To maximise income you need to be the best in the niche. To be the best in the niche you need to have enough experience (and resources). To have experience – you need to start at the right time.
The best companies start as ones doing something which is not lucrative and popular at that time yet. But while people are laughing, that companies gather experience and grow stronger and when the time is over – it occurs they start new big niche, and they are the best ones there.

BusinessNES recommends you this 7 niches of future. Start it right now, even if it is not very lucrative today, and maximise your incomes in future.

#1 Robots

Robots are already changing world. But current robots are still very simple and relatively stupid.
As says Michio Kaku, “computer power doubles every 18 months”, so the power of our robots
will increase tremendously very quickly.
It is not too early to say that we will soon need robots like:
  1.  handyman robot – repairing everything what can be repaired in your home, car, any building, or yaht and anything what can be repaired. That robot should just check for scratches, broken parts, dirt, falling fragments and everything which is broken and can be reapired. After scanning for broken things that robot will repair every thing in the best way and using special professional materials.
  2. private photographer robot – follows you for example during birthday party in your house, and is making you pictures, every time when you have good pose or look nice, or something nice and dynamic is happening.
  3. Air-cleaner robot – monitors polution of air in your house (or company, city, car, plane etc.) and every time, when your air is polluted – this robots starts filtring and clearing air quickly. This robot should monitor every room in your home, and be able to notify you in moments when air is too much polluted.
  4. bootblack robot – quickly analyzes material from which your boots are made, and then cleans them professionally in 20 seconds using the best cleaners and polishes for your boots.
  5. flying billboard-robots – they have screen and are waterproof and can fly in any place you want. You can change their location depending on where is many people to watch your billboards.
  6. food-snack automat robot – it is mobile and changes it’s localization depending on where are the biggest crowds to give you the highest number of clients.
  7.  alarm-clock robot – it jumps into your room in the morning, wakes you up, and if you have problem to stand up yourself it takes you in it’s robot-arms and serves you small fresh breakfast and takes you to the bathroom where you must have a shower.
  8. autonomous segway /  bike / scooter robot – it is riding empty in city streets and looking for potential clients. Robot recognizes when any person is interested to ride on it, and moves close to that person and tells what is offer. Like a veturilo buy more futuristic.
  9. the bodyguard of the house robot – patrols your garden all night and detects every humans in your possession. It has cameras so in case of burglary it films picture of criminalists and instantly sends that pictures and films to the police and puts in the web. Additionally budyguard robot has a function of catching criminalists in your possession and is able to neautralize them and put them on handcuffs.
    Bodyguard robot has no problem to distinguish your family members, and not catch them.
  10. bracelet lifeguard robot – it is in your bracelet on your hand or leg. It monitors all the time your heart beat, your temperature of body, level of substances in your body (via analyzing your perspiration). It also monitors your localization so if anything is wrong, your lifeguard robot will instantly call for ambulance and messages your family.
  11. nanny robot – takes care of your children and mostly focuses on making them safe all the time and not allowing anything bad to happen to them. Nanny robot is able to walk with your children to the school and monitors everything what can be danger for children during walking. It can take child and quickly place them in different safe place to for example not let them get hit by crazy driving car.
  12. water lifeguard robot – it stays on the beach, observs everyone in the water and rescues anyone who needs it.
  13. robot child’s friend – plays with your child, (plays toys, plays games, sports, lego, etc.)
  14. book reader robot – sits with your child and reads with a professional human voice books for your child in a nice way, It is able to read ebooks, or normal booksm grabbing book in it’s robot’s hands.
  15. ecologist robot –  robot which plants trees plants grass or crops and creates conditions for surviaval for them. Is able to recreate the ecosystem. Perfect to work in the most biologically damaged areas of world. Ecologist robot can start recreating ecosystem in areas of Sahara or in near future on the surface of Mars. All it should do is just planting, fertilizing, watering and protecting young plants.
  16. garden watering robot – is able to distinguish how much water every plant in your garden needs
  17. tidying room robot – cleans the mess, vacumes everything, and do not loose any of your objects even the smallest ones.
  18. child’s teacher robot – is always by your child when it wants to ask about anything. Child’s teacher robot explains everything to child, teaches that what parents want to teach their children. This robot also helps kid to develop it’s interests and hobbies.
  19. artificial herding-pastoral dog – takes care of flock of sheeps and guards them and takes care of them. Because it is a robot it can take much better care of your sheeps than normal dog. It also monitors health of sheeps, and dygnalizes when something should be done with sheeps (for example when any sheep is pregnant or ill).
  20. earth-cleaning robot – identifies rubbish and garbage and absorbs or collects them. Earth-cleaning robot is able to clean up forest, ocean or center of your city.

A lot of robots will also generate need of:

  1. robot repair centers
  2. schools for robots – programming robots to teach them new abilities and skills, also courses for robot owners how to use and manage their robots
  3. robot sell centers

#2 Flying niche

We like modern technologies which are also very comfortable. Flying is very modern and very comfortable.


1. ultra safe flying costumes for passengers. Many people feel unsecure while flying. There is many possible bad scenarios that always might happen in the air. Ultra safe costume for passengers should protect from being hit by any material objects, overload, fire, low temperatures, sinking, explosions. It should also provide oxygen, jet pack or parachute, first aid kit, and useful things to survive after person safely lands at the Earth’s surface (or on the sea). Costume like that will probably look similar to the Iron Man’s costume.

People want to travel faster and further, but they are afraid of that due to aviation accidents.
Make modern flying communication safer, faster and more comfortable. People can pay every money for real security.

2. drone transport – drones can be the next generation of transport after ships; trains; cars and planes. Imagine autonomous thousands of drones transporting all goods beetween Europe, Asia, America and all the continents. Some companies are already developing drone transport ideas – for example Amazon.

3. human jet packs Sport jet packs, long distance jet packs, jet packs for children, jet packs for seniors military jet packs.

4. jet pack  / drone / levitation plugin for small medium and big items – some people will like things in their homes to levitate. Imagine eg. your favorite paintings which are levitating in your room.  Or eg. you want to make a party. You want it to be awesome. You want to place your heavy speakers high above your garden. You just buy a levitate plugin and connect it to your speakers and music is levitating and you have awesome garden party!

Levitating plugin should be easy to connect it with any item in less than 30 seconds.

Some other ideas for levitating things:
-flying lamp
-levitating TV
-levitating bed
-levitating carpet
-levitating mirror
-levitating balcony (for your house perfect for summer)
-levitating bag and backpacks and luggages (it just levitates and follows you, why should you struggle with lifting heavy bags everyday?)
-levitating food during party
-levitating bottle of wine
-levitating swimming pool

5. flying skyscrapers, buildings and cities – Earth is a bit overpopulated, especially in big city areas, so let’s use air space to build new parts of cities in the air! Most of Earth is covered by oceans, so it might be a good idea to build new great flying cities overe oceans. There is so many free space there.

6. Autonomous self-flying planes, cars and intercontinental and interplanetary rockets – it is obvious we will develop transport possibilities in close future

7. flying shops – imagine that you want ti buy fresh vegetables. You order drone with vegetables, it comes to you in less than 5 minutes, and you choose the best vegetables pat for it and drone departs to other clients. All that while you were in home in your pyagama.
Flying bakery would be really good business, everyone loves to have fresh bread and baguettes in the morning. Imagine it flies to your kitches and you just need to pay for it.

#3 Transhumanism 

Many people want to improve their bodies. Some people want just to improve what is disabled.
Some people want to improve human’s nature and gain special super powers.
Following ideas will be very lucrative when developed one day:
1. exoskeletons for workers carrying very heavy materials

2. exoskeletons for disabled people

3. running exoskeletons – you can run faster, do mountain climbing much faster, 

4. identity backups / memory backups / brain backups – way to “live” forever. Even if your body die one day, your mind will stay alive in any place, so you can transfer it to any backup body

5. chips – very special niche of transhumanism. Some chips will allow to see localization of your children in the time when they are in school, while other chips will let you hear sound 1000 times more accurately, or make objects around you levitate and give you many special skills which you would never developed in normal life.
Some chips will be like narcotics for people. One small chip will be able to change one normal average John Smith into a special and powerful hero-like person. So guys like John Smith will be able to change their whole life thanks to one small chip. Imagine now, what will be reaction of person like this, if one day someone destroys their chip, or it gets broken.. One second and they lost everything they had. All their value hidden in one chip – disappears.

6. possibility to connect your feeling receptors from your body to the outer objects.
Imagine your thumb. You can feel your thumb and move it like you want, and you just feel it. What if it is possible to connect your mind to the tree, lake, soil, mountain, snail or anything ?
przedłużacz czucia, przedłużacz neuronów – podłącz swoje czucie, percepcję swojego umysłu do obiektów zpoza twojego ciała. Podłącz się do drzewa, kamienia,  ściółki leśnej, rzeki – i poczuj te obiekty bezpośrednio.

7. rings on your fingers with super powers:
-ring with great battery – you can charge your phone and all your devices from that one small ring
-ring with powerful flashlight
– ring with laser
-ring with powerful magnet (if you have two rings like that you can climb to the all objects made of iron and other ferromagnetic metals)
-ring with HD camera / scanner – scan and film everything around you, while nobody realizes whaat you do

8. Self walking shoes – faster walking shoes  -imagine that you do one step and your shoes do another five steps for you. Humanity developed many amazing ways to improve transport but the most basic wau of transport – on a foot is still as much primitive as it was 10 000 years ago. It’s good time to improve and revolutionize our the most basic way of transport which are feet.

#4 Space 

Scientists say that Earth is overpopulated so it’s time to move out into space.
There is not only a lot of free space in space, but also a lot of very valuable things to get from it.
1. touristic space station – many people already travels to space to experience being in cosmos for a short time. Many people would love to spend weekend in apartment in luxury hotel with a view on Earth and Solar System. Can you imagine waking up in the morning to the view of Earth seen high above from cosmos? There is already International Space Station. But that station is reserved only for scientific research.

2. space shelter – space can be very dangerous place. To hide from any cosmic objects or to flee from dangerous Earth – space shelter, build of the best and strongest materials albe to survive everything.
Space shelter must contain extensive warehouse with a lot of supplies of water food energy and building materials to repar and rebuild anything what will be damaged.

3. space club / bar – luxury party in the cosmos.

4. sport in space – imagine huge stadium in space. Inside 22 players playing space football, trying to catch ball with no gravitation in stadium. Whole sport championships would be transmited live in internet. Any space sport would gather a lot of fans and enthusiasts.

5. space industry support – some companies want to start any businesses in space but they do not have their ships and enough experience. Space industry support company would just help in transport and logistics in space.

6. space mining industry – planetoids contain some valuable minerals and metals. One day it will be very lucrative to exploit their reserves.

7. space energy station (if humans are in space, they come there in any wehicle which consumes energy right? So probably many humans traveling in space will like to use space energy station)

8. space prison – let’s keep criminals far away from Earth!

9. space univeristy / elitary space school – student is in some way “locked” in the school. Is obligated to study and has only basic freedom.

10. space ships rent out station – are you toursit and you want to travel alone in space? Rent small ship and go to the nearby moon or anything what you want to see.

11. private space rescuers – many people cause trouble everywhere. If anyone is in trouble in space he will pay every money for private rescue. Private space rescuers might accept space requests eg. by internet or any communication technology of space.

12. space real estate – why not to build flying residentials and mini-cities with homes for sale ? Amazing offer for brave people who want to kill their life routine and life in extreme  localization .

#5 3D printing 

3D printers will be soon able to print literally everything. It is said that by 2025 25% of buildings in Dubai will be 3D printed. * It’s slowly getting crowded in this niche, but still there is many 3D technologies to be developed.

1. food printing

2. organs printing

3. homes printing – who doesn’t want to build house in one day using house printing if it is possible? Quick time and relatively low cost make printers of buidlings extremely attractive.

4. skyscrapers printing

5. Ships yahts boats printing

6. bricks and building components printing 

7. streets printing

8. bridges printing

9. plants printing – if we can print body parts for sure we can also print plants

10. forest printing – if we can print plants wee can print whole forests

11. printing swimming cities / platforms on the surface of oceans






#6 Ecological and pro-natural niche

If humanity not become more ecological, life on Earth will extinct. Ecology is good for Earth but also good and healthy for us. There is also some kind of trend, fashion in last years to promote ecology.
When you plant to start any ecological business, search for any grants prizes and donations from ecological organizations. For example in European Union you can get big donations for ecological projects.
1. ecological, natural, organic and healthy food – in the era of junk food you can earn amazing money selling organic food. Organic food is especially needed in city centers.

2 Synthetic real meat. In future humanity will kill less and less animals. But we all need to eat meet, and love it. So there will be need for synthetic meet. It is possible to just cultivate synthetic meet cells like we cultivate grains or tomatoes.

3. Zero emmision energy. Green energy.

4. Water storages for every home

5. comfortable oxygen devices – useful in the most polluted parts of world and in space

6. comfortable breathing filters – also useful in polluted areas

#7 Health care 

The more developed world becomes, the more care can people take of their health. It is already a huge business, but there is a lot of space for new entrepreneurs because demand for health care is tremendously increasing all the time.

Populations are aging. Someone needs to take care of many old and disabled ones.

People also want to take care of their health more and more – because science allows us to take care of our health in new and more effective ways every year. If there is huge demand, let’s offer that to people!

1. anti-nanobot protection – nowadays everyone can be attacked killed or infected by nanobots. Humanity needs anti-nanobot devices to protect people from that little unwanted guests.

2. taking care of very old people – disabled old people very often need to take care of them 24h a day / 7 days a week. Because world population is getting older we will need much more specialists and centers for old people. This business might seem boring and not special, but in fact there is huge demand for geriatrics and specialists who can take professional care of old people.

3. taking care of disabled people – the same like with old people, there is increasing huge demand for people who can take care of disabled ones

4. rehabilitation – it could be done by robots, there is also big demand for it.

5. health analyzing toilet  – it becomes already quite popular. Everyone uses toilet everyday. Intelligent toilet will analyze substances in your body to notify you immediately when something is going wrong with your health.

6. private doctor robots – stays with you in home and acts like a medical specialist. Analyzes your heart beat blood pressure, substances in your urine and many more. It advices you what you should do.

7. healthy substances & vitamins – people always keep searching for ways to improve their health and body condition. If only there is any effective and healthy way to do it, they will pay for that.
Scientists study and explore new healthy substances every year. Follow newest scientific research and offer newest best substances to people around the world.

8. robot- nurse  – who can take care of disabled or very old person (especially in nights to prevent any bad things like falling out of bed, choking or anything what sometimes can happen to disabled people.

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