in various flavors, as well as with sprinkles, glaze or other additives.

TOP 30 Best Goods to Sell in Bakery
TOP 30 Best Goods to Sell in Bakery



1. It might be also profitable to offer breakfasts in a bakery (omelettes, scrambled eggs, toasts, croissant, coffee, ham, orange juice  etc.)

2. Offering making cakes for birthdays, weddings, holidays (mom’s day etc.) might be also very profitable idea for bakery business.

3. Organic baked goods – Healthy, organic food is becoming more and more popular. This also applies to baked goods.

4. Vegan baked goods – to attract more customers, it is also worth offering at least a few vegan products (and labeling them appropriately).

5. Paska, challah, sicilian, Chocolate babka

6. Refrigerated baked goods (refrigerated dough / biscuit dough, frozen pies, refrigerated pizza, cheesecake and other products) might be an interesting idea to offer in a bakery.

TOP 30 Best Goods to Sell in Bakery
TOP 30 Best Goods to Sell in Bakery
TOP 30 Best Goods to Sell in Bakery
TOP 30 Best Goods to Sell in Bakery



1. Sell online – be present online, advertise your bakery, and offer online sales (can be wholesale).

2. Sell at events – this can help to promote your business and gain extra money.

3. Contact local schools, restaurants & shops – they might be interested in buying your baked products.

4. Good marketing – social media & adds, as well as good banner and attractive look of your bakery will attract more customers.

5. French bakery, Italian bakery, Mexican, Georgian bakery – such regional bakeries are a great business idea that can attract many interested customers

6. When opening bakery,  consider what type of customers dominate in the given location.
There are 2 main types of bakeries – grab & go bakeries and bakeries that sell baked goods and food that people then eat at home.
In grab & go bakeries (located e.g. near a university or in the city center) it is profitable to sell more snacks like mini pizzas, puff pastry, cookies, pizza slices and sandwiches. Bakeries located in residential neighborhoods will sell more regular breads, baguettes, and rolls.

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