Pregnancy does not have to be unproductive time. There is many things that you can sell while you are pregnant and many things to do to earn  money during time of unemployment. Below you can see best things to sell and to do, to earn some nice extra money during that time. These activities are quite simple to do. They do not require much effort and can be done without stress or rush. If you will do your best and focus on any of the ideas below, then you can even make online selling a source of your permanent income.



Jewelry is light and does not have to be expensive. Selling jewelry online will not only be easy, but it can also give you a lot of pleasure. After all, most of women love jewelry.
You can order some Jewelry on Aliexpress here.


Slimming clothes become very popular in last years. People prefer to buy them on the Internet because they are often ashamed to go to the store and buy it in person.
You can order it here on Aliexpress.


Athleisure is a new genre in fashion. Combines sport and normal daily clothing.
You can order it here on Aliexpress.


More and more people want their home to be safe because they install cameras in them. Thanks to cameras that are synchronized with the mobile app on the phone, many people feel safer and thieves are afraid and do not steal from camera-protected homes.
You can buy such a camera with mobile app here on Aliexpress.


You can find many old banknotes and coins on the internet at the flea markets and at yard sales. Search for the most valuable banknotes and coins. People often do not know their value and sell it much cheaper than their real value.  You will check their value on Ebay or Amazon by entering the name and year of a the banknote or coin and by including the search filter “sold items”.
Banknotes and old coins is a nice idea for women while pregnant, because it is easy to sell them cause they are light and even if you have to go to the post office with 10 sold items, they will still be light enough so you can do it without a problem.


Every parent knows how big the problem is to cut the children’s nails. Sometimes it is really difficult and can even be unpleasant. A new invention that solves this problem is the electric baby nail trimmer, which allows you to shorten the nails of children easily and without any problem.
You can buy baby nail trimmer here on Aliexpress.


For start, get rid of all unnecessary lumber. Clothes that you do not wear anymore, shoes that are two sizes too big you never walked in, perfumes you got and never unpacked, books you do not need anymore, electronics you do not use. And lots of other stuff. You will certainly find a lot of items that someone would like to buy online. Earned money will be more useful to you than unnecessary stuff.


A great way to easily sell things online is to contact your friends and family and ask them if they have the items they want to sell. Just tell them that offer: Now while I am pregnant I have some time and I want to sell things online. Give me list of items that you want to sell, and if I sell them, we will share the profit in half. If you ask that question to many of your friends for sure some of them will like your offer and for sure you will have nice income from that. Most of people do not have time to sell things online. Meanwhile average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year (source: Huffpost), and in average american house there is 52 “worthless” items worth 3100$ lying around. That’s so many things that can be sold!


To start dropshipping you do not need much money to invest. At the beginning you can suffer losses, but you should quickly find out how to make your assets profitable. 
Dropshipping is selling products that are still ovned by supplier. When you sell a product, you buy it from a supplier (at a lower price) and sell it more expensive to your customer.
Dropshipping is a brilliant way to sell things and make money while pregnant because you do not have to ship all the sold items. The supplier makes the entire delivery. Your only task is to coordinate the sale of items and contact the supplier in order to give him information on which address he will send the package with sold item.


There is one special kind of things on internet that you can buy cheaper and then resell it for more money without even going out of your home. This is something like dropshipping, but even more clever than that. The most important thing is to check for how much these items are sold on the Ebay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and elsewhere. Check the highest prices for which services are sold by setting the filters “sold items”. Later, find the cheapest (but also good!) offer for the same service on the Internet. Then sell this service for as much as $ it would pay you. This way to sell things is really good one while pregnant, because you don’t even need to go out of home to do it. Things that you can sell in that way are:

  • Selling likes, followers shares or anything like that on social media.. You only need to find cheapest offer (with good reviews) and then create your offer on facebook or ebay or amazon with that item but offer it with your own markup. When your client buys your offer, you just buy likes from the original one offer and everything is done. You can find many cheap offers of follows and likes on Google.
  • Selling logo desing. Offer logo design for let’s say $10 for logo. When your service is paid, pay let’s say $5 to original provider of logo desing service.  You can find many offers of logo desing on Fiverr.
  • Short video editing. Offer your service of video editing for like $10 for 5 minutes editing. Then buy video editting offer for like $5. 
  • There is many other types of such services that can be sold with markup. Use your imagination and do some research and you will find some new ideas.

If you need some more  ideas for best things to sell while pregnant these 160 ideas for Business might be useful to you. 




There is many companies who want to cooperate with pregnant women for example to create pictures for advertising campaign  (like maternity clothes company, or clothes for newborn children). Search for job offers for pregnant women like that on the internet. You will surely find a lot of them.


It’s a perfect activity that you can do while relaxing in a pleasant place. You can learn everything you need from the internet. All the necessary items order online. Hand-made jewelry can be very valuable and if people will like it, you can make a lot of money on it.


Another peaceful activity that will allow you to break away and move into a world of fantasy and imagination. If you like to write, it can be the perfect idea for you. Maybe the time of 1 pregnancy is the perfect time to spend your first ebook which will become a bestseller?


To do successful blogin you need to find a good niche and learn the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and, above all, you must like to write posts. To make money on the blog, you should write 1 post day, and the first earnings will appear no earlier than after a few months – half a year. Although it’s a lot of time, it’s worth being patient. If you will persistently write posts and keep learning how to be better, you can earn at least $ 100 a day after a certain amount of time.


As in the case of blogging, there is need for perseverance, regular work and a desire for continuous development of your skills. You will have to wait for the first earnings from your vlog, but it’s worth a try, because a well-chosen vlog’s niche will guarantee you beautiful profits. The basis for vlogging is to be able to edit movies well. You can find many good quality free video editors on the internet. At first it may seem difficult, but it will turn out to be simple and enjoyable over time.


Is a very good way to earn money for pregnant women. As a freelancer, you can accept orders when you feel like it and specify how and when you will do the job. A graphic designer, logo designer, translator and transcription maker are just some of the professions you can do as a freelancer. One of the best places on internet to offer your freelance services is


If you have any skills, it is worth sharing them with others. A lot of people need tutoring in mathematics, chemistry, biology, language learning and many other fields. Even if you do not have any special skills, you can offer English language tutoring. People from countries that do not speak English will be happy to pay for the tutoring of a English native speaker.


If you like math, calm work and contact with papers and documents not makes you scary, it can be something for you. Many companies is eager to hire a half-time accountant, you can work as an accountant even online from your home.


If you have an analytical mind and you like to have objective point of view, then working as researcher may be something for you. The basis in this profession is the ability to distinguish real information from fake news and false information. You will have to search the internet for detailed information on various topics. The researcher’s work is often offered with the possibility of working remotely from home. This can be a great offer for a pregnant woman.


Many vloggers, certain companies and organizations as well as private individuals need to hire a good video editor that will help them prepare the video they want. The processing of films is not easy for inexperienced people, but if you are good at it and you have experience, it will not be difficult for you and your clients will pay you willingly and be grateful for your help. You can offer your video editing servieces on



You can certainly find many yard sales in your area. Go through a few of them and look for the best items to sell online. If you do not know which items are best to buy, check on your smartphone, Amazon app or Ebay mobile app for how much these items are sold. All you need to do is enter the filter in the search, and mark “show sold items” there.


You can find here the cheapest items straight from factories in China. To buy at you usually have to buy wholesale quantities of the product. Usually the minimum quantity of products is 20-50 pieces.
Read more: 12 Tips How to Buy Items on Alibaba? 


Facebook marketplace together with facebook groups are great new place for selling things online. Just put there pictures of your items add short description and wait for first successful sales.


Just look for opportunities. Look for items that someone wants to get rid of below their actual value.


Search the niche after the niche. With time, when you gain experience, you will be intuitively aware of how much the data for the victim is worth and it will be easier for you to find cheap things to resell.



Facebook marketplace together with facebook groups are great new places for selling things online. Just put there pictures of your items add short description and wait for first successful sales.
Facebook groups can be great place to sell things while pregnant, because you can join there sales groups in your city and offer items with personal collection, so you will not have to go anywhere and customers will come to you.


Many pregnant women and mothers start their own online shops to sell things during pregnancy but also when they have small children and a lot of work related to them. 
It is really easy to start your own shop. One of easy ways to do it is Shopify.


Everyone knows If you have some questions how to sell things on Amazon check in Google. 


Like Amazon selling there is pretty simple. On Ebay you can sell 50 items for free each month. it is worth a try.

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