In the rapidly evolving realm of space, business ideas conceived today are poised to generate immense wealth in the near future. The space industry, emerging as a significant business niche, has been expanding steadily over the past several decades. Valued at $546 billion in 2022, the global space industry is forecasted to surge by an impressive 41% within the next five years. This growth trajectory is accelerating, signaling unprecedented opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs and investors alike


This business idea is not just about obtaining raw materials from celestial bodies. In space humanity will also be able to receive many valuable substances from planetary atmospheres, collecting cosmic dust, or raw materials such as helium-3 that can be obtained from gas giants. Examples of other valuable goods that can be obtained from space are gold, diamonds, rhodium, platinum, iridium or osmium.

It is more than very likely that the size of space will be used to establish new independent organizations and states. Similarly to Earth, mini countries were established independently (usually not recognized by anyone) and their examples are: Freetown Christiania, Sealand, Seborga or Kabuto. These microcountries may be associated with the opportunity to earn a lot of money from new space-citizens. In such cities, humans can run various businesses of the future, for example cryptocurrency banks, or print products in 3D.

Satellites and sending various objects to the orbit of the earth as well as to the orbit of other planets is an important niche among space business ideas. There are already many types of satellites. The most important of them are Communications Satellite, Remote Sensing Satellite, Navigation Satellite, Drone Satellite and GPS, LEO and GEOs. In the future, new types of satellites with new functions and new technologies will be needed.

The development of business in space will cause a significant increase in the demand for transport of goods from Earth to space, from space to Earth, and in space between planets and between celestial bodies. Companies such as Fedex and UPC that are currently necessary on Earth will also be necessary in space. Space cargo and transportation services will surely be one of the most valuable and necessary space business ideas.

Like the transport of goods, transport of people is one of the key areas among space business ideas. People transport also involves communication means such as large passenger rockets, but also small vehicles that will allow one or more people to be transported in space. Space safety providing will also be an important element of space transportation services. For example, protective suits, space first aid kits, space batteries for vehicles, a space horn that sends a signal to other astronauts (so that they can hear from afar even in a vacuum).

Such small satellites have a whole bunch of uses. They can be used for interplanetary missions and they can do almost everything a conventional satellites do. Their advantage will be a lower cost thanks to which even individuals and small businesses will be able to send such satellites to space.

New places where people will live will require adaptation to the conditions necessary for human life. For this to be possible, various technologies, devices, bacteria, viruses and organisms will be needed to carry out the terraforming process most effectively. It is very possible that countries wishing to colonize particular planets and moons will most willingly use the services of private companies for effective terraforming.

Colonization of new planets and expansion in space is now certain and is a matter of time. For this to be possible, it will be necessary to efficiently and effectively build space bases. Businesses associated with this niche are primarily space base construction technologies, glues and mortars for fast and effective gluing and filling holes and cracks in a vacuum, meteorite protection technologies, solar batteries and renewable energy sources operating in space.

The absolute basis of space business will be the production and sale of spacecraft as well as accessories and services for them. There are already the first large private companies producing spacecraft (SpaceX, Blue Origin), but we can already see that more such companies will be needed. In addition to producing and selling spacecraft, mankind will also need to provide appropriate spacecraft services. Examples of these are: navigation and communication services, repair and insurance. An important element of this space business niche will also be the production of components and accessories for space rockets.

A weapon that will work in space is not only a science fiction element, but it is already somethings that is in demand. An example of its use is the change of trajectories of asteroids threatening the Earth or space stations, as well as the destruction of such objects that may pose a threat to humanity. Such weapons will also be valuable for space forces, which are already being created in various countries (USA, China, Russia and many others).

Manufacturing in space creates many new opportunities and has many advantages over production on Earth. First of all, there are different conditions in space than on Earth, therefore in space various processes are possible that would be impossible on Earth (mainly vacuum and lack of gravity have an impact on it). In addition, space production can shorten supply chains, so that it’s possible to quickly and easily supply the necessary raw materials to the factory (e.g. from the moon). Other advantage of production in space is that production on Earth that would poison the environment and harm people, in space will not be so harmful to humanity, and thus may be cheaper and safer there. Examples of such space manufacturing are zero gravitational manufacturing (in places where gravitational interactions between planets and stars are perfectly balanced). It is also worth considering that the processes of crystal formation take place in space in a different way. Different chemical, biological and physical processes can also take place differently there.

Just as parachutes are an important element in airplanes, space jet packs that will work in space will also be important in space. They will be useful in cases of space ship and space station crashes. They will also be able to be used for tourist travel purposes, and even (especially where gravity will be weaker) they can be widely used for transport.

The conquest of space and the colonization of new planets will require not only a whole bunch of new technologies, but also new special products and services. Examples of such goods are: creams and products that protect people against UV radiation, force fields, apps, components and accessories for rockets, spacecraft and space stations, new durable materials for building structures in space (graphene and fullerene),

The conquest of space will also require a support infrastructure that will ensure greater comfort and safety for people in space. Examples of such infrastructure will be space energy charging points, gas stations as well as parking lots and space harbors. Space repair stations, space ambulances and space stations with spare spacecraft and spare parts will also be important in space.

Just as weather and natural phenomena are important on Earth, they will also play an equally important role in space and other planets. These types of businesses will be associated with the prediction and warning of various dangerous weather phenomena in space (such as incoming planetoids and asteroids, hurricanes, solar storms, and sudden changes in radiation or temperature). Weather forecasting systems for Mars, the Moon, and other colonized celestial bodies will be needed. One of the most needed space business ideas will also be a space weather monitoring system and remote sensing for spacecraft and space stations.

The conquest of space will require new IT and communication solutions. New internet technologies, different types of router antennas and communication technologies will be needed. Undoubtedly, the conquest of space will also require a whole lot of new applications and communication and social programs.

Currently, global Earth tourism is worth around USD 10,000 billion (that’s half the current US GDP). It is a huge niche in business and the space tourism industry will certainly be just as large. Most people love to travel and experience something new, that’s why space tourism is more than sure to become a great branch of the business of the future. Examples of space tourism business will be cosmic hotels, hostels, cosmic holiday and travel stations, trips to planets, moons, asteroids and asteroids, as well as space taxis, space sanatoriums and space summer schools.

The conquest of outer space will create all sorts of new niches, communities, opportunities and many new elements of reality. Examples of such organizations will most likely be various cosmic organizations, institutions, clubs, banks, universities as well as various groups focused on the realization of their interests. Such organizations or foundations will, for example, be able to bring together the inhabitants of Mars, or space students, entrepreneurs or inventors. Many of them will be able to function on the basis of greater freedom in space and the lack of regulation.

Wherever there are people, healthcare is needed. People in space will need the same medical services as on Earth, they will also need pharmacies and therapies. Certainly, in space there will also be health problems other than on Earth (for example, muscle wasting due to the lack of gravity).

The future in space will be associated with the need for food for people who will be in space. There are two options to ensure this need: the first is to produce food on earth and send it to space. The second is the production of nutritious food in space. Both of them create many opportunities for different businesses. For example, food produced on Earth and sent into space must meet certain requirements and will have to be adapted to, for example, consume it in space rockets, without gravity, or will have to provide many vitamins and nutrients that people in particular parts of space will need most .

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In the future, there will be entire law firms specializing in space law. Because in the future the most important economic and political processes will take place in space – there will also be the most money to earn. So it will also be a big field of activity for lawyers and law agencies.


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