In this article, we present 30 best things to sell at football games. The ideas below are the things that people most often buy during football matches.

The most basic things that people like to buy during football games are primarily beverages, snacks and food. They are the easiest to sell. Depending on what people in your city like to eat and drink, you must adapt to their needs. In some cities, people prefer to eat grilled meat and in others, fries and nachos. It is also important to take into account the weather. On hot days, nothing sells better than cool drinks. However, when it is cold, hot coffee and tea will sell well.

During football matches, things related to football such as football accessories, things typical for football fans, as well as football collector’s items such as cards with players of the best football teams sell very well too.


1. Popcorn

2. Peanuts

3. Hot dogs

4. Foam fingers

5. Nachos with cheese

6. Bottled water

7. Cans of cola

8. Hot chocolate

9. Chocolate cookies

10. BBQ steaks / sausages

11. T-shirts with the team logo

12. Hoodies with the team logo

13. Caps with the team’s logo

14. Beef jerky

15. Lollipops

16. Pennants

17. Thunder Sticks

18. Funnel cakes

19. Corn dogs

20. French fries

21. Game-used gear

22. Bobbleheads (for example Troy Aikman bobblehead like that one on Amazon)

23. Football trading cards

24. Cheese ball bites

25. Potato chips

26. Hot apple cider

27. Coffee

28. Lemonade

29. Ice creams

30. Footballs like this one with pump and tee


If you need more ideas for food or snacks that you can sell during football matches, look for inspiration in this article

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