If you want to earn money but don’t know what to do and you not seem happy about applying to full time job, we have great idea for you! If you live in big city, or popular touristic area you can become freelance tourist guide in your free time! Your earning can be 10-30$ per hour depending on your skills and quality of your service. This is possible thanks to website Showaround where you can find easily people who need person to guide them in new place and show them what they want to see the most. This app is even better, if you want to travel and see nice things. 


 All you have to do is to go to https://www.showaround.com/ and create there your profile. If you want to make money using this site, it’s worth setting the fee of $ 5 per hour (or any other little fee) in your profile for your service at the beginning. Once you have a few good reviews and some successful tours, then you can raise the stakes. Upload a nice profile photo of you. Describe in your profile your interests and what you like to show to tourists (for example, historical trips or pubcrowling, or maybe trips around natural places in your area such as mountains and parks?). Make your profile attractive and wait for the first query from tourists.


  • In this work you will meet new nice people from different countries. That will be different types of poeple. Young people, couples, families with kids, groups of friends. 
  • Speaking foreign languages can be very useful. Mention them in your profile. 
  • Knowledge of history of your city or country will be good asset
  • You should know the most interesting parts of your city / your place
  • Tourists are always hungry and want to eat in nice restaurant. Know some of them, so you will know where to invite your tourists.

Picture of Showaround website.

There are many ways to earn money, but there is not many as cool  as tourists guiding with Showaround. Thanks to this, you can feel at work like on vacation, and in addition you can do what you want and visit those places that you like the most.
A pleasant element of guiding tourists is that they often give you a free delicious dinner in a luxurious restaurant. As part of the work, of course. So, even if you have never guided tourists, it’s worth a try! You can not only find a cool source of additional income, but in addition you will meet many people and make international friendships.

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