In 2024, the Canadian online marketplace is brimming with opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and businesses. To guide you in capitalizing on these opportunities, we’ve meticulously compiled a list of the top 30 products to sell online in Canada. This list is the result of an extensive analysis combining data from major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Kijiji, eBay, and Walmart, along with insights drawn from Google trends. Our research offers a comprehensive view of what’s hot in the Canadian market this year, ensuring you have the information needed to make informed decisions about your online sales strategy.

Understanding the current consumer behavior and market trends is crucial for any successful online venture. The products we’ve identified not only reflect the current demand among Canadian shoppers but also showcase the diversity of the Canadian market in 2024. From tech gadgets and wellness products to eco-friendly items and home essentials, our list is tailored to help you tap into the most lucrative and fast-moving segments of the online retail space in Canada. Stay ahead of the competition by exploring these top 30 products, each with its unique appeal and market potential.



The following product categories are of most interest to Canadian buyers. To maximize profits be sure you are selling newer and better versions of products that are already widely available. This will allow you to outperform the competition.


1. New gadgets
Canadians are enthusiastic about the latest technologies and high-quality solutions. Hot products in 2024 include advanced phone and laptop accessories like ergonomic mouse pads, UV light sanitizer boxes, and innovative air purifiers. Staying ahead of tech trends is key.

2. Organic food & healthy fast food
Canadians’ preference for organic and healthy options continues to grow. High-demand products include organic baby food, fruits, vegetables, and organic protein powders. Introducing an organic variant of a popular product that’s not yet available in the market could be particularly profitable.

3. Locally produced/sourced products
There’s a strong market for high-quality, original items in Canada. Products with regional authenticity, such as genuine Italian olives or French cheeses, are highly sought after. Emphasizing the origin and uniqueness of these products can significantly boost their appeal.

4. New trending apparel & accessories
The fashion sector remains lucrative, with a particular emphasis on trending clothing and accessories. In addition to clothing, it is also profitable to sell popular accessories such as sunglasses and hats (Amazon).

5. Personalized products
Customized items, such as personalized jewelry, custom artwork, and made-to-order clothing, offer a unique selling proposition and can command higher prices due to their personalized nature.

6. New healthcare items
Products in the healthcare category, like advanced knee-care products, wireless nurse alert systems, and cutting-edge blood pressure monitors, are seeing increased demand. High-quality and innovative healthcare items are particularly profitable.

7. Footwear
Unique, trending, or luxury footwear continues to be a strong market in Canada. Pay close attention to emerging trends and consumer preferences in footwear to capitalize on this sector.

8. Smart jewelry
Like smart rings, smart health monitoring bracelets or invisawear safety jewelry which can notify up to 5 people and police if anything dangerous happens (Amazon).

9. Subscription box service
This is a new type of service that is becoming more popular to sell in Canada. Examples of these subscription boxes include boxes of children’s toys, candy or collectible items.

10. Educational products
Since both homeschooling and adult education are popular in Canada selling quality products in this category is one of the best business ideas.

11. Skincare products
There are constantly many new skincare products and accessories on the market. Their sale is very profitable, provided you choose the right product for which there is high demand and little competition.

12. Kitchen gadgets
Great selling products in Canada are various practical and useful accessories and gadgets for the kitchen. Examples of these include: pasta strainers for pots, vegetable choppers or oil sprayers (Amazon).

13. Advanced robots with practical applications
Newer and more advanced versions of the robots are available every year making it a great product to sell in Canada. The most popular of these robots are cleaning robots, cooking robots and programmable robots for kids and teens (Amazon).

14. Pet accessories
Pet lovers like to buy new gadgets and interesting items for their pets. The best sellers are new, improved items with more features and better design such as: leashes, collars, and harnesses.

15. Plus size fashion & shapewear
Obesity is a fairly common problem in Canada. About 1 in 4 Canadian adults (26.6%) are currently living with obesity so plus size clothing, slimming clothing and weight loss products are a very profitable category of products to sell.

16. Used products
Used products are a broad category of things that can sometimes be very profitable to sell. Used brand name clothing, collectibles, vintage products, antiques and many other categories are products that many Canadians want to buy.

17. Sport & outdoor
This is another popular product category among Canadians. Things like attractive water bottles (Amazon), sportswear and a massage guns are examples of products that are in high demand.

18. Supplements & brain pills
Since health is an important issue for Canadians a lot of people buy different kinds of dietary supplements. Brain pills that support brain function are also in high demand.

19. Reusable shopping bags
Since concern for the environment is no stranger to Canadians reusable shopping bags are something that almost every person in Canada owns. Currently available bags of this type on the market are often outdated, archaic and lack an interesting design. High quality bags of this type would certainly be a great product to sell in Canada.

20. Reusable food storage bags & boxes
This is another very attractive category of products to sell. Examples of such trending products in Canada are resuable sandwich bags and resuable food silicone bags (Amazon).

21. Home Automation and Smart Devices
With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), products that automate and simplify home management, such as smart thermostats, smart lighting systems, and voice-controlled devices, are in high demand.

22. Vehicle accessories
Such as car cleaning kits, nylon recovery kits, in-car phone accessories or special organizers for cars (Amazon).

23. Senior gadgets
Canada is a country full of seniors who often need care and help. There are many products that are very useful for seniors, such as: rechargeable hearing aid, reacher tools, or special smart toilets for seniors (Amazon).

24. Stress relieve aids & accessories (including sleep aids)
Like weighted blankets which are thought to help with anxiety. The weight while you’re sleeping also helps to promote a better night’s sleep.

25. Maternity & toddler clothes and accessories
Many moms want to choose the best products for their children, so the new gadgets and equipment in this category are products that Canadian moms are willing to pay for, as long as the products are better than previously available products of the type. Examples of such products include sterilizer dryers, organic baby food and baby bottles (Amazon).

26. Toys & games
This is a very broad and profitable product category to sell around the world, including Canada. The best selling new trending products among kids are Disney interactive figures, Legos, new popular dolls or unique smart nano drones (Amazon).

27. Organic tea & coffee
Specialty teas and coffees, such as detox teas, organic herbal teas, matcha, and high-quality ground coffee, are in high demand. Along with these, accessories for brewing and enjoying these beverages are also profitable.

28. Camping & garden & travel products
Like sleeping pads for tents, high quality tents and products for glamping (“glamorous camping”), vertical plant stands, irrigation kits or garden lamps..

29. Cosmetics & make up 
This is a great category full of numerous opportunities to start a profitable business in Canada. Most popular are new make up accessories, new organic cosmetics and cosmetics based on original and natural products from different countries of the world such as argan oil from Morocco, coconut oil from Phillipines or green tea from China.

30. Anti-aging products
Many people want to look younger and stop aging. Many products, creams and tools can help with this to some extent. Such products are in high demand in Canada.


Other best-selling products in Canada include:


Health and Wellness Gadgets: Items like advanced fitness trackers, smart yoga mats, and wellness apps are gaining traction, especially as people become more health-conscious.

Remote Work and Home Office Supplies: With the increase in remote work, products that enhance the home office experience, like ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and high-quality webcams, are in demand.

Gourmet and Specialty Foods: There is a growing market for specialty food items, including artisanal chocolates, exotic spices, and gourmet cooking ingredients.

DIY and Craft Supplies: With the rise of the maker movement, supplies for DIY projects, crafts, and hobbies are becoming increasingly sought after.

Fitness and Exercise Equipment: As people focus more on fitness, products like smart exercise equipment, home gym setups, and innovative fitness gadgets are in high demand.


 As well as:


  • computers & electronics
  • furniture
  • wine
  • cannabis & hemp products and accessories
  • books
  • beauty products
  • portable wearable devices
  • smart lamps
  • smart home
  • smart speakers
  • yoga accessories
  • body massager gun
  • water filters
  • electric toothbrush
  • water bottles
  • led lights
  • bags and totes
  • mugs
  • wall art
  • gardening furniture

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What are the most important needs of Canadian consumers?
Surveys show that the most important product attribute that determines whether Canadian consumers will buy a product is product quality. According to this survey, Canadian consumers would be most willing to pay for healthier products (55% of respondents) and locally produced or sourced products (50%) (source).

How to attract Canadian consumers online?
Research shows that Canadians are 4 times more likely to buy products online from .CA domains than .com domains. The CA domain inspires more confidence and trust and indicates the location of the stores in Canada. In order to register a .CA domain, individuals, businesses or organizations must meet CIRA’s Canadian Presence Requirements. (source)

Which products Canadians prefer?
Seven in 10 Canadians say they prefer making online purchases from Canadian retailers when they have a choice. For this reason, foreign sellers should consider conforming to Canadian norms and customs and inspire as much trust as possible. (source)


What are the rules for selling products to Canada?

  • When you sell products to consumers in Canada, you’ll need to make sure that you’re complying with various rules and regulations.
  • You’ll need a business license in order to sell products in Canada
  • You’ll need to registered your business and gained a seller’s permit from the authorities.
  • You’ll need to register for GST  (the goods and services tax). GST is a 5% tax on the supply of most goods and services in Canada. It is charged in every province, either separately or as a part of the harmonized sales tax (HST). You can register for GST online or via telephone or mail
  • You’ll need to abide by provincial internal sales laws. This primarily means providing consumers with the necessary information before purchase by providing access to your terms of sale.
  • Quebec’s language law  requires your website to be available in French if you sell your products or services in Quebec. Also all businesses that sell products or services in Quebec must have a French business name.

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And in your opinion, what are the best products to sell in Canada? What is the most in demand? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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