In this article, we unveil the top 30 items you can sell at football games to turn a profit while catering to the vibrant energy of match day. These items aren’t just random picks; they are the most sought-after by fans immersed in the excitement of football matches.

At the core of match day sales are beverages, snacks, and food – the perennial favorites of spectators. These items are not only popular but also easy to sell. However, the key to success lies in tailoring your offerings to local preferences. In some regions, grilled meats are the go-to choice, while in others, fans might lean towards fries and nachos. Weather plays a crucial role too. On sweltering days, cold drinks are the champions, whereas chilly weather sees a surge in demand for hot coffee and tea.

Beyond the basics, football-themed merchandise also enjoys a high demand. This includes football accessories, fan gear, and even collectibles like player cards from top football teams. Such items tap into the fans’ passion and enhance their game-day experience.

List Of The Best Things To Sell At Football Games

1. Popcorn: A classic snack that’s easy to prepare and serve.

2. Peanuts: Offer both shelled and unshelled varieties.

3. Hot Dogs: Consider a range of toppings to cater to different tastes.

4. Foam Fingers: Great for showing team spirit.

5. Nachos with Cheese: Add options for extra toppings like jalapeños.

6. Bottled Water: Essential for hydration, especially on hot days.

7. Cans of Cola: Include a variety of popular soda brands.

8. Pretzels: Soft pretzels with options for dipping sauces.

9. Energy Drinks: Cater to those needing a quick energy boost.

10. Sunglasses: For daytime games, especially in sunny climates.

11. Team Scarves: Popular in colder weather and for showing team pride.

12. Personalized Jerseys: Offer customization services for names and numbers.

13. Inflatable Balls: Fun for kids and easy to carry.

14. Mini Helmets: Collectible items for die-hard fans.

15. Hot Chocolate: Perfect for colder match days.

16. Chocolate Cookies: Offer a sweet treat for dessert lovers.

17. BBQ Steaks/Sausages: A hit for meat lovers, served with popular sauces.

18. Team Logo T-shirts: Stock up on various sizes.

19. Team Logo Hoodies: Ideal for colder weather.

20. Team Logo Caps: A fan-favorite accessory.

21. Beef Jerky: Easy to store and sell.

22. Lollipops: A hit with younger fans.

23. Pennants: Collectible and easy to carry.

24. Thunder Sticks: Enhance the game day atmosphere.

25. Funnel Cakes: A sweet and popular stadium snack.

26. Corn Dogs: Easy to eat while walking around.

27. French Fries: Offer different seasoning options.

28. Game-Used Gear: Authentic items like jerseys or balls used in games.

29. Bobbleheads: Popular collectibles like the Lamar Jackson bobblehead available on Amazon (ensure you have the right to sell licensed merchandise).

30. Football Trading Cards: A must for collectors.

31. Cheese Ball Bites: Bite-sized and delicious.

32. Potato Chips: Offer a variety of flavors.

33. Hot Apple Cider: A warm treat for chilly days.

34. Coffee: Include options like regular, decaf, and flavored.

35. Lemonade: A refreshing choice, especially for daytime games.

36. Ice Creams: Various flavors to cool off in hot weather.

37. Footballs with Pump and Tee: For fans who love playing as much as watching.

38. Face Paint: In team colors, for fans who love to show their spirit.

39. Reusable Water Bottles: Eco-friendly and practical.

40. Seat Cushions: Enhance comfort for long games.

41. Portable Chargers: For fans who use their phones extensively.

42. Team Flags: Great for waving during key moments.

43. Hot Wings: A popular and flavorful snack.

44. Temporary Tattoos: In team logos or mascots, fun for all ages.

45. Hand Warmers: Essential for keeping warm in cold weather games.

46. Team Keychains: Small, easy to carry, and always in demand.

47. Wristbands/Bracelets: In team colors, popular among younger fans.

48. Sports Drinks: Hydration with a boost of electrolytes.

49. Photo Booths: With team backdrops for memorable photos.

50. Grilled Corn on the Cob: A healthier and tasty snack option.


What is The Most Popular Food at Football Games?


Football games, with their electrifying atmosphere and passionate fans, aren’t just about the sport; they’re also a celebration of communal dining experiences. At the heart of this culinary festivity is a range of popular foods that have become almost as integral to the game day experience as the action on the field.

The most iconic of all, hot dogs, reign supreme in the realm of football game cuisine. Easy to hold and eat in the midst of all the excitement, they offer a quintessential American experience, marrying convenience with flavor. Typically served in a soft bun and often adorned with a variety of condiments like ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish, hot dogs are a fixture in the hands of cheering fans.

Not far behind in popularity are nachos. This Tex-Mex favorite, consisting of tortilla chips generously topped with melted cheese, jalapeños, and sometimes chili or ground beef, is a flavorful and filling option. The dish’s shareable nature makes it a communal food, perfect for groups of friends huddled together in the stands, bonding over their shared love for the team and good food.

Another crowd-pleaser is popcorn. Its irresistible aroma wafts through the air, drawing fans to its simple yet satisfying taste. Popcorn is easy to snack on without missing a moment of the game, and its crunchy texture makes it a satisfying munch.

Burgers, too, command a significant presence. Their customizable nature allows fans to choose their toppings, creating a personalized meal that’s both hearty and gratifying. From cheeseburgers to ones with gourmet toppings, they cater to a wide range of tastes.

Beverages play a crucial role in complementing these foods. Soft drinks, from cola to root beer, provide the sweet fizz that contrasts well with the savory snacks. For those chilly evening games, hot chocolate and coffee are staples, offering warmth and comfort in every sip.

Each of these foods carries with it more than just flavor; they embody the spirit of the game. They are the unsung heroes of football matches, enhancing the experience by engaging another sense – taste. The act of eating at a football game is communal, a shared ritual that unites fans not just in their support for the team, but in their love for the simple joys of good, classic game day food.

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If you’re seeking additional ideas for food or snacks to sell at football matches, find inspiration in this article

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