Good fashion stylist is needed among the most popular people. Not every famous person can dress appropriately and well. It’s just because not everyone has a sense of style and sees what dress looks good and what looks bad. Therefore, the more popular, well-known and rich someone is, the more they usually need fashion stylist advice. 
Being a fashion stylist is an attractive profession because it has to do with the latest fashion and luxury clothes, which many people do not have access to. We can then dress and inspire clothes for popular people and deal with actors, people from television, the world of fashion and show business.
But how to do that?  How to become fashion stylist?




I will tell a story of a person I know. She is now a well-known fashion stylist. She started from the basics without education, while she was high school student. Her name is Asia.

It all started with an account on instagram and fascination with famous stars such as Justin Bieber.

 On instagram, Asia was uploading photos where she was fashionably dressed and during that time she was generally active in social media, showing the most interesting moments of her life. She was focused mainly on observing celebrities and she was interested in fashion. 

Through instagram and social media, Asia met her friends at her age, who were also ordinary, inexperienced and unprofessional people in the fashion world. She also met some people who founded their own clothing brands and had their first successes in fashion business.

Actually, her first meeting with fashion styling was when, she met a girl who had about 500 followers on Instagram and quite specific type of beauty. This girl wanted to take some nice instagram photos and she needed help in choosing clothes. She asked Asia for help and invited her to come to an unprofessional photo session which she intended to do with some of her friends. 

Asia made one medium-quality session with that girl.  She prepared for her fashion stylizations.

It was such an ordinary unprofessional session, made with a reasonably good camera, in the public space on the sidewalk and stairs on the bank of the river running through the city center. That was made without any special equipment or background.

At this session, Asia met one photographer and a girl doing makeup and two other aspiring models.





Later, nothing happened for a while, and Asia kept her account on Instagram and was active in social media.

Then someone from her friends gave her a number to one of the students of the film school. She was asked to prepare a stylization (costume) for films etudes at the end of the film school students’ education.

While filming with the film school’s students, Asia met several actors, several novice screenwriters, camera operators and one fashion stylist.

After some time, other students of the film school asked her to prepare stylizations for their films. They learned about Asia from their colleagues. She was known as “This girl who is good in fashion styling”. Then she made the first little money. This time, she met many interesting people from the fashion and film industry.

In the meantime, she created a separate new account on Instagram specifically to present only her own fashion stylizations. She started to create her portfolio this way.
At the time, she began to organize mini photo sessions along with colleagues she met so far. These were sessions in a rented cheap studio. Ordinary instagram sessions or sessions for her portfolio.

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After some time, Asia found out from one of her friends that a well-known professional fashion stylist needs an assistant urgently. Asia was really interested so she contacted him immediately. He saw her instagram and her fashion portfolio and accepted her.
Working with this well-known stylist consisted in helping to stylize TV presenters, actors and comedians on several large televisions.
She helped stylize with a few big media events. The biggest event to which she prepared stylizations is a great concert on the occasion of the new year. During this event the most known pop stars appeared and millions of people watched it on television. Asia was responsible for clothing and help in styling all the stars. Her boss – a well-known stylist he told her to do most of the work instead of him, which was not easy. The advantage of this was that she learned to prepare her own creations for famous people. Actually, there were days when she chose the costumes and dressed the stars, and her boss slept in an armchair in the next room. It gave her a lot of experience and she learned to do everything herself that a fashion stylist should be able to do.

During events and work on television, she met TV presenters, celebrities, comedians, costumers and many other people working in the world of show business. She became acquainted with many, so that her face became familiar with this environment.

After some time, she founded her own company together with her friend photographer and a second friend makeup artist. This company deals with creating the image and preparing the image for famous people and companies.

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  • in Europe, most stylists buy clothes for their customers in stores, then take these clothes and return to the stores – getting a full refund
  • because you usually have to unclip the tag from the clothes you bought, you’ll need a hand labeller so that you can then clip the labels back and return the clothes and get money back
  • You must have a sense of style. It’s good that you look at the latest fashion collections and keep up with fashion magazines.
  • the base in this profession is self-confidence and easy networking. Everyone wants to cooperate with a nice and trouble-free person
  • You need to promote your designs and create a portfolio. You will need Instagram and your own website and the ability to subtly promote yourself in social media

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